Blue Voyage - Life on Board a Turkish Gulet

A Blue Cruise is probably one of the most relaxing and marvelous vacations to be had. Cruising leisurely on board a Turkish gulet along a mountainous and pristine coastline rich with the remains of ancient civilizations offers the traveler much to see and experience. The turquoise blue sea in this part of the world is so clear that the sea bed is often visible. Numerous wooded bays and coves, many of them secluded, dot the shoreline and Blue Voyage charters give one enough opportunity to wander around and explore at will. Anatolia's rich culture and history unfold along the way as the gulet stops at charming fishing villages, market towns, popular resorts as well as a host of ancient ruins and monuments. Add to that the relaxed and friendly atmosphere as well as modern comforts on board the gulet and you have something close to a floating paradise. 

A Blue Cruise charter gulet, which is a motor powered wooden yacht made by hand, combines indigenous boat building traditions with modern technology. These yachts run on motors at speeds between 8 and 11 knots, usually, and are generally capable of sailing only when the wind permits. Gulets are designed to accommodate a maximum of 16 passengers who sleep in twin or single cabins, which have attached showers and WCs. Many gulets are air - conditioned. Most of the time on board is spent lounging, making friends and sunbathing on the spacious deck or dining in the saloon or under an awning. Gulets usually have well equipped galleys and fresh delicious Turkish cuisine is served on board. Since all gulets have bars, passengers can buy alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. 

On an average, gulets cruise for three hours everyday and keep close to shore. On board a gulet, one rarely confronts choppy waters because the boat normally moves in and out of bays and coves, stopping at least twice a day. Gulets have water sports equipment for those interested in snorkeling, windsurfing, diving and water - skiing. Guests have plenty of opportunity to swim in the clean waters of the Turkish Mediterranean and sunbathe as much as they wish. As the gulet drops anchor near quaint villages and towns, islands as well as interesting historical sites, one can undertake short treks inland to explore secluded spots, the remains of ancient civilizations as well as to get a feel of life in Turkish fishing villages and small towns. Though the yacht normally stops for the night at solitary coves, it will dock at fairly large coastal towns at least twice or thrice over the duration of the cruise in order to give passengers the chance to shop, wander around as well as sample the nightlife. 

Blue Voyage cruises are known for attentive and personalized service as well as for the fresh delectable cuisine served on board. The captain, cook and crew are friendly and take pains to ensure that guests are happy with the food and service. The emphasis is on relaxation and enjoyment. On some evenings, guests are entertained by the captain and crew. The idea is to encourage passengers to mingle and have fun together. Dinner on the aft deck under the stars is a wonderful experience. Though the crew can usually manage to speak a few words of English, guests are advised to take a pocket dictionary along to facilitate communication if need be.

Laundry facilities are rarely offered on board so it's best to take more than one swimsuit. Guests may, of course, wash their own clothes if they wish. Some light warm clothing will come in handy as the evenings can be cool. Other clothes and gear that are recommended are a pair of full length trousers for historical and nature treks, a few long and short sleeved shirts, sun shades, beach towel, sun screen, hat and flip - flops. Snorkeling enthusiasts might want to take their own goggles along with them. Bed and bath linen are provided on board. Though each cabin has storage space, it is best to carry a collapsible bag rather than a suitcase because the former are easier to stow.

In general, gulets are comfortable and the crew is always at hand to help passengers if required. Life on board a gulet, as passengers soon discover, is truly a pleasure.

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