Amway - The World's Top Home Based Business

Amway is well known throughout the world as the top home based network marketing business. One can always enter any shopping center and easily locate an Amway noticeably set up with a fantastic display, and friendly, well trained representatives.

Amway has a very simplistic vision of being concerned for peoples well being and working towards making lives easier and healthier. They also have a heart for the environment and is highly aware of how their products affect it.

Over 600 patents have been given for Amway products with another 400 currently pending, all these products of course are environmentally friendly and safe. This is evident in their product line with items such as a water purifying system as well as air purifiers.

Amway prides itself on an entire line of beauty products such as hair care lines, body care lines which include products for sensitive and allergic skin, and they finish this area off with a complete line of mouth care. These include tooth brushes, toothpaste, mouth wash and fluoride treatment. The fantastic thing about Amway is they are also thinking about their consumer so of course, all of these items come in regular as well as travel size.

Their bug repellent products are hands down the best on the market. Not only do they have soft wonderful scents, they come in lotions or sprays and are non sticky alleviating that feeling of repelling not only the bugs but everyone else. The repellents are child friendly and very cost efficient.

The famous eSpring Water Purifier features UV light and a patented carbon-block filter which reduces more than 140 health-effect contaminants. This excellent water purifying system has earned the Water Quality Association's Gold Seal for superior consumer water treatment products. Again, a product that is affordable and environmentally conscious. Any homeowner can feel proud to have such a system in their home - whether they are environmentally friendly or not.

While Amway has been around for over 50 years and boasts of more than 3 million distributors, their products remain to be sold by word of mouth. The representatives still must pack and unpack product, cart it around and have a spare room in their home to house it all. They still must have home parties and spend their weekends at trade shows and in the local mall corridors.

I use and enjoy many of their products and am certainly a fan of Amway. So, why didn't I join the Amway team and become one of the over 3 million distributors? I enjoy my time. I do enjoy hanging out at the mall on Saturdays, but at my leisure not because I have to be there. Perhaps I am selfish, but I simply do not want to spend my evenings in strangers homes doing parties nor do I want to be on the phone taking orders, figuring out taxes, sending in order or delivering orders.

So, while I will continue to use the Amway products as well as tell others how excellent I think both their products and their company is, I won't join that sales team.

Bacolod City's New Government Center

The dream of a new government center was initiated by former Mayor Evilio "Bing" Leonardia. The 5 hectare lot located at the Circumferential Road Area was donated by the family of Don Padoc Gonzaga in 2006 and construction immediately started in December 28, 2006, exactly 6 months after the finalization of the papers. Over the past years, it has served as a venue for special holiday events and entertainment shows sponsored by the city government. In fact, the former Mayor made his state of the city address (SOCA) last September 8, 2008 in NGC. More recently, a government sponsored mass wedding was held last Valentine 's Day and also the celebration of the annual Masskara festival was held here.

The New Government Center (NGC) is a grand spectacle in Bacolod one should not miss as a travel enthusiast visiting the city. The magnificent view of the old Renaissance inspired edifice is best appreciated at night as the soft lights complement its cream-colored walls and the synchronous spewing of water at the fountain area gives a finishing touch to its splendour. The panorama gives an atmosphere of serenity to the populace strolling along the esplanade and to the sports enthusiast jogging around the perimeter of the structure. Surely, it is a perfect spot for quality time with friends, family, and loved ones. The wide Bermuda grass area is often filled with young people playing games and students practicing dance routines. Typical games often seen include Frisbee as well as football and other ball games.

Food stalls, restaurants, and coffee shops are also easily available across the New Government Center for the starving stomach and for those who have the appetite for an authentic Bacolod style dish. These food stalls and restaurants include a Shawarma kiosk, an Inasal restaurant, Cookies and Crumbs, Greenos Pizzeria, and greasy spoons. The Chicken Inasal restaurant offers not only the famous Bacolod chicken inasal but also Baticolon (grilled chicken gizzards), Isaw (grilled chicken intestines), and Atay (chicken liver) at an affordable price. A cup of coffee or tea and a sweet cookie can also be enjoyed at Cookies and Crumbs coffee shop. For comfort food worshipers, a trip to Greenos Pizzeria is the way to go. These food havens are usually chock-a-blocked by government employees and call center agents after office hours to relax after a stressful day at work. Street food vendors and costermongers are also found in the area selling chicharon, peanuts, sour mangoes, pancakes, fruits and beverages for those who are on a tight budget.

South Tampa, Florida

Whereas New Tampa may bring to mind a tangle of disconnected, albeit beautiful, new master-planned communities and big box shopping outlets and malls, South Tampa brings to mind a unique combination of gracious, established, character-rich neighborhoods and urban sophistication. South Tampa is not a community proper; instead, it comprises the upper and lower Tampa peninsula and is home to McDill Air Force Base, the University of Tampa as well as many thriving commercial districts and well-established residential communities south of West Kennedy Boulevard, such as the notable Hyde Park, Bayshore Boulevard and Ballast Point.
Shopping and Dining
As one resident said, "If I can't find it in South Tampa, I figure I don't really need it." The area is home to a plethora of top notch restaurants, trendy fashion boutiques and hip bars, particularly along the palm-lined streets of SoHo, Hyde Park and Palma Ceia.

Dining out tops the to-do lists of most locals, and there is no shortage of great restaurants to choose from. Bern's Steak House on South Howard Avenue is Tampa's most prestigious and well-known dining affair, esteemed for its Rococo-style décor, mammoth steaks and a wine cellar stocked with more than 6,500 labels from around the globe. Tour the kitchen and cellar, if you wish. And then, after dinner, retire upstairs to an intimate, subdued "dessert room" where specialty coffees, fresh fruit, desserts and great cheeses flow along with aged cognacs, liqueurs, sipping whiskies and dessert wines from around the world.

South Tampa is also well-known for its selection of ethnic eateries, including The Byblos Café on MacDill Avenue. Byblos is well known locally for its authentic Lebanese atmosphere, complete with Middle Eastern music and Belly Dancers, as well as for its Middle Eastern wait staff and incredible food: lamb chops, kabobs and Lebanese wine, to name a few. Or perhaps French-Vietnamese is more your style; in that case, head over to Restaurant BT on Snow Avenue in Old Hyde Park Village, their motto is Eat, Drink, Love. Sample authentic bo tai chanh, lamb stew, duck in orange sauce, tuna sashimi or "langoustines a la BT", jumbo marinated crustaceans grilled on sugar cane.

Other favorites include 717, Ceviche and Cellini's, which is in the Ballast Point neighborhood just off Bayshore Boulevard south of Gandy. Cellini's serves up fresh breads, Italian specialties and its namesake: the Cellini Pizza, topped with calamati olives, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheeses.
Would you like to do a little shopping? Shopping opportunities, as with dining, abound. Not only are major malls within reach; so, too, are many boutiques and specialty shops. Deborah Kent's on Dale Mabry Highway is one such stop; owner Deborah Skyrms regularly travels to New York, Paris, Milan and Los Angeles in search of international couture, from which she hand-picks with her stylish customers in mind. The Pink Palm on South Dale Mabry is another must-see, offering colorful sunshine and beach prints, embroidered jeans and lots of suede.

Other great, local shopping experiences include Whaley's Market on South Howard, the Village Health Market on McDill and The Fresh Market on Henderson. Whaley's has been in business since 1932; it is the area's wholesale farmer's market, offering high quality meats, seafood delicacies and the freshest fruits, sandwiches and ready-to-go entrees in the area.

Leisure and Play
South Tampa abounds in opportunities for play as well. Beyond boating and parks and nightlife galore, the area also hosts some of Florida's most exciting urban festivals and celebrations, including the annual Gasparilla Pirate-fest and Parade, a Tampa tradition and weeklong-celebration held each January since 1904. South Tampa is also home of the annual MacDill AirFest, one of the largest air shows by the Department of Defense. The event draws more than 750,000 people in April each year for the two day extravaganza, which includes civilian and military aerobatics demonstrations.

Are We Turning Our Population Into Chubby Pets?

Boy, as I look out these days I see Americans are gaining weight. Why are Americans getting so chubby? As I travel around the world, I can always tell Americans, they have a few extra pounds on them, their faces are a little more rounded from all those extra fat cells. Their bodies are never what they should be, or what the bodies of our grandparents were like. No, today Americans are plumper, and I'd like to talk to you about that for a moment if I might because I see a number of reasons.

First, our federal government is giving away too much free food. By giving away the free food we are making people weak, and we are giving them a fish rather than teaching them to fish. We are treating our population as if they are human pets, as if we are to take care of them. And realize we are the government and we are voting, and as taxpayers paying for these food subsidies to our people. To make a long story short; we are making them chubby.

Next, it seems as if the problem wasn't just with transfat because we started to get rid of that in all of our foods, that didn't take down the belly size of the average American. It seems people are getting fat from eating corn, wheat, flour, and all the other processed foods. It's as if their bacteria factory has grown, and is providing a really nice little ecosystem for the future of rolly-poly humans. Kind of like those big round characters in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. Or those "Weibel's wobble but they don't fall down," kids toys.

Still, I ask; since when is it the federal government's job to make every individual in our population a chubby pet? Have you ever noticed when someone has a little dog, and it's the fattest little thing that you've ever seen? It's because their owners keep giving them treats, goodies, and things which aren't healthy for pets. Maybe they think they're giving them healthy pet food, but over feeding a pet, and not taking them for dog walks isn't doing them any good.

