Small Luxury Cruise Ship Offers The Perfect Vacation

In today's world people choose to enjoy their vacations in locations where they can feel very relaxed and enjoy each and every moment of their holiday to the fullest, where they can forget about the pressures of work and family and just get away from it all.

There are lots of places in the world where you can turn your dreams into reality, with amusement parks, exquisite gardens, water parks, exotic beaches, and places of great natural beauty which can add wonderful fun and entertainment to your vacation time.

People are more selective now about their traveling holiday; they have a desire to add some luxury into their holiday and be pampered and spoilt so they want an adventure where all their wishes can be fulfilled in the one place.

The obvious choice for some is a cruise on a small luxury cruise ship.

There is a huge range of luxury cruises available to so many interesting countries and for the lucky ones who have experienced this amazing experience say it the perfect way to indulge their desire for a luxury travel experience.

Some people see the sea as the most romantic, adventurous and ideal way to indulge themselves on their break from work, family and stresses of modern life.

Cruise holidays are escalating in popularity as they have so much to offer!

The price of rooms on a luxury cruise could well be as much as an extravagant hotel but when you think about everything else that is included in a cruise adventure it works out to be very good value for money.

The cuisine will be of excellent standard and a fine dining experience on the high seas will definitely be one to remember.

Some cruises provide packages where everything including drinks is included and most cruise ships offer a comprehensive variety of packages available to cater for all choices.

You also get to see a wide variety of scenery and places as part of the trip, and on an ocean voyage the scenery is ever-changing. You might say that a cruise package is a "jumbo-combo", with entertainment, scenery, food and luxury accommodation all rolled into one!

There are a variety of places to visit ranging from small the secluded white beaches of the pacific islands, large European city ports for shopping and experiencing the culture of foreign lands, Mediterranean adventures with stop-offs at exotic places and a myriad of places to choose from depending on what your tastes are and what you want to experience.

Future Autonomous Cars and Optical Visual Recognition Systems Considered

Over the years, our think tank has been very interested in optical recognition. Specifically optical flow recognition which can be used by moving objects so they can run autonomously, or fly autonomously. Now then, using optical sensors is rather tough, and it requires certain things from the environment. Whatever medium you are looking through has to be clear as not to give false readings. In the event of an underwater unmanned vehicle the water can't be too murky, and the lighting has to be just right, otherwise it will run into stuff and get itself lost, and that's rather expensive when you're dealing with prototypes trying to figure out flawless autonomous navigation.

Now then, the other day I was driving in the rain, and I went around a corner, and I couldn't really tell where the road was because the markings had faded, the visibility was bad, and I was having trouble with my own organic sensors, namely my eyesight trying to figure out where I was supposed to be as I went around the corner, no I don't have poor eyesight, it's fine, but it was challenging for a couple of seconds there. I'm sure we've all been in this situation, and there's another problem called "over driving your headlights" and that occurs when you are traveling at a decent rate of speed, and the lights in your car don't shine forward enough to give you time to stop if something is in the way. This is why we get giant pile-ups in thick fog on the highways - very dangerous indeed.

Whether it's an organic sensor such as a human eye, or an electronic optical visual sensor (optical flow sensor) which is used in autonomous navigation, it amounts to the same problem really. In the future autonomous cars will probably use at least some optical flow sensors to augment its other sensors to help it navigate. If so, then the road markings have to be quite visible, and distinguishable from other objects in the roadway, near the road, or crossing the road. Further, the powers that be in the local municipality, state, or when it comes to the federal highway system, the federal government must make it their utmost responsibility to maintain the road markings.

We've all heard that due to budget cuts some cities can fix the potholes in the road, or major road repairs go undone. In the future with autonomous cars, this is not going to be a worthy excuse because if the road markings start to fade, or they are not properly maintained, then all the robotic cars will start crashing. That's not very funny if you happen to be riding inside of one which loses its way and goes off the road crashing into something solid. Please consider all this and think on it.

Grand Canyon Rafting: 1-Day Tours

Now's the time to start planning that trip to the Grand Canyon. One thing you'll definitely want to add to your itinerary is a 1-day rafting tour down the Colorado River. These trips are fun for couples and families and are guaranteed to make your National Park trip unforgettable.

Starting Points

There are two places from which you can take a one-day rafting trip: The South Rim and the West Rim. The South Rim is more applicable to travelers reaching the Park from northern Arizona cities like Phoenix, Sedona and Flagstaff. The West Rim trip is perfect for folks based in Las Vegas.

There are two kinds of South Rim trips. The basic one involves taking a bus from Grand Canyon National Park Airport to Glen Canyon Dam before embarking on the 15-mile float trip to historic Lee's Ferry. The deluxe option includes an airplane ride to the Dam and a Jeep tour of Antelope Canyon before hitting the water.

The float portion of these adventures is done on a motorized rubber pontoon boat that is equipped to hold up to 19 people including the river guide. Further, these float trips are done over smooth water, which means there are no rapids (those start after Lee's Ferry).

From Vegas

The West Rim rafting tour is actually a combo package that starts off with a helicopter ride to the bottom of the canyon. You'll get out there and explore the base as well as the Colorado River before getting back on the aircraft and ascending to the top. You'll transfer to a bus that will take you to the base of Hoover Dam.

River rafts dock at the base of the Dam. You'll head over to the watercraft, which is the same type of pontoon boat you find on South Rim trips, before shoving off down the Colorado and through majestic Black Canyon. The float itself is a bit more than 11 miles and concludes at Willow Beach in Arizona.

As noted, these adventures are rapids-free, which makes them suitable to kids ages four and up. Unlike multi-day rafting expeditions, there are no physical requirements, which also makes them ideal for active seniors. In the industry, we call these "soft" adventures, and are thus perfect for diverse groups of travelers.


One-day rafting trips are all-inclusive. This means they include round-trip ground transpiration to and from either your Las Vegas hotel or your South Rim accommodations. Lunch and professional guide service are part of the package. So is all safety equipment. The thing you have to concern yourself with the most is being at the pre-arranged pick-up point on time.

Rafting tours are seasonal and run from April to November. They can be booked anytime of the year, and, based on my experience, it's best to purchase them as far in advance as possible. Occasionally, you'll luck out and get a same-day reservation, but that's a rarity. I suggest you play it safe and book at least one week prior to your desired departure date.

Lastly, when it comes to getting the best deal on these canyon rafting adventures, I recommend purchasing them on the Internet. Further, book direct on the tour operator's website. But remember to complete your transaction online in order to qualify for the web discount.

How to Pick a Wedding Reception Location in London

Couples who want to get married in a swanky yet romantic location can visit London and check out the wedding venues available there. No place is too extravagant or bizarre for a wedding reception, may it be the Alexandra Palace or Big Ben. There are even couples who choose to wed at the West end theatre and football club!

Because you must pick your venue very carefully, consider these factors to find out which wedding reception venues London is best for you:

· Decide on a theme or style

What kind of wedding celebration you would like to have? Consider your personal style in answering this question. But, just because you are a very modern chic doesn't mean that you can't choose to host a renaissance themed wedding.

The theme and style you pick will help determine the kind of wedding venue that you can use. Keep in mind that your options are not limited to hotels, country clubs, restaurants, or banquet halls. Look beyond the common venues, think of the museums, parks, historical sites, and castles in London.

· How many guests do you expect to come?

At this point, you have already decided where to hold wedding celebration. Great! But before you head out to visit several wedding venues, there is still one thing that must be considered - the capacity of the room or venue.

It could be the most stunning venue, but if it can only accommodate 100 people when you have invited about 300 guests, it is of no use. Cramming them into a small facility could only turn your elegant wedding into crowd of annoyed guests.

· Find your wedding venue

Locate venues that meet the first 2 given criteria. You can search online or contact a wedding planning company to easily find venues that comply with your requirements. Then, arrange for ocular visit for each venue on your list. Finally, decide which one to rent.

You may also consider these wedding venues in London. These are popular places and you and your partner may find them interesting:

1. The Priory - an impressive pub with comfy furniture, fine drinks, and excellent British cuisine. The venue is well-maintained and traces of the times gone by are evident in its interiors. There's a place for drinking, dining, and mezzanine for watching. The over-all ambiance is very cosy.

2. Altitude 360 London - a very classy place that is perfect for weddings. It is to be found on the 29th floor of Westminster's Millbank Tower. This place offers a splendid view of the world famous landmarks in London like the Big Ben and House of Parliaments. The Altitude 360 London can hold up to 1,250 guests. Entertainment may be arranged for a night of revelry which the newlyweds and their guests will never forget.

What Is A Luxury Motorhome?

Luxury is often personal: what is luxury to some simply covers the basics for others. However, luxury motorhomes have the ability to conjure a universal picture of a home on wheels that affords space, comfort, design, quality and technological innovation.

Synonymous with luxury motorhomes is the vision of a large, coach-shaped vehicle with all the mod cons on board including large flat screen TVs, generously proportioned bathrooms, slide outs to maximise space and a high quality finish to all interior fixtures and fittings.

For those new to motorhomes, it can be said that you are not simply buying a vehicle that takes you from a to b; you are buying an experience, sometimes a life-changing experience.

What makes a motorhome luxurious?

Each brand of RV has its own range of luxury models. Perhaps an imposing Arto from the Niesmann Bischoff luxury class suits those with an appreciation of the deluxe. With a SPA area, one of the largest showers available and a choice of bespoke layouts designed by an innovative team of German engineers it's hard to argue with what is widely viewed as one of the most superior motorhome ranges available.

