Hospitality Management

Hospitality Industry is exciting, always creative by itself, never dull and offers unlimited opportunities. It is one of the oldest businesses in history. People have always gone out for work or leisure purposes to enjoy with family. Today Hospitality Industry is a 61 billion industry. Hospitality segment, just like many other segments is flourishing at an unprecedented pace. The industry basically focuses on or consists of three areas: management, kitchen and workers. All the three areas when managed properly contribute in managing hospitality in an effective way. Hospitality industry can also be categorically divided into two parts: entertainment areas like clubs and bars, and Lodging or Accommodation.

Lodging takes the form of resorts, motels, campgrounds, hotels, hostels, paying guest accommodation etc. The clubs and bars category include restaurants, fast foods, and nightclubs. The hospitality industry also includes tourism support system. This includes commercial activities like airline cabin staff and travel agents.

Managing and selling services to people without compromising on quality is a challenging issue. Considering the challenging issue of technology and globalization, it has become important for the hospitality industry to handle operations, marketing and human resources in an effective way. Hospitality industry is responsible for employing masses worldwide through Tourism. A very Tourism is the main sector that provides revenue to a state. Hospitality industry also focuses on increasing tourism. Other than Tourism, Hospitality is the synonym for hotel industry too. Any changes in the trends in hotel industry have an effect on Hospitality too.

To maintain long term and loyal relationships with the clients/customers is the main aim of every business. Most of the countries face a huge challenge of being "under roomed" while the economy is growing rapidly. This provides for a great opportunity for hospitality industry. A very efficient way hotels are employing to increase revenue is providing services that increase customer loyalty. When given importance and implemented diligently it improvises service which in turn leads to increased up-sell and cross-sell rates. Today the Tourism industry is well connected across the globe giving high importance to tourism. Custom or tailor made packages and schemes are being offered to customers globally for almost all the destinations across the world. With the averment of new technology and trends the expectations of the customers has increased, hence the competition within the industry has also increased.

Complete package is the talk of the day. It ranges from worldwide hotel reservations, package tours, airport transfers, sight-seeing tours , freebies for children among others are being provided. Tourism companies are largely outsourcing online processing services and customized booking engines and others for increased visibility and customer satisfaction. The present day customer is ready to shell out big bucks and is not afraid to spend as long as he is delivered quality or in other words Customer can call and always reach the party they need to reach and be provided with correct information. Contact centers help a great deal in this regard. Guests can receive information and request services from any location and through many media.

This eventually helps the industry in building customer relationship and selling more services to the people. The key is "FCR"or First Call Resolution so that when customer hangs up the phone, they are provided with correct information and their issue is resolved. Treating customer in a nice way is what managing the entire thing is all about.

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