Why Choose Beijing As a Vacation Spot

Beijing is a mixture of the past, present, and future. This is a city that has a lot to offer to travelers whether they are looking for a sense of adventure, history, and culture. Beijing is one of the places that many choose as a vacation spot. To learn 5 great reasons to choose Beijing, continue reading on. Here are the 5 Reasons to Choose Beijing for your vacation destination.

· Attractive Culture

Beijing is open to sharing its culture to all people. One can learn about its history, arts, tradition, music, language, and more in so many venues. Many sites will showcase preserved relics during the imperial times. There are also workshops available for foreigners to choose from to get a closer look and taste of the culture of Beijing.

· Street Markets

You can try your hand at bargaining. Many vendors at the street markets sell all sorts of items at a very cheap price. One can find almost anything from antiques to handicrafts. One can also see a wide selection of jewelry, food, clothing, statues, and more. Getting to these markets are relatively easy since public transportation is available. Some can also get a bicycle in order to see these local markets.

· Forbidden City

This place offers visitors a taste of history. Many emperors lived in this city and are known for its craftsmanship. The collected artifacts have been preserved and one will enjoy looking at the pagodas and other collected relics from the time of the emperors. This city was lived in since 1420 to 1924. Many visitors can enjoy the Early Peace, Hall of Unity, and the Purity and Peace attractions inside the city.

· Tiananmen Square

This is well known around the world to be a place where protests and rallies took place. This square takes up at least 100 acres of land which makes it the biggest square in the entire world. Mao Zedong in 1949 announced that the land was People's Republic of China. This square has been a venue that many locals gathered to share their sentiments for more than 100 years.

· Local food

There is a variety of local food to choose from on the streets. If you are worried about the handling of the food, you can request the vendor to cook your choice before your eyes. Vendors with carts sell sweet potatoes, kebabs, cakes and more. For the more adventurous, they can try eating cocoons of silkworms, fried starfish and scorpions, and more.

Those who are interested in jumping in an unknown culture will find that Beijing has something for all people regardless of their background. This city offers a wide selection of accommodation from hotels to inns and lodges. There is something for any budget in this city.

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