How to Have a Hassle Free Road Travel

Traveling on the road can be fun and at the same time full of stress if you are not well-prepared. So here are some tips that will surely make your road trip hassle-free.

1. Secure your house.

Before you leave for your road trip, make sure your home looks lived in. Leave at least one light on inside your home. Be sure your alarm system is on, your gas and water are turned off, and your windows are all locked. Keep all your valuable in a secured area. Never change the message in your answering machine to one that says you are out for a vacation. If you have plants that need care, ask a trusted friend or a family member to visit and water them maybe once, if you'll be gone for only a few days.

2. Plan your route carefully.

First, decide on the farthest place you like to go. Decide how far you can go for each day. Plan on taking a different route as you return home so you can see different sites, experience different things, and meet different people. Make sure you know where the road constructions and traffic problems are just so you can avoid them. When traveling along busy cities, try not to drive between 7-9 am or 4-6 pm in order to avoid delays. As much as possible, use bypass routes.

3. Pack the right things.

To lessen the stress level while on a road travel, make sure you pack all the things you need. As much as possible, bring those that are travel-sized to save space. Also, see to it that you pack your things in your roof rack properly and tightly. Roof racks for 4wd should have a lot of space for your bulky stuffs. And, do not forget your emergency blanket, hand warmers, flashlights, maps, ponchos, and of course your provisions. If you are traveling for three days, the food and drinks you will bring must be good enough to last up to four or five days. Your emergency kit is also important. You can make your own or just buy one at the stores. It must include ointments for stings or cuts gauze, bandages, thermometer, and adult and kids' aspirin. Also, bring toys for kids to keep them busy while traveling long miles.

4. If you plan to bring your pet with you, look for a hotel that accommodates pets. Do this before your travel so you do not have to do so when you are all fatigued and ready to take a good night sleep.

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