Alternatively, a luxury compact vehicle is maybe what you dream of. A Hymer B Class 543 is a popular high-end model which features an end-lounge, LED lighting, and small windows for privacy. As the parent company of Niesmann Biscoff, Hymer AG is well-known for producing motorhomes with a combination of luxury, style and build quality designed to last.

Why are American RVs so much more larger and luxurious than continental motorhomes?
American RVs usually have a slightly different market to that of the continental motorhome. Often the latter will enjoy the freedom to pack up and travel lightly while RV enthusiasts are attracted to the comfort, pleasure and space available. Because of these differing purposes RVs tend to be larger to accommodate all of those amenities.

What is 'German build' quality?

'German build quality' is a phrase often used to describe the high level of focus on the design and engineering of a motorhome manufactured in Germany and can be associated with what one would consider a luxury motorhome or RV. These motorhomes are built on the back of market leading intelligence formed as a result of significant investments over many years in research and development.

Costs of Luxury Motorhomes

Luxury motorhomes can cost well in excess of £100,000, with many of the vehicle types listed above leading the field in terms of costs, however, as discussed, what is luxury to one may not be to another so you may be able to pay tens of thousands of pounds less than this and achieve the sense of luxury you desire on a smaller budget.

Bora Bora - The Beautiful

Poking his head out of the hatch, the salty blast of breeze slaps her captain in the face. Laden with moisture it fingers his face, threatening rain. Lead like, the southern sky is an endless flat grey expanse from the horizon up. Either she is sailing into a weather system, or it is another local anomaly. Running a printout from the weather fax shows no major system in their slice of the ocean. Remembering a similar situation on the run down to the Tuamotus' when she lost her shroud, her crew take a reef into her mainsail just to be sure. Mid afternoon sees the cloud shredding into blue, and, with the sun streaming through, the breeze frees again to the 'Trades'. Her crew shake out the reef and in no time at all she is barrelling along again in fine style, at her customary seven to eight knots. Her waterline, scrubbed before leaving Raiatea, has the water bubbling gaily along her sleek, fulsome waist and sides - she feels great.

Making their goodbyes earlier in Raiatea, the arrangement is to meet up again in Tonga, if not before. Both ships are taking the same course, visiting Niue on the way, but with vhf having a range of twenty five or so miles only, it will be difficult to keep in contact with their friends. Passing out of Raiatea, she had headed around the top end of Taaha Island, and looking in one of the 'Passes' our crew beheld one of the most wicked surfing breaks imaginable. Curling in at the point of the Passe, rising up onto the reef, the glassy black rollers boom onto the jagged coral, snow white spray leaping high. A few surfers are actually riding them, taking their life in hand every time they catch one of these monsters. Our crew could hear the whoop of the occasional surfer brave enough to try and ride it out, surviving.

Her captain, gazing at the sea, is once again struck by the multitude of different moods she parades herself - revealing all, but revealing nothing. Every day is different, from blazing blue through to stone grey, sometimes even almost black - from calm to rough and sometimes tempestuous, and back to calm again - sometimes sparkling and sometimes threatening - constantly changing, so that even a half hour can make a difference. The one constant is constant change. No wonder that artists always struggle in their daubs to capture the true image of the sea. She is so elusive, even in a fractured moment, too much for the artists eye. Capture it on film ok, but transfer that with medium to canvas or paper and something is always missing. The restlessness on a human face can be conveyed in a portrait, but the heaving, ongoing, never stopping restlessness of the ocean is beyond our capabilities. The best the artist can hope for is a fairish representation of this element that covers seventy percent of the planets' surface. That statistic, plus the fact that our bodies are seventy two percent water, gets him wondering if there is any connection between the two, and in the end, we are all mixed in together, as in a giant washing machine, and part of this huge juggernautical whirlpool called life. Whatever it may or may not be, water, in all its forms, fresh or salt, sea or lake, river or pond, has a colossal effect on our lives as joint occupants of this Earth.

Wafting up the companionway, a redolent whiff of fresh baking rouses him from his musing, and his thoughts turn to a more basic requirement - food. 'Insufferable glutton!' she taunts her captain. 'That's all you think about - filling your belly!' There are few things more pleasurable than demolishing several hot buttered scones in the cockpit of a yacht on a fine breezy tropical afternoon, and washing them down with pure drinking water with a touch of lime, from the watermaker.

On to Bora Bora, our little ship cruising quietly now as the breeze moderates, notices an increasing number of glutinous floating objects gliding by. These are the jellyfish of the round, mushroom shaped, transparent type with four darker rings placed precisely in their centre. By the time our crew notice them they have multiplied to legion proportions and her bow is slicing through them, shoving them aside in their hundreds. They travel like this for some thirty minutes and during this time the animals are so thick that they have a deadening effect on the surface of the water, smoothing it down from a regular light to moderate breeze wavelet surface, to a gently undulating mass of these strange creatures.

How far they stretched away from our little ship on either side, they cannot tell, but taking into account the time it takes for her to sail through them, the shoal must number in the multi millions. Our crew wonder idly if these animals have any natural predator - maybe they are whale fodder, and because there are less whales now, the jellyfish has prospered. With this gummy carpet of living jelly heaving all around them, even though the breeze is still there, a kind of eerie stillness pervades the scene. She is ploughing through them at around five knots, but leaving no trail. Her cutwater shovels them aside and they slither along her sides, the full length of her hull, to immediately close up again as they pass under her stern.

There is no trace of where they have been a few moments before. The phenomenon begs the question, why such a concentration of these animals right here? What are they doing here? Are they going anywhere? Or are they just drifting on the ocean currents of the globe? Are they here in preparation for mating? If so, there is no shortage of choice! Nature takes care of her own, keeping a balance, and she no doubt has them here as part of her master plan. Breaking out the other side, the diminishing numbers are shaken off and she surges forward, and away from the mass concentration. Some several minutes later, she has cleared most of them and they have reduced to the occasional laggard slipping by and into her wake.

The twin peaks of Bora Bora are climbing out of the forward horizon and the island is taking shape exactly as described in the pilot. Part of her captains' mind is always surprised at how the geographical features of a new destination, viewed for the first time, are a faithful replica of a printed or photographic description, as if there is the possibility of there being some change or difference, or that the cartographer got it wrong! And so there is this mild feeling of surprised satisfaction that the real thing matches the representation and it has been chronicled correctly. The leisurely approach of a sailing yacht enhances this feeling and gives our crew the opportunity to study this island jewel closely as they draw nearer. Bora Bora is known as 'The most beautiful', and from this distance it is shaping up to its reputation. James A Michener immortalised it in his 'Return to Paradise' with the following : 'I first saw it from an airplane. On the horizon there was a speck that became a tall, blunt mountain with cliffs dropping sheer into the sea. About the base of the mountain, narrow fingers of land shot out, forming magnificent bays, while about the whole was thrown a coral ring of absolute perfection, dotted with small motus on which palms grew. The lagoon was a crystal blue, the beaches were dazzling white, and ever on the outer reef the spray leapt mountainously into the air.'

On this perfect South Seas day, the sun casting its flawless, radiant light into the mountain tops of the island, it is indeed the embodiment of paradise. Blazing white of sand under, the delicate pale aqua of the lagoon is reflected upward onto the underneath of the fluffy white clouds around the twin peaks, creating a unique and dazzling display, floating and turquoise in the skies. The coral reef surrounds Bora Bora like a necklace in that it is almost perfect in its symmetry and equidistant from the main island. Fortunately there is a Passe, the only one, on the western side of the reef. It is named Passe Teavanui and leads into a magnificent deepwater bay right under the splendid, towering twin peaks for which Bora Bora is renowned. Our little ship sails easily through this wide Passe, across the bay and right up to the Bora Bora Yacht Club, nestled in a cove about one and a half kilometres north of the main town, Vaitape. The water off the clubhouse is a dark, still, fifteen fathoms, dotted with vessels of various description and vintage. In addition, there are a number of orange mooring buoys in the bay and, to one of these she heads rather than dropping anchor in this deep water.

'Take the least line of resistance when offered'. She thinks, her captain concurring directly. She judges it perfectly - no wind here - they hook on, her captain shuts down the engine and she settles to rest in this, another corner of paradise.

Winter Sun Holidays

Cold is not an excuse to lock yourself at home, hide under an extremely thick blanket and hibernate during winter. Indeed, it's a proper time to refresh your mind and body and take gorgeous photos by having winter sun holidays. There are plenty cheap winter holidays that lend themselves to be the impeccable destinations for winter sun holidays. Here is the top-notch four winter holiday deals you will ever experience:

Tunisia, North Africa

With the warm and dry climate during summer and the mild rainy on winter, Tunisia is an ultimate destination for nature lovers. Whether it's golfing, diving, sailing or windsurfing, Tunisia is ready to spoil its visitors, mainly with the magnificent Mediterranean beaches. Those who heart culture can visit the remains of the legendary cities back in thousands of years in the past, while those who feel like going on an adventure may experience the desert's romantic oases and dramatic dunes. If you're looking for cheap holidays, Tunisia is the one you shouldn't miss out.

