10 Reasons to Buy Brazil Property

Looking to make money as an investor?

Looking for a fabulous holiday home to chill and soak up the sun and colourful culture?

Looking for your dream home in a beautiful tropical paradise?

No matter what you are looking to buy Brazil property for here are ten good reasons why many people have already purchased property in Brazil.

1.) Rental potential: well really it's the North East and particularly the areas around Natal that are being developed for tourism that are the hottest property investment destinations. As it's the tourist resorts that offer positive rental potential that are the worth the most consideration. Natal and the north east regions are experiencing an ever increasing international tourist demand for both North America and Europe.

2.) Capital Growth: As the Brazilian economy keeps getting stronger with no sign of slowing down and with the inward investment in both tourist and infrastructure (the massive airport being built 15 minutes from Natal), then it stands to reason that the right properties in the right locations will increase in value, some properties in the North east have increased in value by 100% in the last 36 month.

3.) Excellent medical facilities: Brazil has many state of the art private and specialist hospitals and clinics, and most of the larger new tourist developments have these onsite.

4.) Exclusive developments: Again the North east is boosting some very top of the range exclusive development that are attracting both the rich and famous, for example, Grand Natal Golf where Antonio B and R have purchased property.

5.) Political Stability: In 2002 the Brazilian people voted in Lula, their first working class president a former industrial worker. Lula has many favourable policies and is trying to put an end to some of the countries social problems. Lula's policies have become very popular with the Brazilian people and have resulted in significant social improvements in health services, education and housing.

6.) Lifestyle: relaxed lifestyle and culture as well as exciting cities, famous carnivals and nightlife, and beautiful relaxing beaches. The tourist resorts and towns in the North East offer Exceptional village lifestyle, safe and secure.

7.) Cost of living: low property prices, you can buy a luxury beach front property for under 50K and the cost of living is 20% that of the UK.

8.) Growth Economy: Brazil's current macroeconomic situation is very favourable for long-term investments, especially in the property sector.

The main forecasts for the Brazilian economy indicate a scenario with extremely favourable conditions, resulting from the combination of the following factors:

o Tax effort and a gradual drop in basic interest rates.

o Balance of public debt.

o Control of inflation through a restrictive monetary policy.

o Growth of the GDP.

o Growth of overseas commercial transactions and improvement in the balance of payments.

o Gradual improvement in the classification of risk of Brazilian securities.

o Expectations of short and medium-term stability of the Brazilian Real against the dollar.

o Greater trust in the Brazilian economy on the part of the international markets, thanks to institutional consolidation and to imminent oil self-sufficiency.

o Ranks as the world's 11th largest economy.

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9.) Improved infrastructure & Access: Cheap flights, budget airlines, & major new airport development in the North East, near Natal. The new airport is being built in the city of São Gonçalo, about 30 km from Natal, when it is built it will be the second largest airport in Brazil and the 5th largest in the world of the largest airports in the world and being a cargo and passenger airport that will have a very positive impact on the growth of both tourism and trade industries, Jamie Strong www.experience-international.co.uk

10.) Exceptional Tourism Growth and Potential: Brazil had 5,358,000 visitors in 2005, an increase of 4% since 2004, placing them as the fourth greatest tourist destinations in the Americas. The amazing and diverse landscapes from Rio de Janerio the tropical city metropolis , the quintessential sandy beaches of the North East, to the Amazon Jungle mean Brazil has a wealth of varies attractions and a wide range of tourist activities.

The main area for tourism development in Brazil is the north east region.

This has originated from a large public investment programme which was initiated around 10 years ago: the Tourism Development Programme in the North East, PROSETUR / NE.
Over 670 million dollars have been invested through this programme on;

- Transport

- The environment

- Infrastructures

- Tourism management bodies

The success of this has resulted in the implementation of PRODETUR / NE II with an estimated investment of 400 million dollars.

Between 2002 and 2005, the number of international passengers at Brazilian airports increased by 50%. The north east of country, the main leisure destination in Brazil, saw a 160% increase in travellers within the same time period, this trend is predicted to continue.

Last but not least, actually the most important reason to buy Brazil property.

Therefore when you are looking to buy Brazil property make sure its in the right location including facilities and tourist attractions as well as making sure it's a quality build and attractive type of property i.e. front line beach. This is just a quick guideline article and

This article is for information purposes only and you should consult independent professional advice before making any decisions or buying Brazil property.

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