Network Marketing Myth Buster 1

Don't waste your time approaching people who already have money

If you have a preconceived notion that people who have already achieved professional or financial status is a waste of your time... then do me a favor and send them to me. If this were true, then why is it that so many of the top earners in Network Marketing programs like Amway and Herbalife and others, were Doctors, Dentists, Attorney's and existing business owners?

Approaching potential prospects usually will necessitate you get around a few obstacles before getting them into your program. One obstacle might be that the person is not success or financially motivated. They are content with their jobs and paying their bills. And many times this can be a mask to the fact that they don't believe they can be successful. Approaching professional people eliminates that obstacle.

They have to be success and/or financially driven or they wouldn't be putting in the long hours and carrying the responsibility of running a practice or a business.Another obstacle is money. How many times have you had someone excited about your program but found your prospect to be flat broke without enough money to buy your distributor kit or order the required amount of product? Obviously you can eliminate that obstacle when dealing with professional people.

Even though many companies today have lead generating programs through the internet where you can work solely through emails, you still get the "I am not interested" before they even know what your program is all about. You will find that with the right approach, successful people are more receptive to hearing new ideas. Speaking of approaches, you certainly don't want to approach a person making 7-figure income with; "how would you like to make a few hundred dollars extra each month". That could be rather insulting. However, these people all have to retire sometime, and once a Doctor or Attorney takes down their shingle, the income stops. "How would you like to have a program you could work at your leisure AND provide you with a residual income when you retire from your practice".

I have also found many professionals who will partake in a Network Marketing program to get their children involved for future college expenses or again a long time residual income. One of my attendees at a training workshop I was teaching had built an entire organization through Professional Football, Basketball and Baseball Players. These are people holding million dollar contracts, but these are also early retirees and although they may have other business endeavors, the residual income aspect was exciting to them. Many of them because they travel so much, got their wives and children on the program to work while they were away from home.

And lastly, many prospects will reject your offer because they feel they don't have a big enough circle of influence of friends and relatives to be successful in the business. Of course you explain the internet advantages and lead programs, but still in their mind they feel they have to start with a center of influence. With professional people you never have to worry about that obstacle. They are members of business organizations, fraternities, country clubs and normally do a fair share of socializing. And they are usually highly respected in the community. So if they should get involved and they approach their center of influence, their social standing and respect will get them very attentive audiences. If your doctor or Attorney who you obviously respect highly, said he wanted you to look at a business opportunity, you would more than likely pay attention and even sign up just because he said it was good. It's the ole "wow, if its good enough for him it's surely good enough for me"

Everyone is a just need to alter your approach to suit the status of the prospect. A single mother on fixed income with 3 kids, might jump at the opportunity to make "a few hundred extra dollars" each month, while to a Doctor it would most likely be taken as an insult. Be creative, don't stereotype your emails or voice approaches...think outside the box. Ask yourself before you make the approach, "what would most capture the interest of this prospect". So don't be afraid to go after the "big boys"

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