We've all seen the pictures of those fat cats that people have. The cats obviously spend most of their day sleeping, but these big fat cats waddled through the neighborhood plump as can be. Our federal government is treating people as if they are pets, and over feeding them food stamps. Worse, they are deficit spending in order to do that, and the food stamp program is now over $75 billion per year. That's a lot of food, that's a lot of fat people, and it's not healthy for our government budget, our economy, or their bodies. Please consider all this and think on it.

Writing Your Online Dating Profile - The More Detail, the Better!

If you're a member of literally any online dating service, then no doubt you've been asked to create an Online Dating Profile for yourself. Typically, in most dating profiles, you'll be asked about your passions and hobbies, your relationship strengths, the way your friends might describe you - and those qualities you're looking for in a partner.

Having reviewed more than 50,000 Online Dating Profiles from single people worldwide, I've observed certain trends - which I'd like to comment on today.

The most apparent difference between a well thought out profile and a profile that's been written in a hurry, is the amount of detail that's shared. Think of your Dating Profile as an "electronic brochure." It's important to use good grammar and spell everything correctly. But most of all, you should include enough detail to create a vivid image of you as a person. The most interesting profiles sound original, include a wealth of descriptive language, and have some elements of humor added too. If you're given enough room for 500 characters (or about four sentences) per section, my advice is to use nearly all of your available space. Your best prospects will read everything you've written, I promise!

Avoid clichés at all costs, and instead use lots of creative language that will make your points by example, instead of making them merely by declaration. For example, when I was asked "what the most important qualities are that I'm looking for in another person," instead of listing all the standard replies like "good looks, sensuality, and loyalty," I've taken the time to write something interesting instead:

"THE most important quality would be GOOD COMMUNICATION - especially the ability to communicate your feelings! And there's more: I'd like to meet a woman who looks for all the things we can agree on; who can let go of materialism and enjoy the things in life that really matter; who appreciates a man's kindness and understanding; who hasn't lost touch with her gentle sensitivity; who loves to hug and kiss; whose appreciation of the world goes beyond the five senses; and last but not least, who understands that love is as much about giving as it is about receiving."

And when asked "What are the things for which I'm the most thankful?" instead of listing "food, water, and air" (and I've seen this - for real!) or "money, mascara, and chocolate" (hard to believe anyone would write this - but true!) I've not only listed my items of gratitude, but I've described them in some detail as well:

1. My ability to love - my heart is very open

2. My good health - which I encourage by eating healthy meals and taking a variety of food supplements, and

3. My wonderful family - particularly my sister, with whom I have a very loving relationship

In general, the fundamental rules of advertising apply to your Online Dating Profile too - which is to say:

The more you tell, the more you sell!

And don't brag - use examples instead. When asked how I typically spend my leisure time, instead of responding with a short and to-the-point list (e.g., "Pilates, cooking, and going to the movies,") write something colorful and imaginative instead:

"Walking along the beach enjoying the fresh ocean breeze as it gently sweeps through my hair, reading books which help me stay in touch with the things in life that are really important, creative writing, talking to my friends, cooking something delicious in my warm and cozy kitchen, browsing book stores and hunting for book treasures online, world travel, music, and quiet relaxation."

If your entire profile sounds creative, passionate, and interesting - can you imagine who will take the time to communicate with you?

I believe that everyone has within them the makings of an interesting story. If you infuse your Online Dating Profile with colorful, evocative language, your chances of meeting someone exciting will grow. And since all relationships are, on a fundamental level, an extended conversation - with whom would you like to communicate? Someone creative - or someone who's beauty is only skin deep?

Your Online Dating Profile sets the stage for what's to follow - and clearly selects with whom.

So consider that when you sit down to flesh out all the details!

Affordable Golf Gifts For Your Dad

Your father certainly deserves a memorable and practical gift particularly if he's a golf enthusiast. It might be a challenge if you're on a tight budget but equally difficult to provide your father with one of the best golf gifts you can ever give. Here are a few well recommended gifts for the dad golfer.

Inexpensive Gifts under $50

You don't have to save your month worth of allowance to get your father that best golf accessory or equipment. In fact, these very inexpensive gifts may give your father that touchy-feely moment with you for your sweet thought of kindness on his special day.

• Golf ball retrievers

If your father is the typical all-bad-hit type of golfer, he might consider this gift very handy for his golfing needs. Your father no longer has to feel sorry and disappointed every time his ball ends up in the water hazard especially if they are still considered to be brand new. These golf ball retrievers with handles have a telescoping function so those newly bought golf balls can be retrieved out of that water.

• Golf club head covers

You can actually choose from among a wide variety of styles and designs depending on your father's taste. Some come in a form of your father's favorite high school mascot. These types of golf gifts are even found available on certain online markets.

• Golf RTWs

This is ideal for people who knows the exact size and built of their father. If you are one of those, it won't hurt if you give your father a golf polo shirt, or a golf ball cap, a rain gear, or windbreaker for their perfect golfer get-up. It will also be thoughtful if you personalize a few of those golf gifts and engrave on their name or it could be your dad's favorite color for his shirt.

• Personalized golf ball markers

Golf ball markers or tees can be personalized and could be available in certain online markets. With a little bit help from your dad's stack of favorite gadgets and tools, you could find a few worth putting on your dad's golf markers or tees.

Average Prized Gifts

If you're already working and has saved quite a few for your father, you can buy a GPS unit which is still very affordable.

If your dad is one of those serious golfers, it's best that you also give him a serious gift for his golfing needs. The latest golf GPS unit might just be the perfect golf gift for your father. This device provides the right distance to target to avoid hitting the water hazard as well as sand traps. This helpful gadget can actually retrieve information on at least 30 golf courses at the same time which is useful for a well-traveled golf player.

Whether it's for Father's Day or his birthday, he'll surely be touched by your thoughtfulness and effort of giving him his favorite gift associated with golfing. These best golf gift ideas will surely keep your father happy particularly during his golf plays.

The Gulf Coast of America

The Gulf Coast is the stretch of Florida which faces the Gulf of Mexico. This stretch of coastline attracts visitors due to its 800 miles of beautiful beaches, its fantastic all year climate and also because all of its resorts have a character of their own. However, the main attraction is its amazing wide white sand beaches that gently shelve to the safe calm warm waters, making the area very popular with families on their package holidays to America. The beaches along this coastline are varied with something for everyone, especially relaxing in the sun and family fun. The Gulf Coast resorts make excellent bases for visiting the Disney World and Universal Theme Parks, the Busch Gardens African Theme Park in Tampa, the Everglades National Park, the Big Cypress Swamp and Weeki Wachee Springs which has an underwater theatre. There is plenty of accommodation to choose from, ranging from family-friendly hotels to luxury penthouses to friendly historic homely inns. Eating out isn't a problem as the area offers a wide and varied choice of eateries to suit all budgets.

The Gulf Coast is home to some of Florida's most characterful resorts. Clearwater is very popular with couples and families as it offers a relaxed family-friendly atmosphere. The famous beach resort of Sarasota is a more upmarket cultural resort which offers interesting museums, art galleries, antique shops, theatres and top class concerts. On the other hand there is St Petes Beach which offers visitors a relaxed island atmosphere or the romantic Marco Island which has all the charm of a small Florida island and appeals to sports enthusiasts and big game fishermen. The cosmopolitan city of Naples is home to some amazing architecture, mixed together with lots of Florida charm.

Choose from the many and varied beaches like the family-friendly Clearwater, the secluded un-spoilt Caladesi Island or the exclusive white sandy beaches of Naples in South Florida. The crystal clear warm waters are perfect for swimming and water sports including scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, jet-skiing, parasailing and sailing. Children will love collecting shells on the beaches, especially at Sanibel Island. The whole family will love exploring the coastline by boat with lots of different trips on offer. Choose from hiring your own motor boat or taking a dolphin watching tour, deep-sea fishing trip or just relaxing on a sunset or catamaran cruise, the choice is yours! Fishing trips are very popular here with casual family trips and laid-back fishing in the inland waterways to the more serious sport and deep-sea fishing expeditions where you can catch barracuda, snapper, grouper, tarpon and mahi-mahi.

Away from the beach there is plenty to see and do. Florida's Gulf Coast has more than 100 golf courses. Mix together the great all year round weather with the lush green tropical scenery and inexpensive green fees and you have perfect conditions for golfers of all handicaps. For culture vultures there is the opera and ballet at the Performing Arts Centre and the Ringling Museum in Sarasota, the Salvador Dali Museum in St Pete, the Gulf Coast Railroad Museum in Parrish and for some Cuban culture there is Ybor City in Tampa. The area has various manatee parks and there are lots of nature reserves, wetlands and conservation areas along the coast which are home to rivers and lakes and are inhabited by alligators, turtles, armadillos, pelicans, osprey and ibis. Most people who visit the USA will want to do a bit of shopping! Visitors can grab a bargain at the local outlet malls such as Ellenton and Tanger Factory Stores in Fort Myers where you can pick-up some great designer brands at bargain prices.

Winter is one of the most popular times to visit the Gulf Coast as the humidity is at its lowest, there is very little rainfall and temperatures average 17-20C with around 9 hours of sunshine a day. Spring and autumn are also a good time to visit with temperatures averaging 21-25C with plenty of sunshine; however the evenings are much cooler. The easterly winds along the coast create ideal conditions for water sports with sea temperatures reaching 16-20C in St Petersburg during the winter and 18-21C in Naples.

