Come Discover How Indie Music Isn't Just Quirky Music, It's Simply Unsigned Artists In Every Genre

Indie music or Independent music for a long time had a moniker of being something outside the mainstream and often times quirky or not quite right for radio play. Which in many ways is a misnomer, because the term in itself simply means music produced independently from major commercial labels or there subsidiaries.

As a genre of music the term "Indie" is often used for even major label artists, that can't quite fit into a predefined genre or one that melds genres.

For purposes of this article we will be discussing Independent music not as a genre, but as a way of life, a mentality, or even a tribe of people who are creating music outside the confines of a major label. Musicians that perform country, rock, punk, rap, alt country, alternative, etc.

Musicians have more opportunities than ever today to be heard. Internet radio is fast rising, (thanks to smartphones, apps, and savvy new auto manufactures). There are thousands of incredible stations, that support and play only Indie musicians across various genres. These stations, like terrestrial and satellite radio, have nice blends of formats for every kind of artists. Many of these stations have hybrid programs, that blend commercial music with independent artists. To my ear, this is where I really came to appreciate the talent, that is out there waiting to be discovered. You would be amazed how well some of these bands hold up being played side by side with some of the most popular artists of today.

There are so many ways to discover music, or have your music discovered. This list should either spark the music lover in you, or excite the music performer looking for opportunities.

1. Internet Radio
Internet radio is quickly growing to become a force in the music industry. Many auto manufactures are including the ability to listen to many of the more popular stations, Apps are available to stream through your handheld devices, and Indie music is prominent on many of these stations.

2. Indie Music Blogs
Do a quick search on the internet and you will find a whole genre and plethora of blogs dedicated to keeping you up to date on all the great up and coming independent artists.

3. Music Video sites
We all know the power of video, and many sites today are catering to just independent or unsigned artists. With the power of technology, indie artists can produce some fantastic quality videos for little to no costs. This is great way to be introduced to new emerging artists.

4. Online Concerts
Once again technology is providing independent artists opportunities to share there music like never before. Many artists may not have the budget to travel the world, but there are a host of sites today, that let them broadcast online concerts for free. What better way to get an intimate view & see artists that may never make it to your town.

This should help you, either as an indie musician or just as a lover of great music. All these opportunities are great starting points for discovering extremely talented musicians. Technology has leveled the playing field and no longer do you have to spend thousands of dollars in a studio or be attached to a huge label to create and deliver great music, or even discover someone you've been missing.

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