Tips To Follow When Looking For A Hotel In Dehradun

With the travel season coming up you may be looking for something that is off the tourist beaten path. If you have the time you should visit Dehradun which is a stones throw from the Himalayan mountains. Prior to planning your itinerary of activities you should look for hotels in Dehradun to meet your needs and budget.

The first rule of thumb when looking at a hotel in a foreign country is to look at reviews posted online by a variety of 3rd party websites that have a reputation of being unbiased. With a large number of "sponsored reviews" being posted online about hotels you really need to be on your guard.

Start off by looking at sites that have been in operation for a few years and have a large number of different hotels listed on their site. These listings should allow guests to post reviews about their experiences and in the spirit of fairness allow the hotel owner to respond to the feedback.

Now that you know which dehradun hotels are popular with the tourists you can start looking at the various sights and sounds to take in. Tapkeshwar Temple is a religious site that has garnered some really positive reviews by people who are interested in temples that are dedicated to Lord Shiva. Something that makes this particular temple distinct from the rest out there is this one is located right inside a cave. You do not have to follow the religion to visit the temple but proper decorum is expected.

If temples are not something that appeals to you then perhaps your family will enjoy visiting Malsi Deer Park. This is a small zoo like setting where your children can interact with small animals and see local deer. Be sure to follow all posted notices and try not to get the deer human food, there is no way of knowing whether what we eat will impact the well being of the animal.

Some of the hotels in Dehradun will provide excursions for you and your family. What makes these excursions a great degree of fun is you do not have to plan anything, the hotel will take care of everything for you.

The majority of us only get 2-4 weeks off per year so we really need to make the most of it by starting to plan for the vacation as soon as possible. When you book your hotel a few months in advance you are going to get much lower prices and have a greater variety of options. Make sure you use your credit card when booking the hotel, with your card you not only earn points but your money is never at risk like cash.

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