Furuno Radars - Cartographers of the Sea

The open sea, a bastion of freedom romanticized since the Greeks. A place of danger, wrought with Sirens that lured sailors to their death and the resting place of dreams. Expansive in the human mind, the ocean stretches out separating continents and their inhabitants. But these once held beliefs are cast away as myths and superstitions. There are no mermaids tending gardens on the sea floor. 

Human beings are great explorers, priding ourselves on discovery. We sailed the oceans, traversed the depths of jungles and crossed deserts; charting the routes we took, destroying mystery but gaining explicit knowledge. But that doesn't mean the ocean is beyond our eye. No, we still travel it for leisure and livelihood. People still want crabs and lobsters, others want to sail the open waters and some still find pleasure in sport fishing. Today, sailors and boating enthusiasts are no longer dependent on the stars for navigation like our forefathers. Through innovation, radars have been created to not only find fish, but locate the movement of currents and a boat's position in the sea relative to land and other vessels.

Furuno radar systems are trusted by fisherman and casual boaters alike. Creating the first commercialized fish finder in 1948, Furuno has been the leading innovator of radar equipment since. In 1965 they created the Net Recorder, in the early eighties they developed the first videoplotter/current indicator and most recently, in 2001, invented the revolutionary NavNet radar system. These inventions have helped sailors across the globe reach home safely and chart the open waters for the perfect catch. For 30 consecutive years Furuno has won the coveted NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) award for their outstanding radar equipment. 

When choosing a radar system, vessel size and type must be taken into consideration. For smaller boats a NavNet type radar is not necessary. That doesn't mean it isn't possible, but they do cost three times as much as a base model, Furuno 1623 or 1715. The 1623 and 1715 (includes Watchman mode and a 7" LCD screen) are quality radars for beginners and weekend boaters. They both have built in fish finders and GPS systems. 

If you're operating a 50' plus sailboat, sport fishing boat or yacht a NavNet radar is highly recommended. These systems combine GPS and WAAS tracking programs. WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) uses a series of satellites to correct inconsistencies in GPS, including ionosphere disturbances, timing and satellite orbit errors. Comparatively, GPS is accurate to within 15 meters versus WAAS accuracy within 3 meters. A radar boasting these two tracking systems sets the NavNet apart. Including 3D map rendering, a fish finder and an option to sync the vessel's motor and operations directly to the radar, makes it an unbeatable system to have installed in your boat. 

The open seas are freedom, mystery and wonder. For thousands of years it has captured the hearts of people. But we no longer have to worry about becoming lost in a sudden onslaught of fog or going wayward because the stars vanished from sight. With the invention of radars and the constant improvements of their abilities, taking to the high seas has never been easier or safer. 

Riding in an Airport Limo Equals Luxury

You are flying out in a few days to take a much-needed vacation. Or perhaps it is your honeymoon, or you have another personal celebration or event to attend to. Regardless of whether you are flying to another state or another country, you need a reliable and comfortable form of transportation to get you from your home or hotel to the airport.

If you are on a budget, a taxi or bus might be the best option to stay within your means. If you have a few dollars to spend and want luxury all the way, an airport limo service can be a relaxing and luxurious means of getting from point A to point B. You can take the fancy car in both directions.

An airport limo works equally well if your reason for travel is related to a corporate affair. While you may have to share the ride with others, you can still lay your head back and enjoy the comfort that comes from riding in style to your destination.

When an airport limo arrives for you at the airport, you will be welcomed by the chauffeur in a manner that is friendly, warm, and inviting. This person will assist you and guide you as required during the duration of your ride.

For many people, not having to drive their own cars home or not having to worry about finding a taxi is a tremendous relief. This is especially the case if you have been flying for hours and are very tired, or if you arrive at an early, or late hour of the day. Using an airport limo service can make you feel pampered and privileged, which is a very good feeling.

There is a sense of laid-back enjoyment and ambiance that comes from riding in a limousine. If you have never done it before, you will enjoy your first time immensely! The driver, as well as the other staff members of the service will do everything possible to make your experience as satisfying as it can be. After all, if you have a good experience, you will tell others and that equals positive promotion for the company.

Airport limo service is not the same everywhere you go. The vehicles may vary from one location to another. Every automobile is not the same. Some companies may feature Bentley limos, while others may have white or black stretch vehicles, Cadillac Escalades or something else, such as the Hummer H2 car. If you want a specific type of automobile, find out ahead of time if the company has it.

Inquire about the different types of colors and features that the luxury car company has to offer its customers. The sizes of the vehicles may be different as well. Communicate with the company about what you are looking for and find out if they can accommodate your needs.

Madrid - Not Just Football

Being the heart of Spain, Madrid has been a cosmopolitan city and has served as an administrative centre, business centre and plays a major role in the Industrial and banking sector. This city is characterized by very artistic and intense cultural lifestyle.

How to get there
To the tourists, getting to Madrid has been open through the use of any form of transport; and once there you can explore your tourist options at your own leisure. It's known as the central hub of Spain and all roads lead to the city; in case you use roadways. Nowadays, cheap and efficient means of air travel is one of the common ways of getting to Madrid, there is so much detailed and current information that has been provided on both online services and and at different open stations to guide you around the city.

Around the city
Madrid has overtime been known as the walker's city and with its simple and excellent clean public transport. It's ever expanding underground system provides cheap and flexible way to move along sightseeing many features around the city. A good network of bus operating system is maintained with cheap pricing system that enables tourists view cultural sites without exploitation. Taxis and car hires are always available and must be registered charging limited costs.

Elegant continental hotels are located at the cool extreme ends which always make it worth having paid a visit. Luxurious accommodation and great services are always offered but at slightly higher prices for tourists. A welcoming atmosphere is always there created to meet the both international and local, quality service provided by professional staff. Tour guides are always availed to those tourists spending in the hotels if they require them in the event of touring.

Tourist guides are always offered at entry points in to Madrid either at the bus stations or at the airport.Centres of attractions and features that are outstanding within the city are varied and numerous. Guiding information has always been provided in regard to the place visitors would like to visit and depending on whether they are within the city or would like to tour outside the town. The largest collection of Picassos work and other major Spanish artists has been of great value and has earned this country high amount of income since they have been well preserved.

The greatest cultural factor that has been held over time is the Madrid types of traditional dishes which are delectably served and appreciated. It's an attractive feature as well as the manner they serve their cultural foods hence tasting their foods and sounds is always a great achievement for many tourists. Their guides always include locations and prices of their most common dish known as Tapas.

All essential information for tours is always availed in tour guides including embassy details for Madrid Spain. Outstanding features that are widely known to hold Madrid in its Current state also are inclusive of Football clubs, elegant hotels and their tight hold to culture have won them today's fame and clear history.

Why Choose Beijing As a Vacation Spot

Beijing is a mixture of the past, present, and future. This is a city that has a lot to offer to travelers whether they are looking for a sense of adventure, history, and culture. Beijing is one of the places that many choose as a vacation spot. To learn 5 great reasons to choose Beijing, continue reading on. Here are the 5 Reasons to Choose Beijing for your vacation destination.

· Attractive Culture

Beijing is open to sharing its culture to all people. One can learn about its history, arts, tradition, music, language, and more in so many venues. Many sites will showcase preserved relics during the imperial times. There are also workshops available for foreigners to choose from to get a closer look and taste of the culture of Beijing.

· Street Markets

You can try your hand at bargaining. Many vendors at the street markets sell all sorts of items at a very cheap price. One can find almost anything from antiques to handicrafts. One can also see a wide selection of jewelry, food, clothing, statues, and more. Getting to these markets are relatively easy since public transportation is available. Some can also get a bicycle in order to see these local markets.

· Forbidden City

This place offers visitors a taste of history. Many emperors lived in this city and are known for its craftsmanship. The collected artifacts have been preserved and one will enjoy looking at the pagodas and other collected relics from the time of the emperors. This city was lived in since 1420 to 1924. Many visitors can enjoy the Early Peace, Hall of Unity, and the Purity and Peace attractions inside the city.

· Tiananmen Square

This is well known around the world to be a place where protests and rallies took place. This square takes up at least 100 acres of land which makes it the biggest square in the entire world. Mao Zedong in 1949 announced that the land was People's Republic of China. This square has been a venue that many locals gathered to share their sentiments for more than 100 years.

· Local food

There is a variety of local food to choose from on the streets. If you are worried about the handling of the food, you can request the vendor to cook your choice before your eyes. Vendors with carts sell sweet potatoes, kebabs, cakes and more. For the more adventurous, they can try eating cocoons of silkworms, fried starfish and scorpions, and more.

Those who are interested in jumping in an unknown culture will find that Beijing has something for all people regardless of their background. This city offers a wide selection of accommodation from hotels to inns and lodges. There is something for any budget in this city.

Driving to the Alps for Your Ski Holiday: A Quick Guide

Ski holidays in the Alps are very popular for people living in the UK. If you want to visit one of the best resorts in Europe and book a chalet, catered and self-catered options are available in many resorts, along with some truly fantastic skiing.

You can fly then transfer by road to these resorts with ease, or even take a train. However, many people decide to drive from the UK to the Alps as they prefer the freedom that this provides, and the fact that they can take their equipment with them without any difficulties. Many people also like to make the drive a part of the adventure. If you like the idea of driving to your ski resort in the Alps from the UK, here is a quick guide to how to do that.

Getting Across the Channel

The first thing to consider when driving to the Alps is how best to get across the Channel. You have two main options here: the Eurotunnel or a ferry.


