Maui Resorts on the Beach

There are a few choices for Maui resorts on the beach, however not all are worth the price. Below there are three options highlighted with both pros and cons to help you choose before your next trip to Maui.

Wailea Beach Marriot Resort: One of the highest ranked places to stay in Maui, the Grand Wailea is a great place for children as well as those wanting to get away for a little romance. Situated on one of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii, this resort is only about 20 minutes from the airport. The Napua Towers especially offer a world away from others feel, but it too is great for both couples as well as families with children. Food is expensive in Maui, there are refrigerators available so it is advised to stock up on some basics in order to save a little money. There are many activities nearby as well so in addition to being in a beautiful place to relax you won't get bored with the options available. This hotel is centrally located, near to many activities and caters to both couples as well as those with children.

Lahaina Shores Beach Resort: Keep in mind that not all rooms are alike, some for instance, room #422 are not recommended unless the hammock has been replaced with an actual bed. However, the overall report on this resort is that it is located in a great place. On the edge of Lahaina, you are close to a waterfront town with various restaurants, bars and galleries. A quick 2 block walk gets you to town as well as being located on beach front property. The water is shallow and you can view boats in the nearby marina. View whales during the whale seasons, December - mid April, and enjoy the relaxing pool, hot tub and barbecue. This property is spotless with no bugs. The only negatives are that there is no restaurant or bar on site, but there are many nearby. There is also no gym on site. All in all though this resort is one of the faves among tourists.

Ka'anapali Beach Club: Most travelers will find this a great place to stay, however it is advised that you choose one of the higher floors. Recent renovations may have changed this, but in the past the higher rooms offered better rooms and better views. When this property was owned by Embassy Suites it was better run and much more appealing. Travelers have found now that the service is poorer and the free wireless spotty at best. One huge advantage of this resort however is that it is right on the beach, a beautiful beach and that is often a rare find - and often worth the other headaches. The higher floored rooms have spacious units and recently rooms are getting upgraded sofa beds with temper pedic mattresses. Be warned however that some travelers experienced a last minute cancellation for "unknown maintenance issues". Always be prepared for unexpected changes. If you can do that and are willing to put up with a few snags, then what this resort has to offer is well worth it. Great location, and great rooms. But it would not be ranked the highest by any means.

The three Maui resorts on the beach highlighted above all have pros and cons, as you'll find with any place you want to stay. The Wailea Beach Marriot Resort is one of the highest recommended places to stay, offering great accommodations for families with children as well as couples trying to relax. The Lahaina Shores for the most part is considered of high quality, although not all rooms offer the same things and there are no restaurants or gym on site. The Ka'anapali Beach Club, out of these three, is the least recommended just because ownership has changed hands and it is harder to know what to expect. The prices may be higher for less service, but that isn't to say that the location and rooms aren't excellent, just be prepared for last minute changes and possible problems with service and internet capability.

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