Exhibition Stands Advice: More Effective Exhibition Booths At Trade Shows

1. Recognise opportunities and set definite goals.

Product sales, lead generation, new product launches, gaining awareness about upcoming trends, checking in on competitors and enhancing their staff members' marketing skills are some of the objectives that can be pre-defined by businesses. Make lists of people likely to attend the event and determine the best ways to meet them. Potential clients can be attracted by show specials.

2. Create an impact on the exhibition organisers

Active participation can create an impact on the event management, the people making key decisions about speaker selection and booth placement. These key trade show players can introduce you to the significant people in the industry, invite you to special business events and offer placements on planning committees, which can improve your position in the industry.

3. Choose the right shows

Avoid participating in every event that comes along. You need to look for trade shows that cater to your particular demographic.

4. Get organised

Create a master calendar, listing relevant information including deadlines, fee, travel dates, planning outlines and onsite activities. Monitor the planning and preparation progress by meeting your staff frequently. Design an attractive and functional both according to your budget. Gather all the requisite materials well ahead of time.

5. Monitor poster and podium presentations

Find out what topics are being presented at the trade show. If any of them are of particular interest to you, contact the speaker and offer information or other essential support. This will benefit your business if the speaker presents data or demonstrates a product that highlights your company positively.

6. Enhance your presence

Look for opportunities that can create a buzz in your stall. Your company personnel must attend the starting off ceremony and other informal events to gain benefit from the networking opportunities presented by such events. Raffles, live product demonstrations and interactive presentations can attract the interest of casual passers-by.

7. Don't simply be there

Do more than just attend. Prepare the staff for optimising your organisation's presence and strategise their activities. Train them to execute their role very well. Define ground rules for conduct, such as no drinking, smoking, excessive chatting among staff, eating at the booth or being inappropriately dressed. Bad-mouthing competitors is also in very bad taste.

8. Recognise media opportunities

Pursue relationships with the media present at the event including print publications, online magazines and news channels. Leading industry events attract top trade journalists so meet up and try to gain some part in their next publication where they cover the event.

9. Stay at the show sponsored hotel

Simply by doing this, your company can benefit from de facto networking. You may meet key business people in the elevator, the coffee shop or even on the treadmill. Such casual meetings can turn into valuable connections that can be handy.

10. Attend host events

Attending host events can generate innovative ideas so don't skip out on attending them.

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