Tenerife for Winter Sun Holiday in Spain

With extraordinary weather throughout the year full of heart-melting, sunny days, Tenerife offers unforgettable, cheap winter holidays for those seeking a vigorous time in a family resort, first-class value restaurant and dramatic black sand beaches. Tenerife, in fact, is well-known for its lowest temperature difference between summer and winter than any place in the world. The southern part of the island is where you will find the traditional, splendid resort, serviced by a superb range of self-catering accommodations and top-class hotels and apartments. It also offers easy access to the spectacular beauty of the island; the lush interior, subtropical, which are capped by the outstanding Mount Teide. Tenerife provides cheap holidays for water-sports fanatics with perfect conditions for surfers and divers, who will be taken to the plunging cliffs in the north, hypnotizing them with the abundance of marine life. Enjoy your Winter Sun Holiday.

Jamaica, Caribbean

Jamaica has roughly everything you could want-extraordinary resorts and facilities, magnificent beaches and rich cultural traditions. All of them are supported by the tremendous attractions near the beach. Though most visitors spend their time on the sand, the search for Jamaica's scenic beauty should not be forgotten. The landscape, which is surrounded by the splendid Blue Mountains, makes the interior of Jamaica as enthralling as the coast. Mountain biking, horse riding, safari rides, quad biking and caving are the most pleasing pastimes in Jamaica.

Turkey for fantastic Winter Sun Holiday

Turkey is one of the largest countries in the world, attracting tourists from all over. The country is amusing, entertaining and fun during the winter holidays. Turkey has many museums, historical structures, monuments and modern attractions as well. One can find the best winter holiday deals in Turkey.

The Importance of Branding Your Small Business and Simple Ways to Achieve It

If you own a small business you are on a path that is less traveled. Many people wake up day in and day out wishing to quit their day job and many are still forming those same statements as they approach their retirement ages. As small business owners, however, the easy part is setting it all up. The hard part is getting the customers.

In my opinion, customers can be classified into two categories which are the one time buyers and the repeat customers. The definitions are pretty self-explanatory and a good mix of both would be ideal for any business. I truly feel that the repeat customer is most important and should equate to majority of the business. Why? Well they are loyal as they have made a purchase and know of the buying experience. Humans tend to follow a safe routine which is probably why so many people continue to work their day job as they know they are pretty much guaranteed a paycheck.

The same goes for customers. If you give them the experience they want, at least once, they tend to return but there is one key to obtaining a repeat customer and that would be branding. Think about it. If I walk into a random store and make a purchase without even looking at the sign on the billboard, I am walking in blindly to find out what they have, but I will know the name before I leave even if I don't make a purchase. The employees usually have name tags with the name of the business one them. There are usually posters or signs hanging with logos that tell you the name of the business and more times than not a slogan is included. It sticks with you and once you need a certain item you would associate it with the store due to the brand.

So, how exactly can you take advantage of branding without breaking the bank? Follow the tips below:

Develop a Color Scheme

You don't have to hire a graphic designer to make your logo, though that would be ideal, but the key is consistent color schemes. Pick three or so colors that relate to your business. For example if you own a flower shop, colors that come to mind are green, purple, blue, yellow, and brown just to name a few. Find a combination that works and try to follow it in your shop or any chance you get to make an impression on a potential customer as it shows some kind of consistency.

Put Your Name on It

If it is a receipt, a flyer, a coupon, or a tee-shirt have your name on it. Follow your color scheme if at all possible but even if not, make sure you don't forget to put your name in a visible place. Many people make the mistake of having acronyms before being a familiar business and leave people wondering what it stands for. Make sure there is no guesswork as there is enough going through a new customer's head as is. If you do have an acronym, please include what it stands for and make it easy for them.

Don't Overdo It but NEVER Forget to Do It

There is a fine line between promoting and annoying. Smart execution of branding is more effective than placing banners and signs everywhere. I've once visited a company where signs were over bathroom stalls. Effective maybe, but not after it being seen on every single item in the facility. The problem was the color scheme as the colors did not fit well together which in turn made it a pain more than a pleasure because it wasn't easy on the eyes.

If you have a store I would notice customers' behavior and note how they spend their time. If there is a very popular rack or area then that would be a perfect place to reiterate the brand. The front door is always a great way to start the branding because people really like to know what they are walking into.

These simple tips can really go a long way as they are small changes but effective ones that could be within your budget.

Croatia Travel Advice

Rated as Europe's most popular holiday destinations, Croatia is known for its beautiful architecture, lively culture and nightlife, and plenty of first-class shops and restaurants to entertain visitors. It is a place worth visiting. However, certain tips and travel advice for your Croatia tour can help you in not being unknown to the city.

Roads in Croatia are well maintained for road travel. UK driving license is valid for up to six months, but if you plan to stay longer, a Croatian license will have to be applied for. Restaurants in the city are plenty and offer various cuisines to suite different travelers. Accommodations have high standard and proper security for tourists. Sea Urchins is something which every traveler should be aware of. Know where you can buy rubber shoes in order to protect yourself well. Bartering in the city is allowed in different places such as in markets, private rooms for rent, jewellery shops etc. Local alcohols and cigarettes are much cheaper in the city than the duty free shops at the airport.

Know which season you are traveling. The weather in Croatia is very much predictable and warm summers and cold winters throughout. The best time to visit Croatia would be between May and September. Many of the holiday resorts close down by mid September, although the weather can be glorious in September too.

Some of the must places to visit on your Croatia tour are the old part of Split, which can help you transfer back in old Roman times, the town of Hvar and the little town of Milna, all of which has lots to offer to the keen travelers.

While your safety and security is concerned, Croatia is low in crime and violent crime is often rare. Travelers are advised to take proper precautions in carrying money in busy tourist areas. Personal and valuable items should not be left unattended, particularly on the beach. Many hotels have safe deposit boxes. Any crime can be reported to the local police station. Croatian resorts also tend to be trouble free and tourist areas are often safe as it is visited by millions of tourists each year. But if you happen to be planning to travel outside, be aware that unexploded mines remain in war-affected areas such as Eastern Slavonia, Brodsko-Posavska County, Karlovac County, areas around Zadar County and in more remote areas of the Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Dubrovnik is Croatia's largest city and The Dubrovnik airport is the prime airport of the country. The only way to reach Croatia's islands is by ferry or private boat. There are excellent bus services between cities, but if you wish to visit remote areas inland, such as Plitvica National Park, it's best to rent a car.

Leather Chairs - Furniture for Luxurious Decor

While planning the interior décor, numerous interior designers rely on the elegant Dining chairs to improve the visual appearance of a room. Furniture made of exquisite leather adds a touch of luxury to a room. They are classy, fashionable and sophisticated.

Leather chairs can be accommodated in almost every interior design plan. Apart from enhancing the attraction of a room, they are very comfortable. Moreover, investing in premier quality leather furniture assures the best value for your money. There are several advantages of buying Dining chairs.

Benefits of Leather Chairs


Leather chairs offer the highest level of comfort. By staying cool during the warm weather and maintaining their warmth during the winter, leather furnitures can be used throughout the year.


The durability of Dining is one of the key reasons for buying good quality leather furniture. Cowhide, commonly used for making Fabric furniture, is a long-lasting natural material. The spill and scratch resistant properties of natural leather makes it the preferred choice in most homes. It is the ideal choice for families with children and pets. Leather chairs and sofas are usually recommended for furnishing commercial areas that attract a large number of visitors. They are widely used in hotel lounges and restaurants. Notwithstanding the high price of exquisite fabric furnishing, due to their durability it is the most popular choice in most homes and offices. Compared with fabric chairs, quality Dining chairs last about four to five times longer.


Quality of leather furniture varies according to the type of grains. Upscale Oak dining furnishings are made of full grain leather. Obtained from the best quality hide, full grain fabric retains the original marking of natural skin. Top grain leather is another common type of leather, in which, sanding process is applied to remove the original grains from the top surface of the hide to give it a uniform appearance. Additional processing such as buffing and stamping are applied to create corrected leather grains. Bonded fabric, split-grains leather and patent leather are other types of fabric that are used in the furniture industry.

Easy maintenance

Regular dusting is sufficient for cleaning leather furniture. Spills can be removed simply by wiping the furniture with a damp cloth. Furniture polish, detergents, course cloth, bleach and abrasive cleaners should not be used for cleaning leather furniture. The lifespan of leather chairs can be extended by placing them away from sources of heat.

A Living Album: Why Stereo Thesis Albums Grow and Change Over Time


I just wanted explain something real quick to everyone following our growth and evolution and that's the idea of a "living album." A living album is an album concept - not a concept album - where new music is posted to an album which has already been released as a full length. The main difference between a living album and a CD or an album in mP3 format is that the living album can and often does increase in content or change over time.

The Living Album: What It Is and Why It's New

A living album can also be viewed as digital intellectual property similar to a blog where an author posts articles, news, and ideas regularly for his readers in ongoing fashion, the only difference being in the case of the living album the musician or composer posts music regularly instead of reading materials. Today, with the Internet you can visit your favorite band's website and check out the new music they're publishing in real time via streaming video or (free/paid) mP3 downloads. Today, you don't need to wait for a release date. Today, you don't have to get ripped off when you buy an album where, if you're lucky, half the tracks are any good. This is how the "living" or "expandable" album came into being. As the CD began to die off, so did the idea of the album.

