The Philippines Travel Industry Is Fast Growing and Continue to Attract Foreign Visitors

The Philippines comprises of 7,107 islands, of which only about 2,000 are habitable. Luzon is the northern part, Visayas is the central, while Mindanao is located in the southern Philippines. The country boast's a number of beautiful beaches from north to south, these tourist destinations makes the country's tourism marketability at par with other southeast Asian nations if not the world. Some of the top beach islands are Boracay, Palawan, Puerto Galera in Mindoro, Batangas just to name a few.The local travel industry is fast growing and continue to attract foreign visitors.

Exploring the Philippines could be compared to traveling to different continents around the globe, the culture in Manila (capital city) is entirely different from Cebu in Visayas, the locals are arguably the most friendly and hospitable people in the world. Filipinos are known for being accommodating particularly to tourist, they welcome these foreigners with open arms, and their eagerness to show how beautiful their country is.

This archipelagic Asian country offers the best of both worlds when it comes to adventurous vacation, tourist can opt for luxurious five star hotels or a more modest motels that practically offers a more distinct approach for tourist exploration. A number of travel methods can be done depending on a person's needs, some opt to travel by sea by ferry boats to visit different islands nearby, while others opt for a faster plane ride to get to their destination in no time. Most transport companies provide affordable rates that comes with numerous packages, people from different parts of the world find it amusing to see how cost-effective it is to explore different parts of the Philippines. The Philippines tourism agency reported a record high of 4.3 million foreign visitors in 2012, this is due to the improved economic and security policies implemented by the current government led by the President Benigno Aquino, not to mention the efforts by the tourism board in promoting the Philippines with a slogan "Its more fun in the Philippines". This has greatly benefited the local economy and created more jobs for the Filipinos.

A number of adventurous activities can be explored in the Philippines, from the clubbing and bar hopping in Manila to swimming with the whales in Oslob-Cebu. Some other notable destinations can be found in El Nido in Palawan (where a Hollywood movie was filmed), the gorgeous island of Boracay, Puerto Galera in Mindoro, Laiya in Batangas, surfing in La Union. We are more than happy to help you explore Philippines.

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