How to Make Fragrant Perfume Last and Linger

Leave the perfume bottle at home! Learn how to apply fragrance so it lasts longer. There are some things you can do to make your fragrance last all day. When, where and how you apply it makes all the difference. It is possible to make the scent of your perfume last without overpowering those around you. Actual perfume is concentrated and contains the most oil. It's the most expensive and will last the longest. Eau de parfum is less concentrated. Eau de cologne and toilette are weaker than either perfume or parfum.

Ensure that your body is thoroughly washed prior to applying perfume. Ensure that you have no open irritations or sores on your body before applying perfume; the combination of perfume and bodily fluids can combine to create unpleasant odors. For best results apply the perfume right after you've showered and your pores are still open. Layer the fragrance with soap, gel, shampoo or conditioner with the same scent. One reason why scents evaporate quickly is that perfume is easily absorbed into dry skin, so it's best to apply moisturizer beforehand (and allow it to be fully absorbed by your skin) - either unscented or the same scent as the perfume. Oils on the skin trap the fragrance and make it last longer. Layering the scent will help it last, but if this is not in your budget, use unscented products or make your own. Create a custom lotion by adding several drops of your perfume to a fragrance-free lotion. To make body powder pour several drops of your perfume on a cotton ball and place the cotton ball in an airtight container of plain talcum powder.

The perfume smell is released by your body heat, so you want to apply it to the pulse points of the body. Pulse points are places on the body where the heart rate can be felt through blood vessels lying close to the skin: e.g. the temples; just below the ear lobes by the jawline (not behind the ear); the base of the throat; between the breasts (you can also wear a small cotton ball infused with perfume inside your bra); the wrists; inside the elbows; the back of the knees; and the ankles. Scent travels upward so these areas are very important. You can also apply the perfume to a scent locket or ring worn close to the skin. When you apply fragrance to your wrists do not rub together as it will break down the oil molecules that create the scent and will decrease the length of time your perfume lasts. Let the scent develop naturally with your body chemistry. Put a little Vaseline or JoJoba oil on your pulse points before you spray. The scent will adhere better.

Spray perfume before getting dressed or putting jewelry on. Perfumes will stain clothing and jewelry, especially pearls. Spray your hairbrush with fragrance and run it through your hair. Spray yourself from 12" and then walk through the fragrant cloud to distribute the scent over your entire body.

Citrus and floral-based fragrances disappear faster - some after ten minutes -- while woodsy-based fragrances (cedar, pine and musk) tend to last longer because these oils evaporate slower. The scent of perfume and parfum can last up to eight hours. The scent of eau de toilette and eau de cologne can wear off after two to four hours. A fragrance's composition, your skin type and sunlight all play a role in how long a perfume lasts. Fragrance will fade faster in cooler climates and higher altitudes, and will last longer in warmer ones.

Preserve the potency of your fragrances by storing them in cool, dark places away from direct sunlight. Perfumes made with a high concentration of essential oils last longer than perfumes diluted with ethyl alcohol, water or other substances. It is estimated that the shelf life of a perfume is about three to five years depending on its ingredients and storage. Extreme light or heat changes the perfume's composition. It is best stored in its original box. A dark or opaque bottle will keep the scent longer than a clear one. Cap the bottle tightly to avoid evaporation.

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