From Zero To Hero With Hypnosis

My story

For many years I suffered from alcoholism and major depression, I would frequently consider suicide and I could not see any real reason to continue living. My world fell apart, I lost a highly paid job, was forced to move to an area where I did not want to live, my partner and children left me and I sought solace in alcohol. I lived on my own in chaos and my alcoholism became more of a problem, I was prescribed antidepressants which when mixed with alcohol left me spaced out of my mind. I knew I had to do something about my condition, alcohol was ruining my life and prescribed medication was only making things worse. At the worst point in my life, I had nothing apart from an old car filled with my few possessions.

I wondered if they might be any natural alternatives which could cure me, I tried natural antidepressants, learned how to meditate, sought spiritual development, but I remained stuck, that was at least until I discovered brainwave entrainment. I purchased some software off the Internet which allowed me to create tones for meditation, I created 30 minute tracks which generated tones to induce a level of meditation traditionally experienced only by Masters of meditation. I was astounded at how effective these tracks were and that by listening to the tracks just once a day profound changes were occurring in my life. I came off my medication, my outlook on life became more positive and I no longer felt suicidal. I started to discover and enjoy being myself, I began to get amazing flashes of intuition and creativity and best of all, I was finally able to overcome a 25 year addiction to alcohol. This truly was a great power and had opened me to world of fantastic opportunity.

What is brainwave entrainment in a nutshell?

Brainwave entrainment is the process of applying an audio stimulus to the brain to invoke a desired change in brainwave frequency. Using brainwave entrainment it is possible to meditate like a Zen master, overcome insomnia, become more creative, overcome addictions and even increase your IQ!

How is my life different today?

I work from home and I can afford all of the luxuries that I want, I own my own house and only pay for utilities and services, I got married a year ago, I travel abroad when I want to, I work when I want to and I play a lot. I never conceived that life could be this good, I always believed life was meant to be hard! My intuition guided me and I was able to create products which would sell on autopilot and generate fantastic income with minimal effort on my part, it was a dream come true, I had truly become independent and no longer had to answer to anyone apart from myself. I start the day off with a swim, Jacuzzi and sauna and spend each day having fun! I generally only have to work a couple of hours a week and its work that I enjoy and can choose to do at my leisure. I find it hard to believe that those few hours of work I do each week make me more than I did when I was working full time. I'm currently in the process of automating those two hours of work and outsourcing future developments to third parties, so all I have to do is to explore my creativity.

Can you afford not to give it a try?

Well it is entirely up to you, if you are content to stay where you are then by all means do, but if you really want to change then I'm offering you an opportunity to fulfill your wildest dreams.

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