The Best Marketing Channels for Attracting Customers

The various marketing channels a business uses to draw new customers differ from company to company. Target demographic, products and services offered, and physical location all play a part in determining which types of marketing will be the most successful. There are many traditional and modern channels to choose from, the success of which depends on the individual needs of a company.


For some businesses, tried-and-true traditional advertising methods are the best. Print ads and direct mail are two useful venues for businesses with known reputations and prominent locations. Small ads in local newspapers are perfect for small businesses looking to attract new customers while larger businesses may be able to afford multiple-page inserts announcing weekly specials.

In-store events are another surefire way to attract customers to a brick-and-mortar location. Limited-time deals associated with holidays or grand openings draw people into the store and entice them to make purchases they may have putt off before due to budget concerns.


By now, most businesses recognize the importance of having an online presence. The most basic Internet marketing channel is a business website. In addition to including location and contact information in a prominent place on every page, a website should offer high-quality content that interests customers and draws the attention of search engines to improve visibility in organic search results.

Social media remains a hot marketing venue as well. Potential customers are always on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social sites, sharing information and seeking out new products. Establishing a solid social media presence allows businesses to reach beyond the limits of print advertising and tap into a vast group of diverse customers all over the world.

Growing Trends

The use of mobile devices continues to grow as new Smartphone and tablet models flood the market. This has made mobile marketing a viable channel for many businesses. Customers no longer make purchases solely from home-based PCs. Instead, they're using their devices to help make buying decisions while they're out and about. Offering accessible, secure mobile sites to this growing group means being able to sell more products in the modern market.

Location-based marketing helps attract customers who are already in the area. Restaurants, cafes and other businesses that rely on foot traffic can reach out to people who are traveling nearby and offer discounts, coupons and promotions through mobile apps such as Foursquare.

Choosing the right marketing channels involves research into potential customer bases as well as trial and error. Businesses should look at market trends, competitors' methods, and customer behavior before choosing the type of marketing to invest in. Finding a few tried and true channels and sticking with them will help build a loyal customer base over time.

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