What Should Be Included In A Shanghai Tour?

Shanghai is among the most popular and preferred destination by tourists in China. This city has a modern look due to the many developmental projects that have been designed and realized in Shanghai during the past few years. Tourists who visit Shanghai will not be disappointed, as there are modern hotels, high-rise buildings and highways in this part of the country. Despite of this, the city has not lost its unique culture, which makes this place even more attractive for visitors, who would like to feel Chinese culture during their vacation.

Tourists who would like to opt for the Shanghai tours arranged by travel agents should necessarily include a few places of a special importance, without which their tours will be considered incomplete. One of these special places is the Yu Yuan Gardens, which is located in the so called Old Town. Also known as a Garden of Peace and Comfort, this place is able to provide you with the required peace away from the busy life. For those who still want to meet locals and buy souvenirs, 30 pavilions are located there to meet their needs. Just a little distance from there is located an ancient temple called the Grand Rockery that is another major attraction that should be seen.

Another attractive sight in Shanghai is the famous Jin Mao Towers that can offer a stunning panorama of the whole city. Those who would like to rest can take advantage of the bar located on the last floor and those who still have not found accommodation for the night, may stay in this tower.

One of the most popular tourist places to visit in Shanghai is a place called the Bund, which is waterfront district. It dates from the 1800's and was formerly a commercial city center. Here tourists will find truly amazing colonial structures and impressive architecture, which reveal the city appearance in the past centuries.

Those who would like to find some great place to eat and enjoy traditional Chinese food can go to the Xin Tian Di district that has a lot to offer. Many popular restaurants and various activities can be found here. This place is divided into two parts, north and south, and the south region is more contemporary.

People's Square is another attraction tourists must visit during their Shanghai tour. This beautiful place is like a park for relaxing with a large green area surrounded by large trees.

It is impossible to imagine a tour in Shanghai without visiting some local temples and monasteries. Such place is Jade Buddha Temple where visitors can see inside the Jade Buddha. Tourists can also visit the beautiful fountain that plays music. Those who want to buy birds, fish or plants can do that in a Bird and Flower Market.

There are a lot of things to do and to see in this interesting and even inscrutable city. Various Shanghai tour packages are available for tourists who come here for the first time or who decide to revisit this beautiful place.

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