The train going through the Eurotunnel only takes 35 minutes to get you to France from Folkestone, so if time is of the essence this is the fastest and most convenient way to get to France.

Trains run every day of the year, and there are up to four an hour so you will always be able to choose the most convenient one for you. Once you arrive at Calais you will be able to drive straight off the ferry as all of the controls are done before getting onto the train.

If you choose the Eurotrain, you may be able to book your travel arrangements at the same time that you book your chalet. Catered chalet accommodation providers may be able to help you to do this, so keep it in mind.

Ferry Crossing

The ferry is a slower way to get across the Channel, but it is fun and it is also less expensive. You can get out and walk around and have something to eat during the trip, and it will take just over an hour to arrive. When you book your chalet, catered or otherwise, decide whether this is the best way for you to cross the Channel and then you may be able to book it along with your holiday.

Driving Across France

Once you arrive in France, the drive is just over 600 miles to most resorts. However, the going is easy because almost the entire journey is by motorway. If you want to break the trip up you can stay in a hotel at given places. If you do drive you may even be able to enjoy more days of skiing on your holiday, making it an even more worthwhile option.

Just remember to take snow chains, a warning triangle, and a few other items of equipment that are legally required to drive in France. Check with the authorities before you go to find out what the latest requirements are.

Drive to the Alps on Your Ski Holiday

There are many good reasons to drive across France when you book your chalet. Catered and self-catered chalet providers can often help you out if you need information, so consider asking them for more info when you travel to the Alps for your ski trip.

8 Reasons Why To Have A Bar/Bat Mitzvah Website

A Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a milestone event and a cause for much celebration. There are so many details to consider when planning a Bar/Bat Mitzvah party. Creating a website dedicated to your Bar/Bat Mitzvah, that can be easily updated and customized, will help you make your Mitzvah celebration a true success.

Here are 8 reasons why to have a Bar/Bat Mitzvah website:

1. Ability to share and update details of events

A Bar/Bat Mitzvah usually consists of a whole weekend of events including Friday night Shabbat dinner, synagogue services, the party, and a brunch or get together the following day. Your Mitzvah website will provide your guests with the details pertaining to the events, including date, time and location. Your website can include a map to all locations to direct guests. Having a Mitzvah website is a good way to keep your guest informed as they can easily be notified about any last-minute updates or changes.

2. Manage out-of-town guests

Relatives and friends from out-of-town will often travel far distances to be part of your family celebration. To facilitate the travel planning for your guests, you can post links on your website for various accommodation and travel options. Having a travelers page on your Mitzvah website will inform your traveling guests about weather conditions, provide maps to locations, have a list of things to do in your city as well as economical choices for hotel, air and car reservations.

3. Send Invitations and RSVP online

You can invite guests to your Bar/Bat Mitzvah by mailing out invitations or you can save time and money by inviting guests online by broadcast email. Regardless of the way you send out your invitations, guests should be encouraged RSVP online. You can customize your RSVP form to inquire about anything including dietary restrictions.

4. Share photos and videos

You can further personalize your Bar/Bat Mitzvah website by displaying photos and videos of you as a baby, with family and friends, on vacations, etc. Friends and relatives should be encouraged to post photos as well. Pictures can also be posted of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah and following the celebration. Photos and videos are a great way to reminisce.

5. Explain Torah reading

Your Mitzvah website can provide viewers and your guests with the English translation and significance behind the Torah portion being read on the date of your Bar / Bat Mitzvah. Being able to understand, will make it more meaningful for your guests.

6. Explain Mitzvah project

Your Bar / Bat Mitzvah website is the best place to describe to guests the good social deed you will be completing as part of your Bar / Bat Mitzvah preparation. You can explain why you chose that particular project and why it is important to you. If you are raising money for a particular cause or organization close to your heart, you can ask your guests to donate to the cause online directly from your Mitzvah website. Your guests will be more inclined to donate as it is simpler and more convenient to donate online with a credit card.

7. Gift Registry

You can make it easier for your guests by providing them with options for potential gifts. You can set up a gift registry directly on your Mitzvah website, with details and a direct link to your online registry. Not only does this save your guests search time, but it also assures that you will receive gifts that you will enjoy.

8. Message board / Quiz

In order to make your Mitzvah website more fun and interactive, you can include a quiz about yourself and see how well your relatives and friends know you. You can also communicate with guests before and after your Bar / Bat Mitzvah using a message board on your website. You can involve your guests by asking them their opinions about potential themes, music and activities to have at the party.

Is A Studio Condo Right For Me?

There are a wide variety of types of urban condominiums available. Some have multiple rooms and are bigger and more expensive than many single-family homes. Some are more modest, but still have multiple rooms and are suited for families or those who need their space. And then there are studio condos, in which just about everything is in one room (bathrooms tend to have walls around them for privacy, though).

But living in a studio condo is not for everyone. Is it for you? Following are five things to know and consider when it comes to deciding whether or not to live in a studio condo:

1. Price. You pay per square foot when it comes to buying a condo. Since studio condos are smaller than those with multiple rooms, you will pay less to live in one. That can be a positive for many reasons, including the fact it may allow you to buy in a part of town you otherwise could not afford. So if you have a relatively limited budget and location is your biggest consideration, a studio condo might make sense.

2. Space. But remember, you will have limited space in a studio condo. Some of your furniture might have to double as far as uses go. That ottoman, for example, may need to serve as the storage unit for your pillows and blankets. And you may find yourself sitting on your bed and watching TV, rather than sitting on a couch. On the other hand, you will learn to be more thoughtful about your purchases, since you will constantly have to ask yourself the question, Where is this going to go?

3. Lifestyle. Are you a young professional who spends a lot of time at work? Or an empty nester who is tired of cleaning rooms and keeping stuff that so often goes unused? Studios may be a good choice. On the other hand, if you have a ton of stuff that you cannot bear to part with, or you have kids or pets, you may want to think twice before going the studio route.

4. A second home. Maybe you live in one place, but you travel frequently to another on business or pleasure. In both cases, a studio condo as a second home could make sense. You will have a place to sleep that is all your own, but it probably is not anything that is too over the top of expensive. Best of all, when you leave, there is very little to worry about since your monthly association fee will take care of the vast majority of maintenance with which you otherwise would have to concern yourself.

Luxury Cruising Offers Advantages for Many Celebrations

This new trend taking hold in the elite industry of luxury small ship cruising is being taken up by some big corporate companies as well as individuals who are looking for an event offering something with a difference that will have their guests talking about it for a long time after.

Small intimate motor yachts are now being hired for private functions, such as weddings, honeymoons, birthday parties, family celebrations, anniversaries and company meetings or social events.

These yachts make the perfect venue for a small intimate event as they are equipped with a full friendly professional crew, fully furnished, have an open bar and onboard chef to cater for any event or function.

Yacht charters are available all over the world for the pleasure seekers and there are many fabulous famous vacation islands to choose from.

Having a celebration for your child's sixteenth birthday on board one of these beautiful floating hotels will be an unforgettable experience for him or her and their guests.

You may choose to party on the boat, or cruise to a specific destination, such as a private island, and drop anchor and start your celebrations there. Either way you and your guests are sure to have a memorable event that they will talk about for years to come.

Couples are choosing to get married on a cruise ship as you can reserve a small, fully crewed, private luxury small ship just for you, your wedding party and your guests. Very intimate and very fabulous!

Some couples are even choosing to stay on and honeymoon with their guests. This is a perfect situation for those couples who would love to have their friends and family join them on their honeymoon. And some couples even arrange to have a double wedding and honeymoon together!

While it can be a lot of fun to have others along you are provided with you own private quarters for your more intimate moments, while choosing to celebrate this momentous occasion with your closest friends as well.

Many companies are beginning to reserve these small yachts for corporate events as well, such as company dinner parties and award banquets for employees.

Consider having your next boardroom meeting on a small luxury cruise ship that offers you absolute privacy away from everything.

With full internet services available and a full suite of technology that includes a large flat screen for presentations it is the most luxurious floating office around. A helipad will easily accommodate an out-of-town executive who wants to join the meeting once the ship has sailed.

After the business is completed it's time to adjourn to the bar, kick back and enjoy the pleasure of some good team building and serious fun.

These small cruise yachts come equipped with everything you need for your corporate events from an open bar to a fully staffed kitchen. If you want live music to entertain your guests, this can also be arranged.

They also offer glamour and exclusivity as well as a range of adventures such as heli-golf excursions, deep-sea fishing, beach and exercise activities, wine trails, bush and island walks to give different choices to your guests on board.

Whether it's shopping for souvenirs at the local village markets, swimming or sun bathing on the beautiful island beaches, heading off with the guys for some serious big game fishing or heli-golf, you won't be disappointed with the style and luxurious offerings on a luxury small ship cruse.

Choosing an Event Venue for a Class Reunion

As with any type of party, the event venue for a class reunion is important. It could be the difference between a successful night or weekend and a complete disaster. So, what should you look for in a location? Usually it depends on what type of activities you are planning to offer and how many people are planning to attend.

Convenient for Everyone

Not everyone is still going to be in town. When you choose an event venue for the class reunion, make sure that you pick a location that includes a place to stay or a facility that is nearby several hotels. This will give out-of-town guests an opportunity to stay close to the festivities, making the entire experience more convenient.

Also, if you have an idea of how many people will be attending, you want to find an event venue that will be able to accommodate your party. You don't want to be crowded together and uncomfortable while trying to reconnect with friend from the past. Remember that this should be a great experience that everyone enjoys. Both convenience and comfort are important.

