Unique Destination Wedding Ideas: Beach Wedding Favors and All

As you plan your dream destination wedding there are so many stunning things that you can do. Think about the invitations, the music, the food and anything else you can imagine. Every detail should be special no matter whether you are with friends and family or just you and your fiancé declaring your love.

Before you start, you must decide whether you want to hire a wedding planner or take the time to plan your own wedding. You will also want to make a budget. If you begin with these two things, your wedding day will be exactly what you want it to be.

Now let's start with save-the-date cards and wedding invitations. Why not do something different, like creating an invitation that resembles a map, or how about a message in a bottle? You might consider sending your invitations in a treasure chest with sand and seashells. Be creative.

The dress and the tux are two of the most elegant parts of your wedding. Choose something that you will be comfortable in. It can be any style, but keep in mind the climate of your destination. A nice linen suit or shorts and a button down shirt are one way to go for your fiancé. Your dress will be stunning no matter what you choose, so follow your heart and find the perfect dress.

Have you thought about your wedding registry? You can always register for the traditional gifts, but another idea is to setup a honeymoon registry. Have guests treat toward the cost of travel, spa days, massages, day trips, dining and anything honeymoon related. It is a wonderful day to give the two of you the honeymoon you always wanted.

When you arrive at your destination it is not only time to think about yourself, but you want to remember your guests. A Welcome Bag is a wonderful way to greet your guests when they arrive at the destination. Have little tote bags with sunscreen, maps, flip flops, and itinerary - there is an endless amount of things you could add to a bag.

Next comes beach wedding favors or any type of wedding favors. You want your guests to have something that will remind them of your day for years to come. There are votive candles covered in shells, adirondack chair picture frames, sand dollar coasters, sailboat tea lights. How about sunscreen, fans, or lip balm to protect your guests under the sun?

Flowers are essential to both the ceremony and reception. Choose bouquets with local flowers. On a side note though, flowers from some places are not allowed to leave the country or enter the US. So if you want to save your flowers, you might want to think of other options. Have the bridesmaids carry parasols or fans. The flower girl could carry a ball bouquet covered with seashells and the ring barrier might hold an open shell with the ring inside.

Your Ceremony should me beautiful and unforgettable. If it is on the beach a nice idea would be to print the ceremony program on a fan. This will keep your guests cool and they will have the fan as a keepsake. The smaller the wedding the more personalized you can get. The vows will be beautiful while be said in front of the rolling waves. In replace of a unity candle, think about a Sand Ceremony or tying a Lover's Knot. Both are symbolic of your dedication to each other.

Onto the reception! Besides beach wedding favors, think about table numbers and centerpieces. Using seashells, sand, flowers and candles will give you the ambiance you need. A nice idea would be to provide your guests with flip flops. Have a basket full when your guests arrive and let them be comfortable during your reception. This might lead to dancing as well. You will want to decide whether to have a dj. You might also make your own playlist to have played. Depending on your venue, some will provide you with decorations, but any little special touch you can add will complete a perfect day.

Do you think we forgot about food? Food and what you serve will be an important part of your reception. When choosing your menu there will be a lot of options, it is nice to offer choices. Choose a meat dish, a chicken dish, and fish dish - don't forget those vegetarians. How about a local favorite to spice things up? A sit down dinner is very romantic; however buffet stations are a wonderful trend. And the Cake, here is an opportunity to let your personality come through. There are so many different avenues to take. You can always be traditional with flowers and jewels, but the beach theme will be memorable. Have a cake with candy seashells and brown sugar for sand. Use a sailboat or conch shell as a cake topper. Once again use your imagination!

A destination wedding should be exactly what you dream about. Whether you hire a planner or do everything yourself, make sure to get every detail perfect. You want to give you and your guests a special experience. Enjoy the beach and say your vows while the sun sets.

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