Maui Real Estate - Why Buy It Now?

The Maui Real Estate market is ripe for purchases, with all of the components required of a solid base from which to launch a real estate portfolio.

Money is available at your financial institution and the rates as you know are near all time lows. A cash down payment on a home provides a rate of return superior to wall street by a ratio of 4:1.

Remember too that the FHA has options available that in many cases cannot be beat and provide access to the arena for newer seekers of the family dream.

The benefits of owning a home on Maui are numerous for the secure investor, providing personal accommodations and steady income from a large pool of renters that continue to maintain the islands thriving retail sector.

Vacation Rental Agencies abound and have succeeded in marketing private homes as a truly superior alternative to the typical hotel room. Location always prevails and West Maui seems to stay poised at the top of popularity lists both for the home owner and renter. I recommend the areas of North Ka'anapali with Honua Kai, Napili, and Kapalua. With TImbers taking over management of what was formely known as The Ritz-Carlton residences and Kapalua Villas offering a multitude of options, selections for the buyer and vacation renter provide the destination experience and revenue flow expected.

Real Estate is not a short term investment vehicle and I always suggest that you consult your accounting and legal partners prior to making any such purchase. Once done and you are comfortable with the risk level, follow up by partnering with a trusted and neighborhood wise Realtor, they can provide guidance with far more depth and personal focus than the resources found online. Have them define their area of focus and ensure that your needs are clearly understood and match well with their expertise.

For those buyers looking to reside on Maui, timing is equally as good. The county has worked hard on its infrastructure, schools are improving and private options are some of the best in the entire state, employment is strong and getting better still with the hospitality service industry setting the pace, communities are welcoming to new families and the diversity of the island makes for a wonderful environment to grow and enjoy, the lifestyle is supported by all of the required social and cultural necessities, and above all, it's paradise...

A Hui Hou

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