Class Reunion Activities

What are you planning to do at the class reunion? If you are only going to have a formal dinner, this means that you have a larger selection when it comes to the event venue. However, if you are looking for a place to host an entire weekend of festivities, you may need to search harder to find the right location. The most successful class reunions often have the perfect combination of group activities as well as things for individuals and families to do on their own time.


Chances are that you are planning to share at least one meal together, if not more. Find a location that offers catering for your group. Check to see what types of food are available and whether or not they will be able to work with the number of people that will be attending. The reunion coordinator will need to sit down with a representative of the event venue to work out all of the details.


As with most things, cost plays a factor. Everyone knows that a class reunion is going to cost money, but most of the time, the goal is to keep the experience affordable. With that in mind, check with each facility to get an idea of how much everything will cost. It may be that the party should be held at one location while a group picnic should be planned somewhere else. It takes a lot of work to plan a class reunion, but the results are almost always well worth the cost and the effort.

Providing Exceptional Customer Service During an Economic Downturn

Providing exceptional customer service is always an important initiative for companies and is especially important during a period of economic downturn. But how can you provide that "Five Star" service when you are being asked to cut back on budgets and heavily reduce agent head count, all while selling more.

The bottom line is that anything less than a great customer experience can be detrimental to your organization. During tough economic times, existing customers are more critical than ever. Your company will likely start cutting Marketing, Sales and PR budgets generating fewer new customers. This means that retaining your existing customers is more important than ever.

If your company is like most, you are working on your 2009 budgets. In today's economy, many executives start by cutting what they feel are the "nice to haves" and far too often, the customer experience programs are cut. This stems from the fact that many executives do not understand the linkage of delighted customers to retention, growth and margins. It is my belief that cutting the customer experience budget will generally be detrimental to an organization that is assuming that such an action does not result in some customer reaction. A reduction in your customer service quality will only frustrate your customers and may result in a decision to take their business elsewhere.

Unfortunately, some companies will go out of business leaving their customers looking for other sources. Surviving companies will be faced with tougher competition that may exacerbate the steps needed to maintain their business such as lowering prices or offering additional value at no added price. These surviving companies will have to differentiate themselves from their competitors. One way to do this - stellar customer service.

So, the question of the day. How do I continue to provide my targeted customer experience in this economic environment? To maintain, or improve, the level of service that your business has provided, you might consider the following key strategies:

1. Raise executive team awareness on the value of providing exceptional service.
Did you know that a 1% increase in customer satisfaction for a typical company could mean as much as a $1,000,000 increase in revenue? What happens when that customer satisfaction number goes down? That's right. Your company will start losing revenue.

2. Provide regular feedback to your agents.
Invest in a good quality monitoring program. Providing regular improvement feedback to your agents leads to a better experience for your customers. According to Erin Pauley-Ackman, Senior Manager of Customer Operations at Covad, with the combined services of agent evaluations and customer surveys, they increased customer satisfaction by 19%, first call resolution by 29% and total problem resolution by 18%. They credit their quality monitoring program with moving their business to new performance levels.

The feedback you provide your agents can also result in incremental cost savings and increased revenue. For example, your quality evaluation program can uncover ways to reduce average handle time and first call resolution, improve selling skills and reduce the time it takes to train agents. We have also found that regular feedback motivates agents and improves agent attrition, further reducing your recruiting and training costs.

According to Mark Steinweg, Corporate Director of Carlson Leisure Travel Services, by simply increasing the frequency of monitoring and coaching, they significantly increased the revenue generated on calls and reduced average handle time at the same time.

3. If you are faced with cutting headcount, consider outsourcing your QA program or further leveraging your outsourced team.

No matter how hard you try, you may be faced with the daunting task to cut-back on employees. According to figures released by the Labor Department, the number of people continuing to draw unemployment benefits jumped to 3.84 million in late October, the highest level since February 1983.

Before cutting agent positions, consider outsourcing your QA program. When you outsource your QA program, the vendor can do the heavy-lifting of listening and evaluating the calls, emails and chat sessions. Vendors like HyperQuality will provide the quality evaluations and feedback directly to your agents and supervisors for much less than a traditional in-house quality assurance program. With this solution, the supervisors can spend their valuable time coaching and training agents and can also be leveraged to handle rising call volumes when needed.

According to a recent survey by TechWeb Research, three-quarters of companies say that they have successfully transformed a business process they have outsourced. The survey further found that the leading driver for outsourcing is to decrease costs.

If you must cut agent positions, consider an Interactive Voice Response system, a more cost-effective home-based agent model, and Speech Recognition which can handle more of the customer interaction with automation.

4. Automate as many manual workflows as possible.
There are numerous processes in the call center that, when done manually, are very cost and labor intensive. Processes like roster management; calibration sessions, auditing, and escalations can all be automated through low-cost software solutions.

5. Manage by the numbers.
It is imperative that you have a strong reporting system in place. You will need a solution that allows you to easily understand what is happening in your call center and how to make changes that will impact your customer experience.

So, the bottom line? Tools, processes and above all others - effective coaching to front line personnel - all contribute to solving the riddle of doing more, and better, with less.

How to Test If Customer Complaints Are Genuine?

Have you been receiving too many customer complaints recently about your business or employees? Are the sales on the decline? You may want to seek feedback on how your employees represent your business to customers and clients when you are not present to supervise their actions.

One of the best ways to test if customer complaints are genuine or if there are problems within your organisation that require tackling is through hiring a secret shopper from a mystery shopping company.

Follow up letters and comment cards do not always reveal the entire picture and majority of the customers do not like to fill out questionnaires.

To learn how well or how badly your employees are serving your customers, you can hire people known as mystery shoppers who can provide you with a detailed and in depth report of their shopping experience in your business establishment.

How does a Mystery Shopper Work?

There are many mystery shopping companies who train ordinary people in the art of secret shopping. You can hire a shopper from one of these companies and send them into your business establishment. This shopper's identity will be kept under wraps and he or she will pose as a regular customer just like every other buyer in the store.

The mystery shopper will browse through the store, purchase a few items, observe how your employees are handling business operations, whether they are offering excellent customer service or not and ask suitable questions. Then he will pay up and check out.

How can Mystery Shopping Help You?

You have to reimburse the mystery shopper of course, for the purchases he has made. But in return, he will tell you everything about his shopping experience and provide you with a complete report on customer handling, employee behaviour, problems that he noticed, issues that need to be fixed and anything else that he observed.

He will also rate his shopping experience. This way you can easily find out whether the customer complaints are indeed true and you can take necessary corrective measures to improve staff performance or fix the other issues that are bugging your business.

Industries It Serves

You can hire mystery shoppers for evaluating the staff performance of businesses in industries as varied as betting and pawn shops, scientific research and development, engineering, education, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, healthcare sector, salons and spas, plumbing, medical and dental clinics, heavy equipment rental companies, airlines industry, finance industry, insurance industry, retail industry, housing and rented accommodation industry, hospitality industry (hotels, casinos, restaurants, fast food chains), food and beverage industry, car dealerships and any and every kind of small business.

Mystery shoppers can also test the alertness levels of an invigilator or shoplift for checking store security systems or pretend to be pensioners who wish to purchase insurance or a child buying alcohol.

In short, you can hire trained secret shoppers from reputable mystery shopping companies to evaluate your business operations and assess the performance of the staff.

What to Check for When Renting Furnished Apartments

People these days have a lot more options when it comes to finding a place to live these days. With so many tips, advice and suggestions being offered online, there is practically no excuse for you not to find the best apartment whether in the city or in the suburbs.

Among the many options available to people these days are furnished apartments. Also referred to as furnished rentals, these are apartment units that already come with furniture so if you don't have the time to buy your own, these apartments are perfect for you. Furnished rentals are also available for short or long-term leases so whether you're in town just for a few days or planning to stay for at least three months or more.

Furnished apartments are best for people who don't have a clue on how to properly decorate an apartment, those who don't want to go furniture-shopping and those who won't be staying long enough to merit buying a couple of pieces of furniture. They are also recommended for college students, employees who relocated due to new jobs or business travelers who are on a limited budget and would like to forego staying in hotels that charge on a per-day basis.

However, people often find that when they try to rent furnished apartments, they end with a room that has one armchair, a TV and a dining set. Before you go and sign your name on the lease contract, you need to have a checklist of what you should find in your apartment to consider it an actual furnished apartment. Since they can cost more than unfurnished apartments, you should know what's included in your rental fee if you're going to pay extra.

The kitchen for one, must have the basics: a kitchen table with the corresponding number of chairs, a microwave oven, a working stove, pots, pans and other cooking utensils. A refrigerator may be considered an extra but there are some apartments that don't. The living area on the other hand, should have a couch, armchairs and a lamp. A television should also be included unless it is specifically stated in your rental contract that it is not. Of course, let's not forget the bathroom and bedroom, which should a bed with mattress and a box spring, as well as dresser drawers, a night stand and a closet with hangers. The bathrooms should have at least a towel rack and a mold and mildew-free shower curtain.

To rent a furnished apartment, you need to determine exactly what location you prefer, along with space requirements, rates you can afford and the furniture you want to be included. It is recommended that you try and find apartments online as using a realtor may take a little longer than you want and may add to the expenses you incur since you have to give them commission. Consider using realtors only when you've exhausted all your search avenues and have been unable to find one on your own.

