Wedding Caterers: How to Find an Ideal One

Planning a wedding - especially if you're the bride/groom or part of the immediate family - is definitely not an easy feat. Of course, apart from the numerous details that must be covered (from gowns to wedding arrangement and flowers), another important thing that must be taken into consideration is the wedding reception. This is where you and the guests will simply enjoy the celebratory moment while savoring appetizing dishes and drinks. To lessen the stress and workload you need to cover for the event, it will be better to look for a wedding catering company that will help you plan the food preparation and reception setup more efficiently. Below are a few things that may be helpful when you look for a good wedding caterer.

Find a good caterer through referrals.

Never discount how powerful word of mouth is. Ask your friends for top recommendations regarding wedding catering services they recently used. If you and your partner have a favorite restaurant you frequently go to, you might want to check if they offer catering services for weddings. If not, they can surely give you some suggestions about catering partners they already know.

Try to look for in-house caterers.

Before approaching a caterer of your choice, ensure that you already have a place picked for the occasion. If you're holding the reception in a hotel, for instance, ask if they already have an in-house caterer that can accommodate your event needs. You can also check if they have a list of caterers they trust and frequently get a chance to work with.

Search the web for valuable information about event caterers.

The web is a very helpful place to search for top recommended companies in your area. Apart from directories of caterers operating in your preferred location, you can also look for websites of professional caterers association.

Schedule interviews and tastings.

Make a shortlist of caterers you're interested to hire. Schedule interviews with them and don't forget to ask for tasting sessions as much as possible. With each caterer you interview, take note of their presentation style, rates and fees, menu options, and catering packages.

Compare companies.

Try to look for the most affordable catering option that you can work with depending on the budget you have in mind. Don't forget to check for reviews about the company. Look for feedback about their services and their menu, catering rates, as well as their approach to clients.

Remember that food and reception will take about half of your total wedding budget. Finding a wedding caterer you can trust is definitely crucial not only to the success of the whole event; it's also fundamental to get the best value for your money.

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