In the past, an album was a playable fixed arrangement of songs written, produced, or performed by a musician, composer, or artist. It usually took the form of a vinyl record, cassette tape, CD, and now an mP3 digital file. Today, an album only exists if the artist chooses to create one, but it is no longer his sole creative or productive option. Today the album is only one item in an artist's product line included among other items such as T-shirts, bumper stickers, CD sampler's, YouTube videos, DVD's, live performances, goodwill (Lilith Fair), music festivals (Lollapalooza) and much more. Similarly, the living album frees the artist from cost considerations in regard to the song's he selects for inclusion on a collection or album - if he so chooses. In other words, the artist can include the content he or she wants on a digital album, DVD, live performance, or studio recording according to their creative specifications. Suffice it to say that gone are the days where an artist must withhold a certain quantity of music because an executive, the marketing department, or the budget wouldn't allow it. Today, the artist can make all his work - the good, the bad, and the great work - known to his fans and posterity.

The living album is an "Information Age" concept tied to the birth of the Internet. When music companies ruled the landscape when it came to music publishing, marketing, and distribution "the album" and sometimes, but not always, the artist was the main product. That's why so much investment went into the album - artwork, studio time, post production, packaging, marketing, distribution, as well as the artist's image because the music company expected a very high (ROI) return on investment.

3 Types of Artistic Operation

An individual goes through phases throughout his lifetime where he ponders the universe in which he exists in one or a mixture of 3 ways: linearly, cyclically, or in confusion.

The artist who operates linearly progresses as a creative person by moving from one style or technique to another without returning to a previous stage of development. They are always seeking improvement or something new. This person is most often associated with pioneering exploration.

In contrast, the creative person who functions on a cyclical basis travels among a set of a few approaches or styles of creativity moving from one to another, but within a narrow range of choices. A pattern may even emerge for the person who operates in a cyclical manner where they relate their work to seasons, weather, times of the day or year, and environments. This person is most readily identifiable by the repeating or reemergence of previous styles or techniques. Both of these creative types are prolific in the breadth and high quality of their work.

Lastly, the artist or creative type who operates in confusion is often viewed as a scatterbrain or copycat who either imitates techniques or styles which he likes or imitates because it's what he thinks others like. This individual tends to have a great deal of formal training and shows promising talent, but because they lack direction of purpose they don't produce work that is uniquely theirs. It's like a songwriter, musician, or composer who doesn't have a signature sound, but instead their work sounds like the work of many others in an undifferentiated mass of other artists and composers. They move from one style or technique to another and anyone watching them would see no rhyme or reason to the shifts they make. They neither progress steadily uniting every effort into an alignment of purpose - like the linear type - nor do they produce high quality work using a selected range of styles or techniques that they love or that inspire them to push artistic boundaries. This "creative" type is most readily identifiable with rapid but purposeless change for no reason at all except for maintaining a kind of artistic status quo.

The Living Album as a Complement to the Nature of Creativity

Now let me address one final consideration in regard to the living album and that is how a common theme runs throughout a portion or period of an artist's body of work. Remember earlier I mentioned how the old idea of an album is that it is a fixed arrangement of songs in time, but the nature of creating art is such that time cannot constrain creativity. In other words, creativity is unbounded by time, which makes the living album is a very useful tool for the artist and musician. The reason this is important is because the living album can adapt to the artist's intention toward their work unbounded by time, unlike the way record companies were able to operate before. Because an artist can operate using one or a mixture of 3 approaches, which I mentioned earlier, it requires a dynamic medium to carry the work of an artist in flux. The medium must be dynamic because the artist is. The medium must be able to keep up with the change the artist is going through in real time. The medium must also be easy to delete, easily altered, and expandable.

The publishing and distribution freedoms the artist and musician can now exercise with a living album are far superior to what was previously known. For example, if as a composer you've published an album or CD 5 years ago, but you find yourself writing pieces today that are related to or you feel should be added to the earlier body of work, you now have several options as to what you can do about this situation. You can alter, delete, or expand any part or the album as a whole according to your need as a creator. Going a step further, you can also reissue and re-master the old CD and even make bonus material available for FREE as a digital download, including other bonuses like FREE merchandise or concert tickets to an upcoming tour date.

My favorite features of the living album, like a blog, are the ability to rapidly update information and to link to one's own related works. The reason why I like this feature is because it gives the fan the ability to deepen his bond to the artist, allows the artist to open up to his fans, and provides new members with a way to quickly become familiar with the artist he's just discovered.

A living album satisfies all of these requirements and much more because the essence of the Internet and information technology is to facilitate "rapid change, communication, and connectedness." Because of this the most significant contrast a living album has to a traditional album is that it can include additional components with which to connect with an artist and the artist to connect with their audience via blogs, streaming video, social media, on-line articles, and an on-line communities grown around an artist. Now the artist is the brand - front and center - while the music and anything else associated with the artist is part and parcel of an entire product line, which benefits the artist and their love of composing, recording, and performing music. The traditional album and the music companies made these things virtually impossible to create or next to non-existent except in rare cases of superstardom. However, today the Internet and the living album make this available to every artist, musician, composer, and creative type.


In the information age, your vision for your work is king and you are now in full control over the form your vision takes as well as the function it serves. Your creative need is the function and the form is the living album, but looking closer at each of these elements you'll see that your creative need, the living album, and your vision are all mirror images of each other and that all these things are clones of you and the creative spark within.

Victoria Hotels Offer the Perfect London Stay

Choosing the right London hotels, when planning for the trip of a lifetime, is easier than you may think. Each area in London has certain uniqueness, a special ambience. Examining what activities and sites appeal to you, and what type of vacation you desire will allow you to locate a quality hotel in just the right spot of London. Staying in "The City," which is the financial district of London, also known as the Victoria area, has numerous advantages.

Victoria hotels offer easy access to the underground railway and coach stations. British Airways Terminal and the Gatwick Express both serve Victoria as well. Ease in accessing some of the best public transportation in the world makes the London hotels in this part of town a wise choice. Besides being an economical way to get about, London public transport is efficient, modern, well run, and gives you a taste of London that will linger in your memories for a long, long time.

Another reason for choosing a stay in the financial district may be to mix business and pleasure. What better way to conduct business, staying at a hotel located in the "Financial Capital of the World," and also to be able to take a leisurely stroll to a museum or historical sport after your business day is complete.

If you prefer a quiet location, Victoria hotels are an excellent choice. Allowing you to easily access the much busier nightspots of the city by public transport, the London hotels in "The City" provide a quiet and restful evening when you choose to call it a day. You will not have to miss the nightlife or the excitement of staying up until the wee hours of the morning; you can easily travel to where nighttime celebrations are the norm. However, your hotel base, your place where you ease back for a peaceful sleep, will afford you a calm spot to unwind.

Another advantage of staying in the Victoria area is the ease in which you can visit some of the major spots of London just by taking a walk. Besides being able to access all of the major transports of the city from these London hotels, walking is a viable option for visiting several noteworthy sites. Buckingham Palace, one of the most well known London attractions, is within a half mile (also known as a "short kilometer,"), an easy distance to walk and breathe in all that is the flavor and feeling of London itself.

Serving as the Queen's official resident, the 775-room Palace is used for official events and receptions. There are also areas of the Palace, which are opened to visitors on a regular basis. The staterooms, for example, are usually open during August and September, and display some of the works of the greatest painters in the world, including Rembrandt, Rubens and Vermeer. In addition to sculpture and porcelain, these rooms also hold examples of English and French furniture of the highest quality. You may want to check in when you arrive at your London hotel to see what parts of the Palace may be toured, or even better, check the internet before leaving on your trip for the latest updates.

By walking a short distance in a different direction, to the south bank of the River Thames near Blackfriars Bridge, a visit to the Tate Modern Museum lets a person view some of the most famous as well as the most current and cutting-edge modern art in the world. Created in 2000 by converting an unused power station in the heart of London, The Tate collection of modern and contemporary art represents all the major movements since Fauvism, which dates back to1905. The Tate collection includes important masterpieces by such greats as Picasso and Matisse. It also holds an outstanding collection of surrealism, including works by Dali, Miró and Ernst, as well as Pollock and Rothko. There is even a single room, known as the Tate Rothko Room, which only holds nine Seagram murals by Rothko. Tate's focus on pop art is solid and includes major works by Lichtenstein and Warhol. The museum's acquisition and display of world-class contemporary art beginning in the 1980's and running to the current day is appreciated by modern art enthusiasts of all ages.

From the Tate Modern, a short walk across the pedestrian Millennium Bridge brings a London visitor to Saint Paul's Cathedral, a spot especially breathtaking at night with strategic lighting outlining its dome against the night sky. This spectacular building reminds us that London continues to offer some of the most memorable photographic opportunities of any city, with even amateurs able to return home with stunning pictures.

The current Saint Paul's Cathedral is the fourth to occupy the site and was designed by Sir Christopher Wren. It was completed in 1710 after the previous cathedral was destroyed in the Great Fire of London. Besides its grand architecture and overall presentation, it holds beautiful mosaics from the mid-19th century, created in response to Queen Victoria's negative comment that the interior of the cathedral was "most dreary, dingy and un-devotional." The Cathedral is active to this day, and you may want to check on special presentations or events being held at the time of your visit.

Selecting the right London hotels, such as those located in the Victoria area, the heart of London's financial world, will result in one of the most enjoyable vacations you can imagine, making it easy to add business to your journey. The restful evenings allow a visitor superb sleep, while the location affords easy access, on foot or by public transport, to some of the most beautiful and historical sites of this city. When Londoners speak of The City, they are referring to

the original square mile that is now the British version of Wall Street. When visitors speak of staying in this same area, they are referring to centrally located London hotels that allow them to partake in an affordable world-class vacation, which may include business, in one of the greatest cities of the world.

