What Makes a Complete Wedding Car Hire Package?

One of the essential elements of a wedding event is your wedding transportation. It doesn't seem to be too obvious because you only see the wedding vehicle as the bride arrives and when the couple leaves but it fulfills an important task and that is to deliver the bride and groom to where they need to be with style, elegance and luxury. So what then makes a complete wedding car hire package?

It all starts with your choice of wedding car hire. Naturally, you'll be looking for something very luxurious, something to splurge on so that both bride and groom will be experiencing utmost comfort and enjoyment while on their way to their destinations. The bride will be the first as the chosen car brings her from her suite at the hotel (or from her home) to the Church. Whether it's going to be a long or short drive, the bride needs a complete stress-free ride as you very well know how nerve-wracking getting married can be.

Choose a luxurious wedding car that can accommodate the bride and her voluminous wedding gown. It has to be wide enough to allow the bride to exit the bridal car with ease and style. You can go for the Classic car for that Old World theme. A vintage car hire is also appropriate if you want to be traditional. If you feel that a more modern car is more suitable for you as a couple, then by all means choose the newest, most luxurious brands of wedding cars available.

The Chauffeur
You've got the perfect car. Now, you need to be satisfied with your chauffeur. Most rental wedding car hires include an experienced and professional driver to be your chauffeur for the day. Ideally, they need to be in uniform while they're driving your wedding car hire. You can't assume that when you finalize your deal with the rental company that the drivers will automatically be in uniform. It's better to be sure and ask. Better yet, you can go straight to the rental company instead of negotiating online. That way, you'll be sure to see the cars and their drivers where they work. It's also important that drivers be courteous though unobtrusive and discreet. It helps that they're knowledgeable of the routes in the area so that when something unforeseen comes up, they know how to manage.

The Small Details
There are other small details that can make your wedding car hire worth it. For something as luxurious as a wedding car hire, some rental car companies include a champagne bottle for their customers as a token. Some include the car hire's decoration and can even tailor the color to match their customer's wedding motif. Though this may seem trivial, it's one less thing to worry the bride or their wedding coordinator and anything that can help the bride feel less stressed is certainly appreciated.

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