Shanghai Tours - Places You Need to Visit in Shanghai

Being one of China's most famous city, Shanghai is actually a very modern part of the country. In the past few years, several developmental projects have taken place in Shanghai, giving it the status of one of China's most modern cities. The city has everything from highways, to hotels, high-rise buildings etc. if that's not all, with all the development that has taken place, Shanghai hasn't seem to have lost its traditional roots. This is what makes it the perfect destination for a vacation.

If you're in the city and you're taking a Shanghai tour, there are several places you should visit in the city. These places are some of the most famous places in Shanghai, and any tour without a visit to these places is incomplete.

The Yu Yuan Gardens is one place you need to visit in the city. This beautiful garden lies in the Old Town of Shanghai. Another name for this garden is the Garden of Peace and Comfort. If you're looking for some peace and quite on your holiday, this garden is the best place to visit. It spreads over 5 acres and has a total of 30 pavilions. You can literally spend the entire day exploring this beautiful place. In addition to the scenic beauty, the Grand Rockery, an ancient temple, is located nearly, so you can also visit that place while you're in the gardens.

If you're on a Shanghai tour, your tour will also be incomplete without a visit to the well-known waterfront district. This place is also known as The Bund. It has been in the city since the 1800's and was renowned for being the center for commerce in the city. If you want to admire some amazing architecture, the Bund has some of the most impressive colonial structures you'll ever see. The place is the best way to see what Shanghai was like in the past. It lets you know what Shanghai was like before all the development took place in the city.

Jin Mao Towers is another tourist destination that is famous amongst all those who visit the city on Shanghai tours. This tower gives you an amazing view of the entire city from the top of it. The tower is not only for enjoying the Ariel view; it has accommodation as well. You can also stop at their Cloud 9 bar, to literally reach cloud 9. The bar is located on the top floor of the tower and is bound to enhance your experience of the city's tour if you plan to stop by and grab a drink or two.

If you're looking for a great place to eat, the Xin Tian Di district has a lot of popular restaurants you can visit. It's the epitome of modernism, when we relate modernism to the city itself. You will find a lot of tourists in the district and there are plenty of activities that you can enjoy, while visiting the district. The district is divided into the north and south regions, with the south being more modern as compared to the north.

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