I Hate This Job: How to Start a New Career Doing What You're Passionate About

What a refreshing feeling it is when payday finally arrives. It's Friday and the weekend weather is going to be perfect. Your energy is high. You're feeling good and excited about your plans for tonight. Maybe you'll stop by your favorite store at the mall to buy that outfit you've promised yourself. Maybe you'll catch "Happy Hour' at your favorite restaurant with your friends or coworkers. Perhaps you'll decide to treat yourself to a manicure/pedicure or stop by the barber shop to get a fresh haircut. Life is good... because today is payday. The pressures of the past three days while stressing about money and the anxiety over how you would make it to the next payday has waned.

Someone once told me that "being broke is temporary, but poverty is a mindset that eventually leads to its manifestation". Why? Because the emotions you feel prior to getting paid are minimal to how it would feel if you were poor and there was no paycheck today. However, is there really a difference between poverty and being temporarily broke? Sure. Being poor is a lot easier. It's easier because there is no expectation of a future 'payday'. There are no pressures from stressing about maintaining your lifestyle because there is no lifestyle to support when someone is poor. Someone living in poverty cannot experience this type of anxiety because they have no expectations for something better.

However, when you go to work for 14 days you expect compensation for your efforts. Throughout these past two weeks you have budgeted and allocated your money to pay for things you find comfortable and enjoyable. Being compensated with money is a very rewarding experience. But how does it feel when the money runs out; when your paycheck is not enough? A successful MLM (Multi Level Marketing) friend of mine once told me that a J.O.B stands for "just over broke". In other words your job pays you just enough to keep you coming to work, and while you're at work you do just enough to keep from being fired.

The lifestyle that you live is subject to the amount of money you earn. Your residence. The car you drive. The food you eat and whether this food is healthy or unhealthy is determined by your job. The places you visit and travel. The clothes you wear. The neighborhood you live and the schools your children attend is all based upon how much money is written in the middle right part of your paycheck. Your employer even controls when you can go to lunch, and they can care less if you're hungry or not. And when you exchange your time for an amount of money that isn't enough you begin to resent your job. You begin to feel used, abused, and that what you bring to this job is unappreciated by your employer. The proof of such can be shown with the minimal raise you received during your last review. Now ask yourself is working a J.O.B that you hate worth the temporary thrill of the paycheck you receive every two weeks, 15th and 30th, or once a month? Perhaps a 'nominal' paycheck wouldn't be so bad if you were working a job that you were passionate about or a career that is part of your life's purpose.

Here are a few reasons why your employer does not pay you what you're actually worth:

1) Because employees are a company's largest cost. Although your place with the company is of great value to your employer, the company is always searching for ways to decrease this cost.

2) Many companies feel that they aren't getting what they pay you for. Poor performance, sick and vacation days, benefits and employee taxes are just a few of the expenses that your company incurs by employing you. So if the return on their investment in you is small then you become one of the first who's terminated during a downsize.

3) Your employer believes that they can find someone to do your job at a fraction of the cost. With the economy finally rebounding after a brutal recession there are thousands of people applying for your position. And they are willing to do the job for less than what it's costing the company to have you in this position.

Here are some suggestions of why you should pursue your passion versus finding another job and what to do before quitting.

1). Working in a field that you love benefits you mentally, emotionally and physically. The lack of stress from working in a career that you are passionate about will improve your health in many ways. You will feel refreshed each morning and excited about life. Your personal relationships will improve and other areas of your life will become better.

2). Prior to quitting the job you hate start a 'savings funds' that will help finance your current lifestyle during the famine period. Starting over is not always easy but the rewards are worth it. You want to have at least 3-6 months of your expenses saved if you haven't replaced your current income right away.

3). Draft a plan that also includes the emotional and/or financial support of your significant other and family if possible. When your family believes that the benefit of your new career and dream job also includes them they will be more apt to help you with your passion.

There are several other suggestions I recommend before starting a new career that I will share in next week's article. Instill this success principle in your psyche while enjoying your weekend: dream BIG, plan, get excited and take action now... for the world is waiting to cheer your success.

Taxes - The Bane of Civilization

Taxes are a levy imposed upon people or legal entities by a governmental entity. There are many forms of taxes including income taxes, property taxes, capital gains taxes, consumption taxes, excise taxes, retirement taxes, sales taxes, tariffs, toll taxes and transfer taxes. This article focuses on reducing income taxes for real estate owners.

Income taxes often seemed unavoidable. However, real estate investors have multiple opportunities to defer and reduce federal income taxes. Real estate owners receive income tax breaks not available to investors for many other asset classes. These include depreciation, income tax rate reduction, and the like-kind exchange. This article discusses how real estate owners can reduce income taxes by increasing the level of depreciation, using tax-deferred changes, casualty losses, maximizing expenses and planning to minimize estate taxes.

Depreciation is a non-cash expense which can both defer and reduce the level of federal income taxes. In some cases, depreciation actually eliminates federal income taxes. When an owner claims depreciation, and does not sell the property before it passes into his estate, the income deferred by the depreciation is never taxed.

Most real estate owners know depreciation defers federal income taxes. Few know real estate depreciation also reduces federal income taxes. The common perception is that depreciation simply shifts payment of income taxes from when income is earned until property is sold. However, depreciation often changes the character of income from ordinary income to capital gains income.

Consider the following example: George purchased an apartment complex in 2005. After obtaining a cost segregation study, approximately 20% of the cost basis of the improvements was allocated to 15 year property, such as landscaping, paving, sidewalks, parking lot striping and exterior signs. If George sells the property in five years, one-third of the cost basis of the 15 year property will have depreciated. Isn't it also reasonable the market value of this property will be one- third less than when the property was purchased?

More often than not, tax preparers believe the market value of short-life property is similar to the remaining basis when property is sold. This means there is no gain upon sale. Hence, additional depreciation was taken for short-life property (which could be used to reduce income taxable as ordinary income rates) while George owned the property. At time of sale, the portion of the gain equal to the short-life depreciation is taxed at the capital gains rate. This is how cost segregation reduces federal income taxes. Hence, federal income taxes are both deferred from the time income is earned until a sale occurs and the tax rate is reduced from the ordinary income tax rates to the capital gains rate.

Cost segregation can lead to meaningful deferral of federal income taxes. However, its most significant power is its ability to convert income taxed at the ordinary income rates to income taxed at the capital gains rate.

A like-kind exchange allows you to defer recognizing gain after selling of property if you purchase a "like-kind" property. Most exchanges of real estate for real estate qualify as a like-kind exchange. It is not possible to exchange real property for personal property and receive the benefits of a like-kind exchange. There may also be some limited interests in real estate, other than a fee simple interest, which do not qualify as real estate for purposes of a like-kind exchange. This might include exchanging the interest in leased land with five years remaining on the lease for fee simple title to another parcel.

The basics of executing a tax-free exchange are fairly simple. You must identify the replacement property within 45 days of the time you sell your property. You can identify up to three replacement properties or an unlimited number of replacement properties whose market value does not exceed twice the value of the property you sold. The replacement property must be purchased within 180 days of selling your property. A qualified intermediary must handle the exchange. To defer all of the gain, the market value, debt and equity of the replacement property must be equal to or greater than the market value, debt and equity of the property that was sold. Rules for like-kind exchanges are rigid, but there are experts who can guide you and allow you to legally defer substantial amounts of income.

A casualty loss for real estate investment property could include fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, or mudslide. Real estate owners incur both financial and emotional distress following this type of casualty. There's also a significant amount of work involved to coordinate with the insurance adjuster, tenants, contractors, vendors and lender. Even if the owner has complete insurance for building repairs and business interruption, a casualty loss deduction can legitimately be taken.

Casualty losses provide the opportunity to depreciate a large portion of the cost basis of real estate. The basis for calculating a casualty loss is the value of the property immediately before the casualty versus the value of the property immediately after the casualty plus insurance proceeds.

Consider the following example: a 200 unit apartment complex in Beaumont Texas was flooded with 3 feet of water on the first of two stories. The owner has casualty insurance expected to cover 100% of the cost to recover repair the property. He also has business interruption insurance to cover lost income while construction occurs and the property is leased. The initial reaction in reviewing this situation may be there is no casualty loss since the physical repairs and lost rents are covered. However, the market value of the property immediately after the casualty is substantially less than the market value of the property before the casualty. It is highly unlikely someone would purchase the property and agree to undertake the work required to negotiate with the insurance company, contractors, tenants, vendors and the lender without expecting a profit for their work. The magnitude of the casualty loss would have been much larger if the owner did not have business interruption insurance. In either case, a real estate investment group seeking to purchase the property immediately after the casualty would likely require an appropriate return for their capital and an entrepreneurial profit for the effort to renovate and lease the property.

Operating expenses are a tax deduction. Increasing operating expenses reduces taxable income and income taxes. Reviewing all cash expenditures annually can reveal operating expenses which have inadvertently been coded as a capital expenditure. Correcting this error prior to filing a tax return increases current year deductions. A fixed asset review can uncover errors which allow for substantial current year deductions. It is possible to claim current year depreciation or deductions after correcting a fixed asset listing. Corrections can be as a result of classifying operating expenses as capital expenditures. Another option for generating current year deductions is identifying assets which have been ascribed in excess of depreciation life. For example, if the cost to install substantial new landscaping was given a 39 year life, depreciation can be increased by correctly assigning a 15 year life and catching up previously under reported depreciation. Combining business and personal travel can increase deductions. Perhaps you need to schedule a business trip. If you add several days for leisure, the cost of the business trip can still be deductible. Scrutinizing personal expenses for lawful deductions can generate additional deductions. Any costs related to investment activity are deductible. This can include a computer at home for maintaining records for rental properties, mileage related to maintaining rental properties and memberships and publications related to investment activity.