Carefully inspect each piece of furniture and items before you sign the rental agreement. You need to make sure the items are in good condition since any damages may be put on your tab even if it wasn't your fault. To avoid any problems, inspect the items with your landlord and have it certified that the items were in good condition before you start your rental period.

His Most Famous Painting (Edge of the Forest, Near the Gorges D'Apremont) - Theodore Rousseau

A French painter of the Barbizon school, Pierre Etienne Theodore Rousseau or simply Theodore Rousseau (April 15, 1812 - December 22, 1867), was born in Paris in a bourgeois family. Although he was trained in business, his aptitude for arts and painting was soon revealed. Rousseau's areas of interest included the brilliance of the sea and skies, trees, rock formations, and the shifts in weather & light conditions, which he captured beautifully in his creations. Rousseau used to exhibit his paintings at the Salon in the early 1830s. After being rejected in 1836 however, he took an extreme step. The creator of "Edge of the Forest, near the Gorges d'Apremont," Theodore, moved to settle in the village of Barbizon, the beautiful Fontainebleau region, where he set up the Barbizon School with other contemporary artists, including Jean-François Millet, Jules Dupré, and Charles-François Daubigny.

Theodore Rousseau was extremely passionate about nature and for more than thirty years, he painted the rocky terrain and the ancient trees of the Forest of Fontainebleau. He was particularly fond of representing trees on the canvas and regarded trees as nearly human. He referred to his paintings of trees "portraits" and the trees as "beings." His masterpieces are "La Déscente des vaches," "The Chestnut Avenue," "The Marsh in the Landes," and "Hoar-Frost" among others. Theodore's most famous painting "Edge of the Forest, near the Gorges d'Apremont" (1866) is one of his last exhibition-scale paintings depicting nature and trees, a subject he loved so dearly.

Measuring 31.67" x 39.58", the painting is an oil on canvass work. The "Edge of the Forest, near the Gorges d'Apremont" portrays a grazing area on the rocky plateaus around the Gorges d'Apremont, in the Forest of Fontainebleau. The painting depicts a small herd of cows leisurely grazing and resting in a shadowy grove of chestnut trees, while their herder chats with a traveler on a horse. With extremely dramatic effect, Rousseau has been able to bring in the beauty, splendor, and the intricacies of forest life in the picture. One of the most fascinating features of the painting is the striking and beautiful color palette Rousseau used in depicting the scenery. From the colorful mosses and ferns that carpet the forest to the branches of the huge chestnut and oak trees and the white clouds dotting the sky, the colors are eye catching. Rousseau used stark orange tints, along with deep greens throughout the painting, which reflect the artist's ability to bring the effect of the lively color variations seen in Japanese prints onto his own creations.

Most of Theodore Rousseau's works appear to be extremely grave, reflecting a somewhat melancholic feel, which is quite appealing for those who appreciate landscape art. Those that have been completed have an extremely good finish, but they are few in number. Rousseau left many of his paintings incomplete, with some parts of the painting filled in intricately and the rest only outlined. His famous painting "Edge of the Forest, near the Gorges d'Apremont" first appeared in an auction in 1952. It was in the collection of Baron Nathaniel de Rothschild of Paris and he might have directly acquired it from Rousseau. The beautiful and dramatic depiction of nature in the "Edge of the Forest, near the Gorges d'Apremont" epitomizes Rousseau's style of painting.

Hospitality Management

Hospitality Industry is exciting, always creative by itself, never dull and offers unlimited opportunities. It is one of the oldest businesses in history. People have always gone out for work or leisure purposes to enjoy with family. Today Hospitality Industry is a 61 billion industry. Hospitality segment, just like many other segments is flourishing at an unprecedented pace. The industry basically focuses on or consists of three areas: management, kitchen and workers. All the three areas when managed properly contribute in managing hospitality in an effective way. Hospitality industry can also be categorically divided into two parts: entertainment areas like clubs and bars, and Lodging or Accommodation.

Lodging takes the form of resorts, motels, campgrounds, hotels, hostels, paying guest accommodation etc. The clubs and bars category include restaurants, fast foods, and nightclubs. The hospitality industry also includes tourism support system. This includes commercial activities like airline cabin staff and travel agents.

Managing and selling services to people without compromising on quality is a challenging issue. Considering the challenging issue of technology and globalization, it has become important for the hospitality industry to handle operations, marketing and human resources in an effective way. Hospitality industry is responsible for employing masses worldwide through Tourism. A very Tourism is the main sector that provides revenue to a state. Hospitality industry also focuses on increasing tourism. Other than Tourism, Hospitality is the synonym for hotel industry too. Any changes in the trends in hotel industry have an effect on Hospitality too.

To maintain long term and loyal relationships with the clients/customers is the main aim of every business. Most of the countries face a huge challenge of being "under roomed" while the economy is growing rapidly. This provides for a great opportunity for hospitality industry. A very efficient way hotels are employing to increase revenue is providing services that increase customer loyalty. When given importance and implemented diligently it improvises service which in turn leads to increased up-sell and cross-sell rates. Today the Tourism industry is well connected across the globe giving high importance to tourism. Custom or tailor made packages and schemes are being offered to customers globally for almost all the destinations across the world. With the averment of new technology and trends the expectations of the customers has increased, hence the competition within the industry has also increased.

Complete package is the talk of the day. It ranges from worldwide hotel reservations, package tours, airport transfers, sight-seeing tours , freebies for children among others are being provided. Tourism companies are largely outsourcing online processing services and customized booking engines and others for increased visibility and customer satisfaction. The present day customer is ready to shell out big bucks and is not afraid to spend as long as he is delivered quality or in other words Customer can call and always reach the party they need to reach and be provided with correct information. Contact centers help a great deal in this regard. Guests can receive information and request services from any location and through many media.

This eventually helps the industry in building customer relationship and selling more services to the people. The key is "FCR"or First Call Resolution so that when customer hangs up the phone, they are provided with correct information and their issue is resolved. Treating customer in a nice way is what managing the entire thing is all about.

How to Select the Right Trade Shows for Your Company

Trade shows are often used by firms to showcase their products in a bid to reach more customers. They are usually arranged once in a season which could either be yearly, semi or quarterly depending on the stakeholders plans. There are few things you should consider before registering your business with a trade fair.

Things to consider

First, ensure that the cost of participation is friendly and fitting with available financial resources. It won't make sense to sign up with a service that would eat half of your entire monetary capacity. These fairs are very comprehensive and cover a lot of industries, plus you need to seek redress whether the company's area of specialization is allowed to participate.

The centers can accommodate basic industry associations, non-profit firms and some promotional groups. Events may also vary in terms of size, since some are quite small and include minor groups with basic exhibitors. On the other hand, others are broad and include hotel ballrooms with conventional centers of display.

To book display spaces contact the main sponsor or event organizer. This expert assists one to select the best exhibit space or event services, plus they may provide relevant payment information. Choose your preferred center, show goals and also exhibit booth size to get the best results and attract more people. In case you don't have any booth then rent out materials directly from select service firms.

Preparing for the event

Make a list of all booth requirements that would be needed including electricity, telephone, carpeting, web connection, relevant padding, flora arrangements, lead recording and also catering needs. Order forms may also be provided for select features. Consider extra services like hanging signage atop your booth, installment labor, material handling and also tear down just to mention a few of them.

Advertise the event to many customers using direct messaging or email, plus publicize it with sufficient publications and appropriate press releases. Also consider additional promotions such as written press release or website campaigns, remember to write down your contact information at the end so that interested customers may reach you. Proceed to purchase cost friendly giveaway products which would attract more customers to the booth, also host relevant plans for exchanging business cards directly with clients.

Your products should match well with the kind of customers expected in that event, it doesn't make sense to present teenage merchandise to an event predominated with corporate staff. Chances are that nobody would be interested in your product if such happens; in essence good preparation is the ultimate key to success in any trade show. Take time and sketch out your course of action by noting all dynamics involved, know what you exactly want from the event and how this can be achieved. Though many people attend to showcase their wares, others may be more interested in networking with other brand promoters for expansion of services they have on offer.

Different types of trade shows and their purposes

Trade shows may be differentiated into 3 unique categories which are industry based, consumer oriented and those that combine the two. They are also referred to as general expos, and are predominantly open for all members of the public provided they pay basic entry fees. Trade expos have equal opportunities to those who are selling goods and services alike. Industry shows generally occupy an average space of 10 by 10 ft.

The publishing sector often engages in regular trade shows to introduce new works to various bookstore owners. These events often showcase items such as cook books, children publications, fiction and also non-fiction. In rare cases would book publishing fairs be open for members of the public. Nonetheless retail agents don't necessarily need to operate full bookstores in such circumstances; all they need is contacting more customers in the event. Along with publishers, other related traders like bookshelf retailers may also make fixtures on the event.

Restaurant based trade shows are also popular, and they cater for those interested in the dining sector with both small and large-scale enterprises. Detailed demonstrations may also be included for customers who want to know more about this service. Moreover, other industry stakeholders like advertisement companies and insurance agencies are common in these places. Home expos may also be used by property developers to reach more people, and sell their constructions to a wider market.

Honua Kai Resort - A Review of Honua Kai Resort and Spa

My family and I consider Maui to be a very special place in the world; a touchstone for us when times are hard or the weather is bad. We have been traveling to this beautiful Island for many years and have more or less settled on the Kaanapali area of West Maui to meet our vacation needs.

We have stayed at most of the brand name resorts on Kaanapali beach and have really enjoyed them - from the Marriott Maui Ocean club to the Hyatt to the Sheraton at Black rock. We felt that South Kaanapali Beach ( from the Hyatt at the southern point to the Sheraton to the North ) was really our comfort zone... but having come to Maui for almost 20 years, I felt it was time for a change.

