Why Coaching?

Does anyone need Coaching? Personal Development and Life Coaching go hand-in-hand.

Goal setting is part of the process of personal Development and growth. Behind all of those methods, names and roads there is one Meta-goal - the search for meaning.

It is as if, we are climbing a huge mountain wanting to rich the top. When you get to the top or find the treasure you were looking for, or achieve your goal, the good feeling of accomplishment stays with you only for a short time. Then you are looking for another mountain to climb, another treasure to find, higher, bigger, more challenger... What gives the climbing the meaning is the experience on the way up.

On this uphill climb one meets himself and meets his God. He gets to know himself, his powers, fears, weakness, beliefs, spirits, and the spirit of God through the nature around him. He changes. All his experiences become integrated into his being. He does not stay the same person that he was at the beginning. That is to say, Self Development.

Like a story I've heard some years ago, about a man who built a new house. He took a famous architect that made him stunning house with amazing interior decoration. After the house was completed, he entered, looking around he thought: "This house is really more than I dreamt it would be". Standing in his new living room, he thought that something missing on the Bar. If I put a big Vase here, the house would be perfect. He had a mental picture of the Vase, and he decided that this Vase would be the only thing he would need to be complete and happy is his new home.

So, he began his journey to find the 'Perfect Vase'. He started at the Flee Market in his town - Nothing. Next, he visited a flee Market in another town. He saw many beautiful things, but he did not find 'his Vase'. He took a flight to India. "There I must find my Vase," he thought. He traveled across India for 6 months, meeting interesting people, being introduced to different tastes, smells, and sounds. But no Vase! He decided to leave India for China. Going through primitive villages, big town shops and Flee Markets - Nothing like the Vase, he had in his mind.

A year passed by, but he is not going to quite. He is obsessed to find 'his vase'. He kept going. After a year and a half, he got to the market of Marrakech. Enjoying the market atmosphere, making new friends, seating in coffee shops and smoking nargila, he almost forgot about the Vase, until one day, he saw in a corner stand, the exact vase as in his vision. He was so happy. He thought that he could now return home and his life would be perfect. He bought the vase, rapped it very carefully, and held it tight through the flight home. On his return, he ran inside, holding his breath - he placed this beauty on the empty place on the bar...

Then he took 3 steps back to absorb the sight - but it was so disappointing!!! He did not like it at all, it did not fit.

You see, going around the world, experiencing different cultures, tastes, smells, colors - he had changed. He was no longer the same person who left in the search for the Vase. He was changed.

Personal Growth is the result of one's pursues for his Dreams, passions and goals. From this perspective you can't fail!

Dreams, passions and goals are the means and the compass to one's unique road of experience, the road that will eventually lead to a sense of fulfillment and happiness.

What were meaningful few decades ago is not always relevant today. We have grown, the world has become a larger playground and the varieties of roads for people to find their meaning, are endless. That is why there is a room for so many consultants, coaches, mentors and trainers. Not only does a person need to choose the road, he also needs help to stay in focus. He needs to be educated on how to get to the place that he believes will ultimately ' give' him the meaning to his life.

To find your unique road, to stay on course, to overcome roadblocks, to be clear and focused in this Fuzzy world, with so many junctions and cross- roads, it is no wander that most people need a coach or/and a mentor! This is probably why coaching become so popular today.

In past days People had much less possibilities to choose from, life expectancy was much shorter and much less leisure time. Social expectations and norms were clear, the elders were the mentors, fathers coached their sons and teachers were respected as good consultants. Today, the traditional 'life guides' need guidance themselves!

That is why we all need some kind of a life coach. What do you think? Does anyone need a coach?

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