Setbacks? - 7 Tips to Realignment

We all experience setbacks or glitches along our sacred journeys. It is how we view and handle them that realigns us, or set us off balance. Each obstacle we encounter is an opportunity for us to learn, grow and expand even if it doesn't seem that way at the time. When setbacks occur in our relationships, jobs, health, well being, or a combination of these, it can be a challenge to see there are possibilities hiding in these very problems. They can leave us feeling frustrated, stressed, anxious, sad, depressed, alone, angry and perhaps second guessing ourselves. Sometimes we even want to throw in the towel.

You might wonder, "How can anything good come of this?"

Think of the setbacks like tires on a car; when they feel wobbly, or the steering is pulling to one side or another, you sense something isn't quite right so you take the vehicle into the garage and before long you are back on the road. Everything in alignment and balanced once again. In a way we aren't any different; we feel something isn't quite in sync, or something occurs and sets us off track, or spiralling down some deep dark tunnel. Sometimes there may be the feeling like the tires are flat and you are stuck or stranded and don't know where you are heading or how things are going to be from this point forward.

If this is the case, not to worry, help is on the way.

7 Tips to Realignment:

Setbacks are just that, setbacks. They aren't the end all or be all even though they might seem that way. When you view these discomforts in your personal, professional, and/or spiritual life as ways to learn, grow and expand, then they become manageable and more comfortable. They are occurring for your realignment for the next phase, transition and awakening in your life.

We can forget that we have a choice of how we are going to handle these learning curves. We can handle them with ease and freedom, or be stressed and fearful. We can meet and greet them with an open or closed heart and mind. We can be impatient or patient; the option is yours. Either way, whatever is happening is still occurring with or without your acceptance.

This can be a real test for many because it's something you can't see, taste, touch or smell. Therefore, you are taking a leap in faith believing all is happening at exactly the right time in exactly the right way for you. How can you know it is meant to be as it is? It just is. You may not like what is occurring. In fact, you might downright hate it, but either way, it's unfolding and you can trust that something is about to change for your expansion or, not trust it. I don't know about you, but trusting is filled with much more promise and potential than not trusting.

When you develop trust and look at the apparent problem as filled with possibilities for something or someone new, anything is possible. This isn't a car race; this is a leisurely drive through the unknown. You might travel down roads that seem dark at times, or perhaps through a few storms; you may take a wrong turn or two or feel lost and confused. There may be some rough roads, but with an open mind and heart, before long you are on the roads paved with opportunities and new horizons brilliantly shining your way. They aren't as far off as you may think. In fact, they are only a breath away.

We take our breathing for granted and often forget about the benefits of being conscious of it. One in particular is when we focus on our breath as often as possible, especially during stressful and anxious times it helps put things back into perspective. Conscious breathing promotes relaxation. When we connect with our breath we are connecting to Universal life and allowing the stillness within to speak to us. We are pausing for a moment to breathe life in; it's an opportunity to look at things differently, to slow down, to listen and gain insights. We are strengthening not only our physical and emotional state of being, but our connection to our spiritual existence.

Setbacks make us stronger physically, emotionally and spiritually, if we allow them to. When we look back at what we have been through, it amazes us how we made it. That's strength! At the time it may seem like you are weak, but these challenges are strengthening you even if you aren't aware of it. Every problem you encounter tests and strengthens your faith, your commitment, your very being.

Changes occur, things happen, life continues, and you have the ability to transform with them and through them. You can shift your thinking, adjust your attitude and realign with your inner harmony, peace and love. You can move from problems to possibilities and transform limiting beliefs around Setbacks. It's up to you! When internal harmony is renewed and restored, setbacks become a thing of the past.

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