Perhaps the most distasteful type of tax is the estate tax. For that tax, advance planning is necessary to substantially reduce estate taxes. While the current year exemption for 2006, 2007 and 2008 is $2 million, those with the states substantially in excess of $2 million need to consider detailed planning to minimize estate taxes. Options for reducing estate taxes include gifts during your life, partial interests, gifts upon death, bypass trusts, and a variety of other options.

Real estate investors are subject to income taxes, capital gains taxes, estate taxes, property taxes, and sales taxes. Real estate investors are fortunate that federal tax laws provide more opportunities to reduce income taxes than are available to most other business owners. In some cases simply consulting with a tax preparer may allow real estate investors to minimize taxes. However, in most cases utilizing a team of tax advisers with specialized knowledge enhances the investor's ability to minimize taxes.

Options for Obtaining a Discount Cruise

Taking a cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. No matter where you go, the sights - be it historical or cultural - are breathtaking and unique, while activities onboard the ship and the beautiful surrounding ocean make for a pleasant journey. Experiencing an island paradise or another itinerary is a great chance to relax, but an even better opportunity is taking the trip on a discount. For finding a discount cruise, what options do you have?

Through an Agency

The internet assisted with the proliferation of travel and cruise agencies, opening up a myriad of choices and pricing options for such trips. As you look around online, you'll find that some agencies offer various package deals, promotions, and competitions, all with lower prices in mind. Options may include group packages or lower prices for early or last minute trips.

Through Planning

What do extreme couponing and a discount cruise have in common? Extensive beforehand planning. If a cruise is truly where you see yourself, you'll start planning months in advance - and part of that entails looking for a good deal. In general, cruises are priced lower at least six months in advance.

On the other hand, last minute cruise discounts are another - but less frequent - possibility. To find such deals, begin searching roughly two months before the ship is scheduled to depart.

Other factors, when it comes to planning, can lower the price of a cruise. Fall and spring are slower times for vacations, while holidays and summer, because of demand, drive the price up. In determining accommodations for a trip, taking an economical approach, such as booking more than two individuals to a cabin, lowers the fare.

Getting to the Port

One of the more expensive aspects of planning a cruise is getting to the actual port city. If possible, not flying into the city and instead leaving from a closer port or driving, eliminates the cost of airfare (and the price of a hotel, if you come in a day early). Nevertheless, driving comes with a small cost, as well, as vehicles should ideally be stored in a lot for the duration of the trip.

Other Options

Several other factors have potential to lower the cost of a cruise. Popularity and itinerary influence price, and deciding on a journey less taken may yield the savings you want. Age, as well, can be a factor, and discount cruise trips may be available to seniors and children traveling with their parents. Proximity to a port and the newness of a ship at a terminal may also shave down a price. If you're a frequent passenger onboard a ship or line, getting a discount may occur after taking a certain number of trips.

Ideas for a Spring Vacation in the USA

Spring kicks off in just over a month from now. If you're planning to go on a vacation in March, April or May, it's a good time to get your travel tickets and accommodation booked. Can't quite decide where to go?

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is much less crowded during the spring than it is in the summer months when tourists from around the world flood to explore the natural wonder.

For some serious hiking, head to the North Rim with its rugged trails. The Havasu Falls are also a must-see, touted as one of the Grand Canyon's most impressive sights.

Grand Canyon Village is a touristy attraction but worth seeing. It's home to some of the best viewpoints in the park, one of which is the well known Yavapai Point. Some of the best local hotels and restaurants are located in the village.

The whole family will enjoy a ride on the Grand Canyon Railway which takes in many of the most stunning parts of the park.

Washington D.C.

The capital is an exciting city to visit in the months of spring when its 3,000 cherry trees burst into bloom, creating a sea of pink. Try to visit on time for the National Cherry Blossom Festival, which takes place from late March to mid April each year. During this time visitors can experience over 200 international performances and visit around 90 exhibitions and events.

Among the best places to admire the blossoming trees are the Tidal Bason and National Mall. Bring a picnic and enjoy your lunch in the fresh spring air.

In case of rain, check out some of Washington's famous museums like the Mount Vernon Estate with the tombs of George and Martha Washington, the Newseum which focuses on the history of the media, the Holocaust Memorial and Museum, and both Smithsonian Museums. You can never get bored in a city with so many museums!

If traveling with kids, you might want to plan your vacation around the White House Easter Egg Roll held on Easter Monday, which is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Spring Vacation Suitcase Essentials

The weather is often unpredictable in spring so you'd best pack accordingly. Don't be upset by the occasional shower. Pack a light raincoat which fits in your rucksack.

Kit the family out in trendy men's and women's rain boots. Some modern styles of the classic boot are easily packable thanks to their flexible rubber design.

As evenings can get a little on the cold side, bring some knitwear and a shawl to wrap yourself up in. That way you can definitely go out stargazing in the Grand Canyon!

How to Learn to Golf

Every player begins each hole by placing their ball on the tee box and hitting it with a club. The player is allowed to place the ball on a tee for the first shot of each hole. After the initial shot, the player continues to hit the ball until it lands in the hole. The objective is to get the ball into the hole in the least amount of strokes.

1. Before you even step onto a course, consider taking golf lessons. Taking a lesson with a certified professional will provide you with an understanding of the basic mechanics of the swing. Most courses have lessons available to the public throughout the season.

2. Depending on your skill level and budget, buy a used or new set of clubs. Each player can carry a maximum of 14 clubs including a putter. The first shot from the tee box is called a 'drive' and is usually performed with a driver. This is a long-shafted club with a low degree of loft, which causes the ball to travel a longer distance. Additional shots are then performed using higher degree woods or irons.

3. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game. Golf has been known as a gentleman's game since its beginning. The game stresses honesty, honor and respect. Golfers are expected to live up to these traits during every match. The official rules can be attained by visiting the USGA website at

4. Locate a golf pro in your area. This is a great way to get beneficial lessons and learn more about the game itself. Most courses have a pro on site or can refer you to one. Golf pros have a great deal of knowledge about the game and can offer valuable advice to all golfers.

5. Learn the basics of the golf swing. The swing itself may seem simple, but it encompasses many different things. These include the grip of the club, the address (or stance) over the golf ball, the actual swing, and putting. There are many things to perfect in order to hit a ball correctly. Because of this, most people turn to professionals to seek help and advice. The best thing to do in order to develop a consistent and correct swing is to practice on a usual basis.

6. Spend time at a driving range. Like I just mentioned earlier, practice is the key to developing a consistent swing. A driving range allows you to spend as much time as you need before heading out to the actual course.

7. Head out to the course. Once you have an understanding of the game and have developed a consistent swing, it's time to golf. Remember everything you have learned and put it all to use. I would recommend trying out a 9 hole course to start. They will usually be cheaper and less advanced than a full 18 hole course.

Cultural Legacy of the 1960s

We live in momentous times, at a historical point of confluence of a range of escalating global and personal pressures. On the one hand, the World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that by 2020 clinical depression will be the second largest cause of the global health burden, currently standing at 40 million prescribed cases in the West. Why is this ? We have never been more affluent or had more opportunities to purchase luxuries our forebears could only dream about, enjoying unprecedented leisure time. We can travel with ease to wherever we want to go. Our children enjoy superb education and are bombarded with career opportunities. Our TV and PC give us access to instant awareness of a global culture, arts and literature formally the preserve of a priviledged few. Fresh water, wholesome food and modern healthcare are instantly available.

It all sounds so good. And yet, apart from those who are literally going mad in the midst of this materialistic utopia, many more experience a general sense of unease and discomfort. Nothing you can necessarily put your finger on, just a feeling that.. somehow something is not quite right. Maybe it's the awareness that while many are becoming wealthier, actually levels of extreme global poverty are increasing, with vast numbers dying unnecessary and avoidable deaths for the lack of a few pence. Or maybe, as we sit in the daily traffic jam belching out poisonous fumes into the atmosphere, there is that uncomfortable thought that it's actually us who are creating a global environmental catastrophe. "Oh well.. can't be helped.. I have to pay the mortgage, the gas bill, the life insurance, the council tax, the loan repayment. These problems are the job of government to solve... Just as long as my own taxes don't go up, everything will be alright.. " Or maybe, its something about the way that things are changing at work in a way that compromises personal values, but if I speak out they won't like it.. so best to keep quiet for the sake of the pension, the holidays and a quiet life..

The point is that rather than appreciating our relative stupendous wealth, many actually feel poorer. We have, bit by bit, moved into a society where the constant message inflicted on us by advertisers is that, to be happy, we need MORE. More stuff, more drink, more sex, more food, more holidays, more distractions and. of course, more money. And when we are still not happy, we need more people to blame; the government, young people, the opposite sex, foreigners..

What is actually going on here ? An imaginary visitor from another planet might be forgiven for thinking that they had inadvertently strayed into the galactic lunatic asylum, rather than a "jewel of the cosmos", managed by a human species that possesses the imagination, intelligence and technological ability to solve any problem with which it is confronted, but instead appears to be locked onto a trajectory of global catastrophe. A simple answer is that the problem is human nature and nothing can be done about it. A slightly more complex answer is that the political, media and financial establishments have tied us into a lifestyle that promises us everything but instead delivers a subtle imprisonment that is difficult to escape from. Also, it indicates that needed change is somehow achieved out there, with more rules, procedures, initiatives and enemies to blame.., rather than in here, the only place where true lasting change can occur.

