Exploring the Classical Cities of Europe on a Train Holiday

Railway holidays in Europe can be a perfect way of combining the leisure of luxury train travel with the intrigue of a multi-centre city break. Taking the train delivers you into the very heart of the cities, with the opportunity to stay for a day or two to explore the delights that each has to offer before resuming your expedition.

Travel in elegance and style

Join the growing group of discerning travellers who are turning away from air travel and instead taking railway holidays in Europe in order to see more of the great continent at a leisurely pace - and in true style. It's easy to forget you're on a train as you relax in your comfortable bed or enjoy freshly prepared meals by highly qualified chefs in upmarket surrounds. You can then relax in the lounge car (complete with piano), where you'll be able to admire the views of the passing landscape, rather than waiting in line at airport security, being jostled by other travellers and struggling with your luggage.

Ideal stops offs

Regardless of whether you choose 4-day or 10-day railway holidays in Europe, there is always plenty of time built in to the itinerary to explore magnificent cities such as Istanbul, Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava, Krakow and Prague. When based in a city for several days, you will be accommodated in comfortable and central hotels for the duration.

While there are a number of guided and organised tours for you to choose from, you will also have the opportunity to explore the sights independently if you prefer. With this kind of freedom you can enjoy local delights like concerts, shows and festivals that appeal to your senses rather than a set-in-stone prescribed itinerary.

Eating your way across Europe

Modern railway holidays in Europe will afford you the opportunity to sample some exquisite cuisine along your journey - both on the train and off! The highly qualified on board chefs prepare innovative menus using fresh seasonal produce and with the elegant dishes and impeccable service it is easy to forget you're on a moving train.

Menus regularly change, but you could look forward to tasty offerings such as herb crusted pork medallions with potato dauphinois, served alongside steamed asparagus and a truffle pesto sauce. Not a cellophane wrapped sandwich in sight!

Train travel, while often considered old fashioned, in fact offers the best opportunity to explore the magnificent cities of Europe and truly do them justice. Enjoy these historical cities as they were meant to be enjoyed - at leisure, in comfort and in style.

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