After some extensive research we decided upon the Honua Kai Resort. The resort is located on North Kaanapali beach and was opened in 2009. The Canadian company Intrawest designed and developed the resort. The original sales opening was held back in 2005 and nearly 400 of the 720 total projected condos were sold in a single day. Of course, with the ensuing stock and real estate market collapses, many of the units fell out of escrow and in some cases the owners of the units sued the developer to get out from under their contracts.

So with a somewhat controversial beginning, the Honua Kai resort had some work to do to overcome the original upheavals.

I met one of the owners who was one of the first to close and occupy and he told me that in the beginning the resort was nearly deserted. He likened it to the infamous hotel setting in the movie "The Shining" - sans the ghosts and other paranormal activities.

Upon arriving at the Honua Kai resort we were greeted with a bustling, thriving resort community that seemed to place is main emphasis on the themes of land and sea (Honua Kai translates to earth and Ocean in Hawaiian) - with huge swaths of grass, dunes, open beaches, the vast Pacific and 38 acres of land - this was quite a beautiful and inviting place.

I did have some qualms with the property: it's located across from a business center and sewage treatment center ( about 500 yards north of property across from road ) - although I never noticed any malodorous smells - just the idea of a stink factory coupled with the less-than-Hawaiian feel of the business center registered a few marks in the negative category for me.

Overall the resort was beautifully appointed, the accommodations were first class and the staff and amenities were excellent. Once inside the resort grounds you are transported away from everyday life, it's relaxed and tropical setting contributing to a carefree and wonderful vacation escape.

I would highly recommend the resort for anyone new or returning to our beloved valley isle: Maui.

Personal Finance Management - A Practical System to Managing Your Money

Do you save your money? If you do, how many bank accounts do you put your money in?

If you're like most people, you probably have just one single account or two at the most.

Personally, I have a total of seven bank accounts - four savings accounts, two current accounts and one fixed deposit account.

You may think I'm crazy or you may think it's too tedious to manage that many accounts. But I can assure you this is the best way to manage your money and it's definitely worth every ounce of the effort.

The reason I have my money in so many accounts is to ensure I'm not spending more than I should, that I'm able to pay my credit card bills on time, that I'm putting enough money aside for rainy days, and that I have surplus to invest.

However, I'm not saying you should have seven different accounts like me. What I'm saying is you should decide the number of accounts based on your own needs, with each account catered for a specific purpose. All I'm doing is to give you an example to follow.

In Singapore, banks will usually charge you a monthly service fee (usually S$2) if your daily average balance falls below a minimum amount. But I'm more than happy to pay this fee because the advantages I gain from properly managing my money more than offset the small amount of fee I need to pay.

Having said that, I still choose more savings accounts than current accounts because the required daily average balance for savings accounts is much lower than current accounts, which is easier to meet.

And the reason for having current accounts is because I need to issue cheques at times for both my business and personal purposes.

So remember to check with your banks the minimum balance required and the service fee they charge.

Now let me explain how I manage my money with my multiple accounts.

1. Central & Business Account (Current Account)

Currently, I have only one source of income, which is the commission I receive from brokering real estate deals as a real estate agent. Every month, all my commission income will be deposited into this account before I distribute them to other accounts accordingly.

But before I do that, I'd save between 15 to 20 percent of the amount in this account as my real estate business monthly expenses. After which I'd transfer the remaining amount to other accounts through Internet banking.

For this account, I'd usually be able to avoid the service fee because my balance in this account would usually meet the minimum requirement, except occasionally.

2. Personal Expenses Account (Savings Account)

As a self-employed, you're essentially your own boss. Nevertheless, you still need to pay yourself a fixed monthly salary.

This fixed amount is mainly to control your monthly expenditures so that you won't overspend. The key is to allocate an amount that's enough to cover your basic necessities and perhaps a little extra for some leisure activities.

You may need some discipline to stick to only spending the amount available in this account because there is definitely temptation to spend the money in your other accounts when the money in this account runs out.

The way to counter this is to have just one ATM card. You should destroy all the other accounts' ATM cards or simply tell the banks not to issue you one.

I understand there's also the credit card temptation. So let's move on to the next account.

3. Credit Card Payment Account (Savings Account)

You may already know by now that credit card can be a dangerous financial tool. But that is only true if you abuse it.

On the contrary, it can be a great wealth enhancement tool if used properly because you can accumulate bonus points with your purchases. And you can use these points to redeem for free products and services like shopping vouchers, dining vouchers, extra flyer miles, petrol vouchers, etc.

I have since accumulated a few hundred dollars worth of petrol and this helps me to save even more money!

The money in this account is to pay for all my credit card bills. This is a very important account because it ensures that I have the money to clear my credit card bills on time so I don't have to pay exorbitant interests to the issuing banks.

This is how I make sure I'd have money in this account to pay for the bills on time.

Whenever I make a payment using one of my credit cards, I'd transfer the payment amount from one of my other accounts to this account the moment I reach home.

If the item I bought were for personal use, I'd transfer the exact amount from my personal expenses account to this account. In doing so, the amount in that account would have been reduced and in such case, I won't overspend because I now have less money in the expenses account for my disposal.

If the item were for business purpose, then I'd simply transfer the money from my Central & Business account to this account.

Never delay transferring the money or you'll forget about it. That could be dangerous. Always transfer the money once you get home. If not, do it the next day at the latest.

Remember... it is extremely important to clear your credit card bills on time because this habit can make or break you. And also to always stick to spending only whatever you have in your personal expenses account for the month.

4. Car Expenses Account (Current Account)

Apparently, you need this account only if you own a car. If you do not own a car, then just include your monthly transport expenses in your personal expenses account.

I separate my car expenses from my personal expenses because if I combine the two expenses in one account, I may spend more than I should on my personal consumption like entertainment or new clothes, and leaving little money to pay off my car loan, insurance, etc, at the end of the day.

There's always temptation to spend more when you have more money at your disposal.

The principle to having this account is the same as having the credit card payment account, which is: CLEAR YOUR DEBT ON TIME!

Put the money for anything you're paying that is related to your car - petrol, grooming, road tax, servicing, etc - into this account.

You have to estimate how much you're paying for each of the listed items on a monthly basis and simply put that amount into this account every month.

For example, if your yearly insurance premium is $1,200, then simply save $100 in this account every month so that you'll have the money ready when the time comes for renewal.

For other car expenses that do not have a fixed sum, like petrol or car servicing, you just have to make an estimation and save the amount according to your estimation.

Initially, you may under-save or over-save for these expenses, but it's ok. Over time, you'll have a more accurate estimation. To be safe than sorry, choose to over-save.

5. Miscellaneous Account (Savings Account)

Life is not just about work and saving for the future. We all need to pamper our loved ones and ourselves from time to time. Just don't overdo it and you'll be fine.

Whatever my income is for the month, I'll put 10 per cent of it into this account. You can choose whatever amount you're comfortable with, but I'd suggest no more than 20 per cent of your income for this account. If you need to go below 10 per cent, do it!

You can use the money in this account for travelling, buying a new tv, new clothes, new bags, new shoes, etc.

I'd also use this money to buy gifts for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, and during the festive seasons.

A lot of people tend to give priority to pampering themselves because human beings have a great penchant for instant gratifications.

So the purpose of this account is to control over pampering yourself.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you use the money in other accounts for what this account is intended for.

If the money in this account runs out, then just STOP pampering yourself until it's been topped up.

And DO NOT succumb to the desire to put more money than you should into this account. Otherwise that would defeat the purpose.

6. Emergency Fund Account (Fixed Deposit)

Many personal finance gurus advocate the setting up of this fund and I absolutely agree with it.

By far, this is the most important account because we are living in a world full of uncertainties and we have to always be prepared for the unexpected.

And since this is the most important account, always allocate a portion of your income into this account first before any other accounts until you've reached your target.

While some experts say you should keep aside enough money to sustain for at least 6 months should you unexpectedly lose your job, I personally prefer to keep aside enough money to sustain myself for 12 months.

I'm not there yet, but I'm steadily accumulating it.

Some experts also say that the amount should be the multiplication of your monthly income rather than expenses, but I think a multiplication of your monthly expenses is good enough.

For example, if your income is $3,000/month and your monthly expenses are $2,000, an emergency fund of $24,000 (12 months of expenses) is good enough.

And saving $24,000 is easier than saving $36,000 (12 months of income), although it's still pretty challenging. Nevertheless, it's not mission impossible.

Keeping aside 12 months of expenses is just my preference. You may choose a figure you're more comfortable with.

But the recommended minimum is 6 months of expenses.

There are investors who keep their emergency fund in investment instruments like bonds, stocks, money market funds, etc, but personally, I prefer to keep it in cash.

So you have to decide which is the best instrument to safe-keep your emergency fund. Take note, the keyword here is safe.

7. Investment Account (Savings Account)

This is a must-have account because if you don't set aside money to grow your nest, you'll forever be struggling financially.

But why is this not the most important account? Because you should invest only with money that you can afford to lose.

As a matter of fact, this will become the most important account once your emergency fund account is fully funded.

You should start investing only after you've accumulated at least 6 months worth of expenses in your emergency fund account.

Before that happens, save money in this account simply for your insurance. You can use the money in this account to pay for your insurance premiums, as insurance should be part of your overall investment plan.