Arguably, the single instance that symbolised and defined both the obstacles and opportunities marking our transition into a planetary post-industrial digital age, was the first live global television link in 1967; a programme called "Our World". Broadcast to 26 countries and watched by 350 million people, the programme brief was to come up with a song containing a simple message that would be understood by all nationalities. Defining himself as a revolutionary artist whose art is dedicated to change, John Lennon came up with:-

"There's nothing you can know that isn't known
Nothing you can see that isn't shown
Nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be
It's easy. All you need is love"

To define this era, which began to change from that point, in terms of flaired trousers and unrealistic pipe dreams is to miss the point. The alternative culture of the 1960s saw a widespread awareness of and participation into two linked streams of transformative psycho-spiritual influence; humanistic person-centred therapies originating from a group of radical US psychologists and Eastern religious traditions. The concept of radical transformation of consciousness and being, reflected in a loving respect for others and the natural world, underpinned both.

Almost immediately, the hippie dream soured and became ridiculed in public awareness. Substance gave way to Style in the 1970s, the peaceful benevolent influence of psychedelia turned into a more sinister emphasis on hard drugs and benign ideas of a liberal socio-political radicalism gave way to the values of the market and the pre-eminence of the bottom line. Fast forwarding to today finds a growing mainstream awareness that we are, in fact, facing not just threats from environmental destruction, horrific crimes of violence, global food shortages, financial instability, terrorist outrages, to mention just a few, but rather a wholesale collapse of a way of life. Perhaps our collective lifestyle, in some aspects, has reached its sell by date ?

The same influences that inspired The Beatles to move from making pop songs to sitting in meditation, speak very much of the principles of death and rebirth. That something has to die in order for something else to be born in its place. That from the harsh depths of winter new life always emerges in the spring. That from a society at risk of auto-destruction, the principles of a new culture and civilisation are sprouting in the hearts and minds of those who feel that, somehow, something is not quite right. This includes those in the caring professions, or from a background of person-centred management, who feel that the traditional caring values are being squeezed out, at great peril. It can also include the recognition that the principles of profitability and the market-place are not necessarily compatible with the type of wholesale changes which really do need to take place. New products emerging in the market place offer tools, resources and perspectives that might aid in giving definition to that new movement that is taking shape in growing numbers of people, and which has its origins in the same influence that flowered in the 1960s, became hidden and is now emerging in new forms for the 21st century. Those forms include new methods of self-work which utilise digital technology, rather than LSD and marijuana, to create changes in our thoughts and emotions, as well as exciting new genres of literature.

Come Discover How Indie Music Isn't Just Quirky Music, It's Simply Unsigned Artists In Every Genre

Indie music or Independent music for a long time had a moniker of being something outside the mainstream and often times quirky or not quite right for radio play. Which in many ways is a misnomer, because the term in itself simply means music produced independently from major commercial labels or there subsidiaries.

As a genre of music the term "Indie" is often used for even major label artists, that can't quite fit into a predefined genre or one that melds genres.

For purposes of this article we will be discussing Independent music not as a genre, but as a way of life, a mentality, or even a tribe of people who are creating music outside the confines of a major label. Musicians that perform country, rock, punk, rap, alt country, alternative, etc.

Musicians have more opportunities than ever today to be heard. Internet radio is fast rising, (thanks to smartphones, apps, and savvy new auto manufactures). There are thousands of incredible stations, that support and play only Indie musicians across various genres. These stations, like terrestrial and satellite radio, have nice blends of formats for every kind of artists. Many of these stations have hybrid programs, that blend commercial music with independent artists. To my ear, this is where I really came to appreciate the talent, that is out there waiting to be discovered. You would be amazed how well some of these bands hold up being played side by side with some of the most popular artists of today.

There are so many ways to discover music, or have your music discovered. This list should either spark the music lover in you, or excite the music performer looking for opportunities.

1. Internet Radio
Internet radio is quickly growing to become a force in the music industry. Many auto manufactures are including the ability to listen to many of the more popular stations, Apps are available to stream through your handheld devices, and Indie music is prominent on many of these stations.

2. Indie Music Blogs
Do a quick search on the internet and you will find a whole genre and plethora of blogs dedicated to keeping you up to date on all the great up and coming independent artists.

3. Music Video sites
We all know the power of video, and many sites today are catering to just independent or unsigned artists. With the power of technology, indie artists can produce some fantastic quality videos for little to no costs. This is great way to be introduced to new emerging artists.

4. Online Concerts
Once again technology is providing independent artists opportunities to share there music like never before. Many artists may not have the budget to travel the world, but there are a host of sites today, that let them broadcast online concerts for free. What better way to get an intimate view & see artists that may never make it to your town.

This should help you, either as an indie musician or just as a lover of great music. All these opportunities are great starting points for discovering extremely talented musicians. Technology has leveled the playing field and no longer do you have to spend thousands of dollars in a studio or be attached to a huge label to create and deliver great music, or even discover someone you've been missing.

Top 10 German Phrases for Oktoberfest

But first, a little background on German Oktoberfest traditions. Oktoberfest first started out with the marriage of King Ludwig I of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen in 1810. To commemorate the event, the citizens of Munich were invited to celebrate the royal marriage in the fields outside the city. In honor of Princess Therese, the locals renamed these field's Theresienwiesn or "Therese's fields". The name stuck and you may sometimes hear Bavarians refer to Oktoberfest as simply "wiesn" or the fields.

The first Oktoberfest The festivities were such a success with the people of Munich that they decided to hold them again the following year in 1811.

In 1835, the first parade was held during Oktoberfest and since then, the parade has grown into a yearly tradition with people wearing traditional German clothing such as Dirndls and Lederhosen. A procession led by the Munich Kindl and the brew masters of the local breweries make their entrance in this parade and it is quite a sight to behold

As the Germans continued to celebrate Oktoberfest, they began setting up beer stands, food stands and carousels. By 1896, there were no longer beer stands but entire beer tents set up by the local breweries in order to accommodate all of the Oktoberfest revelers. If you visit Oktoberfest in Munich today, you'll be visiting one of the largest festivals in the world. In fact, over 6 million people attend Oktoberfest each year. Many places that have large German communities in the U.S. and the world over also celebrate Oktoberfest as well.

Regardless of where you are celebrating your Oktoberfest, if you really want to make it an authentic event, then there are at least 10 essential German phrases you must know.

1. O'zapft ist!

It's tapped! This is what the mayor of Munich will be yelling as he taps open the first keg of beer at noon on the first day of Oktoberfest. Let the party begin!

2. Ein Bier, bitte! or Eine Runde, bitte!

A beer, please! or A round, please! Let's face it, beer, food and friends are the main reason you are at Oktoberfest. If you want to order beer at Oktoberfest, you had better not leave home without this phrase.

3. Ist dieser Platz frei?

Is this seat free? Unless you plan on standing all day, this a must learn German phrase you should learn before you head off to Oktoberfest.

4. Was kostet es?

How much does that cost? You'll be using this phrase a lot at Oktoberfest, so make sure that you also refer to this post about German numbers so that you know how many Euros to shell out when it comes time to settle the bill for all those rounds of beer.

5. Wo ist das WC?

Where is the bathroom? With all the beer you'll be drinking, here's another phrase you'll glad to know.

6. Schunkeln

This is what you'll be doing as you continue to drink into the evening. So, don't be alarmed when the German next to you locks arms with you and begins swaying side to side as you both begin to sing and chant the following phrase:

7. Zicke, zacke, zicke, zacke, hoi, hoi, hoi!

This is the chorus to the German drinking song, "ein Prosit!" Germans sing this song while Schunkeln and raise their beer stein, Prosit! and take a drink. Learn it, love it and have fun with it.

8. Prosit!

The German way of saying "cheers", it is pronounced "prrrrr-oast" with a rolled "r".

9. Der Boot

First, let me clarify one thing about this phrase: there is a difference between der Boot and das Boot. Das Boot refers to a boat, der Boot refers to the 48oz, beer filled, boot-shaped Stiegl that you and your friends will be passing around at Oktoberfest. Don't get this confused unless you want inquisitive looks from the waitresses as to why you want to drink a boat.

10. Wieviel Uhr ist es?

What time is it? At some point you'll have to go back to your hotel and sleep so you can get up and do it all over again tomorrow.

Tips for Holiday Travel With Your Pet

Most people travel for their holiday celebrations and they usually take their family with them. There are some that just can't live without their pets as well. If you intend to travel with your pet you have to plan ahead to make the journey pleasant and comfortable for both you and the animal.

· Traveling by Car

If you are going for a road trip for the holidays, make sure that you do not let the pet loose inside your vehicle. You can get your pet a safety harness that can be attached to your car's seat belt system. Or you can just put your pet in a cage. A pet carrier is also a good idea, but could be more expensive too. Always put your pet in the back seat.

· Traveling by Air

If you are flying to your destination, a pet carrier is a must to comply with airline regulations. Check with the airlines regarding the pet carrier dimensions to ensure that you will be buying the right-sized one. A pet can travel by air in the cabin if it doesn't exceed 22 pounds in weight, 18 inches in length and 11 inches tall.

For international traveling, you will need certain documents for your pet before you can take it with you. It would best if you can give at least 6 weeks allowance to start taking care of the papers.

Do not travel with your pet unless you have it checked and vaccinated by the veterinarian. Always carry your pet's current health certificate along with the record of vaccinations.

