Essential Caravan Accessories Everyone Should Have

Owing a caravan allows you to go on holiday without having to worry about searching for a place to stay. It enables people to visit some of the most remote locations knowing that they can stay in their caravan enjoying the beautiful backdrop of their new temporary residence. However, there are a number of accessories that your mobile home should have which makes your trips more fun. These accessories also add more functionality to your caravan allowing you to achieve specific tasks. Below we look at and discuss some of the best caravan accessories every owner should have.

A solar universal charger

If you are like most people then you travel with things like a laptop, cell phone, digital camera and a few other things that require charging. A solar charger will allow you to charge your stuff including your digital camera when you are in a remote location.

A Caravan Leveling Aid

A leveling aid is probably one of the most important caravan accessories. It allows you to keep your caravan leveled so that internal equipment like your cooker, TV, and fridge etc are all in a stable position.

Wheel Clamp

You're obviously not going to be staying in your caravan all the time mainly because you're out there enjoying your holiday. However, for periods when you are not near your caravan a wheel clamp can ensure that your caravan is safe.

Gas indicator

The gas level indicator as it is called monitors the level of propane gas in your caravan. This helps ensure that you're not caught off guard with no gas to cook in a remote holiday park site.

Caravan Hitch Lock

In order to keep your caravan insurance at an all time low you will require a hitch lock. So, make sure you have one if you currently don't.


An awning protects your caravan against bad weather like rain. This saves things like your electrical equipment.

Weight Gauge

A weight gauge will offer better safety ensuring that your caravan is loaded safely and your vehicle is stable when being towed.

A Water Container

The availability of water in your caravan should be top priority. Have a 25 liter water container full at all times prior to going on your trip.


Visiting a campsite or a caravan park is a great way to spend the holiday with your family. Having a caravan allows you to move around without requiring a large budget. It kind of gives you the option of taking your home with you to exotic locations.

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