Las Vegas Fun Away From the Strip

Whether you're a local or a visitor, finding attractions and events in Las Vegas isn't difficult. This bustling city is full of sights to behold that aren't part of the madness on the strip. If you want to enjoy Las Vegas for what it has to offer beyond the tourist-trap that is the strip, you can enjoy a myriad of activities whether you're traveling alone or in a group. There's something for everyone in Sin City and if you're a local on staycation, you're sure to find something new in Las Vegas as well.

The Fremont Street Experience is located in downtown Las Vegas. It encompasses five blocks of the far west side of the city in an area known historically as "Glitter Gulch". The Fremont Street Experience, or FSE, is home to Las Vegas's rich history, including the city's first hotel and its first paved street. Visitors or locals looking for fun can walk the five block span of FSE and enjoy a wide range of shops, historical attractions and concessions. The Fremont Street Experience is also a hopping place for people looking to drink on a budget. It's not unheard of to be able to snag a beer for as low as a dollar while enjoying FSE.

If you're visiting during the holiday season and are looking for something free to do with your family, the Ethel M. Chocolate Factory is worth checking out while avoiding the crowds on the Las Vegas Strip. The Ethel M. Chocolate Factory is located about 10 miles from the Strip near Mountain Vista and Sunset, making it an ideal location for relaxing locals and people with families. The chocolate factory, which is a division of Mars, offers free tours of its grounds and gives away a fresh, free piece of chocolate to each guest. They also feature a botanical garden behind the factory for further awe and entertainment.

On Boulder Highway, about 15 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, is a skating rink that will take you back to the days of roller disco. In fact, Seth Green, the creator of Robot Chicken, held a Star Wars roller disco at this very skating rink in 2009. The Crystal Palace is a large, modest looking establishment, but once inside, all you'll want to do is boogie down and lose yourself in the music and lights whilst skating with friends and new acquaintances.

In conclusion, one could simply take a drive around the city while visiting or enjoying an off day as a local to find a plethora of attractions and activities to enjoy. The city of Las Vegas is a cornucopia of culture and action whether you're on the Strip or as far away from it as possible.

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