· Pet Foods

Take plenty of pet foods; you can never be sure if your pets' favorite brand of pet foods will be available at your destination, so it is better to be sure.

· Feeding Instructions

If you are flying, feed your pet with a light snack 5 to 6 hours before departure. Do not give your pet any liquid 2 hours before departure. If you are going by the car, try not to feed your pet while you are moving.

· Put ID Tags

Whether you are taking your pet for domestic or international traveling, it is best if you can attach an ID tag to your pet. The ID tag must contain your home address and telephone number as well as your destination's address and telephone number.

Before you take off it is also important to check if your pet is going to be welcome at your destination. If you are visiting relatives, you need to let them know that you will be bringing your pet. If you are staying at a hotel, check about the accommodation's rules and regulations regarding pets.

Also make sure that your pet is travel-ready. Animals can be more fidgety than kids during long journeys. If your pet has never been anywhere else but home, you can start making him travel-ready by taking him to the supermarket, the park or at the mall.

Finally, try to be as patient as possible. You need to understand that you are not going to deal with your pet alone; you are also going to have to deal with other people's reaction to your pet.

Online Webinars: The Best Way to Reach Out to a Global Audience in Less Time

Businesses in different parts of the world organize online webinars more often these days to easily reach out to their target audience who are geographically dispersed. It is quite a hassle-free task to set up an online webinar; all you need is a computer or laptop, internet connection, and speakers if you are opting for an audio-visual presentation. The webinar participants also need a web-enabled device; plus speakers to participate in the live, online event.

Event planners after designing the webinar upload it on their dedicated event website to let interested people log onto the portal and access the same. However, in order to get people to participate in a webinar, you need to open up the registration process at least a few weeks in advance. By opting for an online webinar registration software, chances are that you will get maximum participants in less time! The online platform allows any interested candidate to be able to register for the webinar via accessing an online registration form, 24 hours a day. You can utilize a cost-effective Cloud-based webinar registration solution to create single or multiple webinar, conference, and such similar sign-up pages for these kinds of events. You can customize the pages (without shedding off an extra penny) by inserting your organization's logo and including sign-up instructions for people to follow the same while filling up a form.

Using a computer, participants can log into your webinar hosting site in order to access the webinar. They can hear the presenters through the attached speakers and see them through webcams. Many event organizers use Skype as a platform to host online presentations and training programs. ReadyTalk is another well known name in the audio-video conferencing industry. The company provides the necessary services to conduct successful online meetings, seminars, etc.

While planning face-to-face meetings you are required you to book a venue and invest considerably in areas, accessories plus on personnel; online meetings need no such investments. It is quite economical in that sense and thus is favored by organizations primarily focusing on various cost cutting measures. Online webinars are time saving; being conducted over the internet means potential attendees can join in such presentations from their home or after work, without travelling to any 'brick and mortar' site.

As already mentioned, the greatest advantage of arranging webinars is the ability to connect and interact with individuals located in other cities and countries virtually. No travelling plans and expenses are involved, no booking a hotel room for accommodation purpose or managing time out from your busy schedules just to make it to the event in person. A webinar helps you communicate with your audiences in real time. In the process, such online events help in developing a mutual bond leading to high conversion rates and increasing upon your initial return on investment.

Snowdonia's Cardigan Bay - Things To See And Do Around Harlech And Barmouth

Harlech and Barmouth, in the Cardigan Bay area of Snowdonia, are popular with visitors because they're so packed with things to do. Here are a few suggestions for your next visit.

Time travelling

There's a lot going on in the Cardigan Bay area of Snowdonia if you're interested in history.

The biggest, boldest and most popular historic attraction in the area is of course Harlech Castle, that looming monument to medieval warfare perched on a cliff that was at one time lapped by the Irish Sea (the shape of the coast has long since changed, so the cliff is inland now).

Also from the medieval period is another castle (a Welsh one this time; Harlech Castle was the work of the English king, Edward I). Castell y Bere is all ruins now, but this once-mighty stronghold of Llywelyn the Great and his descendants still oozes atmosphere. What's more, there's no entry fee, so if you're on a tight budget Castell y Bere should be top of your list.

Reaching further back in time is Bryn Cader Faner, one of Britain's most hauntingly beautiful Bronze Age sites. The cairn is just eight metres wide and under a metre in height, but what's really striking about it are the fifteen slabs leaning outwards that loosely resemble a crown. The walk to Bryn Cader Faner is considered fairly challenging, so make sure you're well prepared when you visit (good walking boots, suitable clothing, and a map and compass, for example).

Barmouth's quayside is home to a collection of historic buildings that are collectively known as "On the Quay at Barmouth". There's Ty Crwn (a 19th century lock-up for ne'er-do-wells); Ty Gwyn (hiding place of the future Henry VII during the Wars of the Roses); The Sailors' Institute (complete with Victorian reading room); and the RNLI museum, where you can see the Barmouth lifeboat and learn about its crew and equipment.

In the swing

If you're keen to work on your handicap during your visit, there are two notable golf courses in the Harlech and Barmouth area.

The first is at Fairbourne, just across the Mawddach Estuary from Barmouth (while you're in the area, you might like to check out the Fairbourne Steam Railway).

The other is pretty famous: Royal St David's Golf Club at Harlech. One of the finest traditional links courses in the world, Royal St David's appears in many 'top golf course' lists, including being at the very top of National Club Golfers Top 100 Affordable Courses list.

Walk on the wild side

There are so many great places for a walk around the Cardigan Bay area of Snowdonia, it's hard to know where to start. But start somewhere we must, so how about the coast?

The coastline in this part of Snowdonia is stunning. The beaches at Harlech and Barmouth are fantastic, ranging from fabulous wild-looking dunes (Harlech) to the sort of traditional seaside resort any family would be happy to spend a day at (Barmouth). Either way, the beaches are big, with plenty of room for all - so get walking!

Inland, the Rhinogydd mountains are wild, rugged and challenging - Wales' last true wilderness, some say. Again, do make sure you're well prepared - visit the Walk Eryri website for routes and tips. The old Cwm Bychan and Cwm Nantcol drovers' roads are also excellent for walkers, and Taith Ardudwy Way - a 24 mile route from Barmouth to Llandecwyn - enables you to explore the ancient commote (medieval administrative area) of Ardudwy. This route will treat you to some of Wales' best coastal and mountain views and an opportunity to take in prehistoric sites and do some wildlife watching. What more could you ask from a country walk?

Messing about on the water

Whether you fancy an organised sea fishing trip or prefer to be at the helm of your own vessel, Cardigan Bay is the place to be.

Barmouth Harbour is a great place to start if you're in the mood for an organised boat trip. Barmouth Boat Trips take bookings for both fishing and pleasure trips; dolphin watching trips are also very popular.

Prefer to be more hands-on? There's surfing at Harlech, Aberdyfi, Tywyn and at Fairbourne, where the west-facing side of the beach is subject to strong winds that make it a great spot for windsurfing and sailing too.

There's no business like showbusiness

It's not all about ancient history and rugged outdoorsiness - Harlech and Barmouth both have great little theatres too, so there's plenty for culture vultures to get their talons into.

Theatr Harlech offers an eclectic mix of events, from films and plays to exhibitions and workshops. Over at Barmouth, Theatr y Ddraig (The Dragon Theatre) hosts all sorts of events, including concerts, dances, exhibitions and film screenings.

If you find yourself in the Cardigan Bay area of Snowdonia, one thing's for certain: you'll never be short of things to do and see!

4X4 Camping Accessories

There are several products and accessories that you can purchase in order to make your 4x4 camping experience a little more comfortable. In fact, having a shower, generating electricity or creating a delicious freshly cooked meal are all possible with just a few simple products. This article takes a look at some of the most popular 4x4 camping accessories, and it explains where you can purchase them from.


There are a number of portable shower systems available that are designed for use in camping situations. A solar shower will use the energy from the sun to allow you to have the luxury of taking a hot shower while you are outdoors. A new advanced shower system called the Aquacube will let you have hot water within seconds of turning it on. There are also more simple shower systems available, including ones that can be attached onto a standard outdoor tap. If you are looking for some shelter when showering then you can also purchase mini pop up cubicle tents which are designed to be zipped up for privacy.


There are plenty of cooking accessories available to purchase, so many so that they could take up a whole other article to describe! If you are looking to make hot food while camping then it is a good idea to purchase a portable gas hob burner. You will also need to buy the appropriate pots and frying pans to cook the food in, as well as cutlery. A cool box or an in car fridge will allow you to keep your produce fresh. You can also purchase storage boxes to keep your food separated and ready to eat.


It is essential that you have several good lights when you are camping. Always keep a torch or two inside of the tent so that you can grab them as and when you need to. A headlamp is also handy for when you need to find things in the dark. Rechargeable LED lights can be used to hang up in a tent so that you can clearly see everything. Gas lanterns also provide a novel way to create light on a campsite.


No campsite is complete without a comfortable chair. A chair will give you a nice place to sit and relax around the campfire. There are camping chairs available to suit all tastes and budgets. Most camping chairs will fold down so that you can easily travel with them on your camping trip.

Where to Purchase 4x4 Camping Accessories From

The best place to purchase any of the above products is from a specialist online retailer. These retailers will have the largest selection of products, as well as knowledgeable staff who will be able to answer any questions that you may have, and also help you to make the right choice for your needs. These websites will display images and details on all of the products that they stock as well as information on how to place an order.