Redirecting All That Hard Work

One reason you may feel a lack of motivation is that it seems much too hard to change your present circumstances. You think about what you really want to see in your life and the obstacles seem insurmountable. It is so much easier to whine about how hard it is and how awful life is than to get up off the couch. It only seems easier to do this because you are simply doing today what you did yesterday.

The fact of the matter is that it takes a lot of hard work staying in one place. You have a real need to reach for more in your life, but something holds you back. That sounds like a real struggle taking place trying to balance staying put and wanting to move. You have doubts about your ability to move so that fear keeps you stuck. That takes some endurance training to balance these two forces.

Since you are working really hard at staying put, how about shifting your perspective and sending all that energy toward getting up and on the move? It certainly seems like a huge step to move out of that comfortable spot you are in and actually go for your dreams. What would happen if you took all that energy you are using to stay in place and used it instead on achieving your dreams? What is the one thing that is holding you back? Everyone has that one item that just keeps them stuck. Here are the most common reasons. Which one may apply to you?


Life is about challenges. Do you doubt your ability to handle life's challenges and achieve the life you want? Sometimes it is a challenge just to know in which direction to go. If you have never traveled a particular path, how will you recognize it? The only way to find out is to follow the path. If you really want to make changes in your life and start bringing your dreams to reality, you have to believe in yourself. Maybe you will fail the first few times. Look on it as experience! No one is born successful. Every person alive has had to learn and push past their own limits. A day here, a step there will help you gain strength.

Dread - There May Be A Boogie Man!

If you start working on something new and working toward your dream, something bad will happen. Doom and gloom is your middle name. You have no uncertainty here; you are convinced you are going to mess it up. Failure does not feel good, so we should avoid that at all costs. This fear of failure is ridiculous. What if you get to the end of your life and find out there never was a boogie man? You will certainly feel pretty foolish for all that wasted time. What is the worst that could happen if you take a chance? Sure, you could fail. Maybe you will the first few times, so what? Get up and try again. Imagine that you never tried and you go on through your entire life with unfulfilled dreams. Which one sounds worse? Yes, it sounds oversimplified, but as you experience the trial and error and eventual success, you will see that the dreaded failure is just not reasonable.

The Sofa Spud:

We all get a little comfortable on that couch. Lazy is the easy way out and we take it as much as we can. Would you rather stare at a video game all day just so you do not have to actually think? We can all just be nice and comfortable and that way we never have to work hard, deal with challenges or face the fear of failure. Well, being lazy has its own consequences, most of which are not to your benefit. A lazy mind stops learning and a lazy body gains weight. It's okay to just be lazy now and then. There is nothing wrong with leisure time, having a full social life and simply relaxing. Unless you have worked hard, how could you possibly savor the peacefulness of swinging in a hammock? Knowing a sense of accomplishment and pride in what you have done makes for a much better playtime.

In which category did you land? What is holding you back from realizing your dreams? Is it fear, doubt or sheer laziness? Perhaps it is something else entirely. The key is to identify the obstruction and get it out of your way for good. Take all that hard work of staying in one place and start working toward achieving your dreams. The momentum of that energy will propel you toward the life you want and the one you truly deserve.

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