However, when you're ready to invest, do your due diligence to research thoroughly the kind of investments that suit your financial appetite before you commit to any investments. Do it like how you would before you buy your first car. Never make the mistake of putting your money into something you do not understand 100 per cent.

You may need some time to conduct the research and analyse all your available choices of investment instruments, so it's good to build your investment arsenal while you carry out your due diligence so that when you've identified the right investment opportunity, you can grab it right away.

So there you have it. This is the system I use to efficiently manage my money. It has served me very well so far.

As mentioned earlier, you may not need as many accounts as I do, or perhaps you may need more!

Whichever the case, there are four accounts you must surely have. They are the Personal Expenses Account, Credit Card Payment Account, Emergency Fund Account, and the Investment Account.

With these four accounts in place, I'm sure you'll do well in managing your money, unless you start losing your discipline.

Start implementing the system right away and you'll see the positive effects it'll bring to your financial health.


Why You Should Opt For Renewable Energy

Nowadays opting for renewable energy is an important issue to be considered. Many are the benefits that choosing this option we may receive, that otherwise we'll miss out. There are two main reasons to consider when facing the actual and hot subject of renewable energy sources: money in your pockets and environment.

Let's think a bit at the money in our pockets

I know for sure that many of us would love having some more money to spend each month for reasons that may range from leisure and traveling, to home improvement and personal development or from helping other people less blessed then we are to adopting children in countries where nutrition is an issue, or whatever the reason could be. Adopting one alternative energy solution in your household may save you, on average $100 per month, which is $1200 (about 950 euros or 800 GBP) per year, OK not a big deal you may think. But now look from a different angle and consider that the 80% of the whole population in the world lives in subhuman conditions and the 50% suffers of malnutrition, it matters now?

Multiply $1200 for the number of households (more then 151 millions only in Europe) and you have the money that can be saved and reinvested in different sectors each year. Projected in a bigger scale a saving of $100 per month, as you can see, is a change that may have an hugely positive impact on world's economy.

The second issue to consider is the environment

Switching on the alternative energy sources may result in a great improvement in the cleanness of the environment, here is why:

As you know the no-renewable sources are not found in the surface of our planet. Coal, oil, natural gas and others need to be found and then mined or extracted to be available to produce the energy we need. The process is very expensive, difficult and dangerous and getting always worse. In fact all the resources have already been exploited and now oil, gas and coal companies have to find and extract from not easy accessible places which means more money to be invested and bigger probability to damage the planet. William J. Cummings, spokesman of Exxon-Mobil company, in December 2005 said: - All the easy oil and gas in the world has pretty much been found. Now comes the harder work in finding and producing oil from more challenging environments and work areas.
But extraction is only one part in the process involved in producing energy.

Once found, the resources need to be moved to special places where can be treated and refined and then transformed. This obviously means other expensive and polluting plants, other areas involved in the big process and dangerous and expensive transport of those hazardous materials from one part to another all around the world. I'm sure you remember some of the natural disaster occurred, during oil transportation for example.

After extraction and treatment there is the transformation process, a very unsuccessful one if you think that a coal power plant can convert only up to 25% into electric energy (a mere half of a wind turbine) and that the emission of pollutants for an average coal fueled power plant is horrendously huge.

Wind farms produce energy from wind up to 50% and the land in which they are installed can be used for farming, absolutely no pollutants are emitted. You can even install a small wind turbine in your garden if you have one. No need to say that the wind doesn't have to be mined, extracted, transported or refined so we are cutting a couple of passages, where, in traditional sources money is spent and environmental hazard are produced. Solar energy has the same advantages and now technology is approaching to a 60% of energy conversion efficiency. It's possible to install PV panels along highways, in the roof of your home, or even in the windows of your house.

Concerning the environmental aspect, the world impact is even huger in comparison with the economical aspect, however both are strictly related.

In those times where everything seems to be of global proportions, a global shift to renewable sources would be a great solutions to many problems.

Thankfully today an increasing number of people are choosing the option to invest in alternative renewable energy sources, contributing to a cleaner environment and cutting their electric bills, and much more, reasons good enough to opt for the choice of renewable energy.

What if we all could do the same and stop paying expensive energy bills have some more money to spend with our families and bring our contribute to a better world, I guess it would be great!

A Skill and Challenge Overview for Resort Management

Resort management is a specialized field in the hospitality and tourism industry. Resort managers oversee operations at resort, as the name suggests, but the scale of the venue being managed is greatly variable, from enormous overseas properties, to small, local venues, with a similar range in star count. Regardless of size and quality, a resort manager must be well versed in all the functions of a hotel or other guest accommodations business, from housekeeping and maintenance, to amenities and customer relations.

Special Resort Challenges

Many resorts are in foreign countries, capitalizing on warmer climates and the opportunity to offer more luxury for less price. Whether seaside in a tropical island or inland on a mainland country, oversees resort management requires knowledge of local labour laws and practices to avoid a visit from the police. There may also be concerns for guest security, not only because comparatively wealthy guests make tempting targets for thieves, but also in some areas, managers are responsible for setting instructional policy that makes sure that guests stepping outside the resort respect local customs and don't get caught up in political conflicts of the country they are visiting. If that wasn't enough, there can be differences in sanitation and managers and guests alike may need vaccination and precautions to deal with diseases and parasites. Tourism courses cover many of the basics, while government agencies make sure to educate anyone who wants to live or work abroad on most of the other risks.

Some resorts, especially oversees, expect the person responsible for resort management to live onsite. Housing and utilities are provided as part of pay, giving an employee a chance for year round resort living but also facilitating round the clock availability.

General Hospitality Management Skills

Any venue that houses and entertains guests is going to have a number of similarities. The rooms must be kept clean, the kitchens in good working order, up to health board standards and delivering appetizing food, and the guests satisfied with the services and rapport with staff. In resorts there will be an ongoing need to keep the guests happy by changing up the entertainment offerings and keep track of offsite must-sees and tourism hot spots, especially key when a venue develops regulars who come back year, after year, and as the facilities age, the person responsible for resort management will need to schedule repairs and renovations and update the décor. Lastly, with all the staff needed, a manager will need to become an expert at human resources, hiring and overseeing, but also dealing with labour disputes as they arise.

This can be a lot to learn, but a good tourism management school is ready to help make it a possibility. Especially complimentary to people with some existing hospitality, tourism or customer service experience, tourism management school will give you the final polish that lets resort owners know their property in in safe hands.

Redirecting All That Hard Work

One reason you may feel a lack of motivation is that it seems much too hard to change your present circumstances. You think about what you really want to see in your life and the obstacles seem insurmountable. It is so much easier to whine about how hard it is and how awful life is than to get up off the couch. It only seems easier to do this because you are simply doing today what you did yesterday.

The fact of the matter is that it takes a lot of hard work staying in one place. You have a real need to reach for more in your life, but something holds you back. That sounds like a real struggle taking place trying to balance staying put and wanting to move. You have doubts about your ability to move so that fear keeps you stuck. That takes some endurance training to balance these two forces.

Since you are working really hard at staying put, how about shifting your perspective and sending all that energy toward getting up and on the move? It certainly seems like a huge step to move out of that comfortable spot you are in and actually go for your dreams. What would happen if you took all that energy you are using to stay in place and used it instead on achieving your dreams? What is the one thing that is holding you back? Everyone has that one item that just keeps them stuck. Here are the most common reasons. Which one may apply to you?


Life is about challenges. Do you doubt your ability to handle life's challenges and achieve the life you want? Sometimes it is a challenge just to know in which direction to go. If you have never traveled a particular path, how will you recognize it? The only way to find out is to follow the path. If you really want to make changes in your life and start bringing your dreams to reality, you have to believe in yourself. Maybe you will fail the first few times. Look on it as experience! No one is born successful. Every person alive has had to learn and push past their own limits. A day here, a step there will help you gain strength.

Dread - There May Be A Boogie Man!

If you start working on something new and working toward your dream, something bad will happen. Doom and gloom is your middle name. You have no uncertainty here; you are convinced you are going to mess it up. Failure does not feel good, so we should avoid that at all costs. This fear of failure is ridiculous. What if you get to the end of your life and find out there never was a boogie man? You will certainly feel pretty foolish for all that wasted time. What is the worst that could happen if you take a chance? Sure, you could fail. Maybe you will the first few times, so what? Get up and try again. Imagine that you never tried and you go on through your entire life with unfulfilled dreams. Which one sounds worse? Yes, it sounds oversimplified, but as you experience the trial and error and eventual success, you will see that the dreaded failure is just not reasonable.

The Sofa Spud:

We all get a little comfortable on that couch. Lazy is the easy way out and we take it as much as we can. Would you rather stare at a video game all day just so you do not have to actually think? We can all just be nice and comfortable and that way we never have to work hard, deal with challenges or face the fear of failure. Well, being lazy has its own consequences, most of which are not to your benefit. A lazy mind stops learning and a lazy body gains weight. It's okay to just be lazy now and then. There is nothing wrong with leisure time, having a full social life and simply relaxing. Unless you have worked hard, how could you possibly savor the peacefulness of swinging in a hammock? Knowing a sense of accomplishment and pride in what you have done makes for a much better playtime.

In which category did you land? What is holding you back from realizing your dreams? Is it fear, doubt or sheer laziness? Perhaps it is something else entirely. The key is to identify the obstruction and get it out of your way for good. Take all that hard work of staying in one place and start working toward achieving your dreams. The momentum of that energy will propel you toward the life you want and the one you truly deserve.