Why I Love Travelling So Much - Part II

There is nothing like a vacation to put your stressed life on a refreshing treat. It brings you to an imparting vitality and energy, and gives the ho-hum life a ravishing touch. I have long been so keen to this activity that even if I don't have schedule I plan it and leave home, with bags on shoulders, without taking care of external affairs. I don't know why but I start feeling need of a vacation every month or so. Although I just opt for a weekend trip so often, it gives me the pleasures which stay long in my memorabilia.

When it comes to packing, I believe in 'one jean fits all' approach. I pack quite light and carry only what are just mine: mine camera, mobile, towel, and my comfortable shoes. However, weather is what I care of the most when packing my clothes, especially after my mountain holiday two years ago. I was amidst snowy Himalayan peaks, and my teeth were chattering in cold. Neither the beauty of Himalaya nor the feel of a vacation could heat me up, and I decided to restrained myself to the hotel room along with my laptop and phone.

I like a bit of spontaneity, when planning the vacation is the matter of concern. But as an experienced traveller, I don't apply it for long-lasting trips, even for a week-long or so. Instead, an excel sheet is prepared well beforehand comprising the dates, times, important places to visit and activities to do. Every day is pre-planned and is passed that it's supposed to be with. The time spend at each attraction depends on how it ranks on my preference and on the photographic scale. Here, I would like to tell you that photography is my new interest and I just love it. Along with varied poses of major sites, I love to capture something unusual in my reel.

Vacations, I believe, are a great opportunity to fill your life with colors. It pampers your body and brain, and gives you much needed relax far from mundane life. I often think of relaxing in a luxurious resort, wandering around natural treasures and doing some adventurous stuff, when I feel perplexed. And trust me even thinking of that heals me a lot. Secondly, travelling opens up your mind - letting you find solutions by your own, giving you new ideas and making you aware of outside world. You explore new places, meet new interesting people and find opportunity to fun & frolic with your dear ones. Also, this is simply a way to enter the world of wisdom.

Well, holiday planning is no so tricky now. Travel companies give perfect idea about how a vacation could be at a particular place. They even offer deals to put travellers on ease. Right from flight tickets to accommodation and itinerary planning to easy transfers, all required assistance is provide in a customized manners. So you can easy plan a vacation with family or friends.

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