The Effect of Hurricane Sandy on Jamaica Tourism

Tourist arrivals in Jamaica are not hampered by Hurricane Sandy according to their Tourism Minister Dr. Wykeham McNeill, in his address at a press conference in New Kingston. Though arrivals were slightly down in October as compared to the same month last year he has great hope for it to rebound, emphasizing further that their performance since the start of the year has been very good, & the demand of their product is very high. With the right strategies & great advertising partners, Jamaica is aiming to gain momentum in order to fuel growth in the tourism industry. As of the present, bookings cancelled before the storm, were rebooked for the coming holidays.

My mother who works with a family in New York told me that her employers usually go to the Caribbean when they want an exciting family vacation. One of the islands, which they love to visit, is Jamaica, wherein they usually avail of Jamaica Villa rental, which according to her matches the vibrant nature that the carefree island people are known for. Their preference of staying in a villa gives them the privacy they are longing for & it is quite advantageous than staying in a hotel. On a Jamaica Villa one can relax on a spectacular seven-mile beach, avail of the most challenging golf courses, enjoy nature & get a taste of Jamaican culture. It is a home away from home, ideal for a family wherein you have a kitchen, a living room, and luxurious bathroom as well. If you want to enjoy life's luxury, you can hire a chef, a butler & other household staff which will cater to all your needs.

One great place to stay in Jamaica is the Ocho Rios, the first town which was specifically developed as a resort. It is a port of call for many cruise lines being Jamaica's premium playground. There you can find towering mountains, magnificent waterfalls & a remarkable number of sightseeing attractions. There's a lot of activities to keep you busy- snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking & horseback riding among others. They have homegrown coffees, which you can enjoy while staying in one Ocho Rios Villa. If you want to invite friends to come over, they too can enjoy the luxuries, which the place has to offer. There is no better way to spend a much-awaited vacation than spending it on a warm place, great accommodation, nice people around you & at the same time enjoying the peace & tranquility you have been dreaming of.

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