Naples Hotel Reservations

Naples is located in Italy and it is the capital of the region of Campania and of the province of Naples. This wonderful city is famous throughout the world for its rich history, art, culture and gastronomy. Naples is located between the volcanic regions of Mount Vesuvius and the Phlegraean Fields. Due to the beauty and grandeur of this city many people come here from all around the globe.

So, now let me tell you about some hotels which are located in Naples and offer you the best facilities and amenities.

1. Magri's Hotel
This beautiful hotel is located near the Central Station of Naples, which is connected with the stations of he Metropolitana and the Circumvesuviana. This is luxury hotel which has 54 fully furnished rooms and 110 beds suits which has all the facilities that you can imagine. Some of the facilities that you would get in the hotel are free parking space, a gym, and restaurant and modem points. Here you also have large meeting rooms which are very suitable for business conferences. The restaurant and the bar provide you excellent cuisines for lunch, breakfast and dinner.

2. UNA Hotel and Resort
The Chain of UNA Hotel and Resorts are located throughout the world. The UNA hotel which is situated in Naples is a world class hotel which provides you luxurious accommodations and excellent facilities. The interior of the hotel is magnificently decorated displaying some of the best art works by the most famous painters and artists. Some of the facilities that you would get here are a meeting room, a UNA restaurant, a UNA café, a pool area, a sophisticated lounge and high class meeting rooms.

3. Chiaja Hotel
Chiaja Hotel is on of the finest hotels situated in Naples which provides truly world class comfort and amenities to the guests. The hotel has 27 luxuriously furnished rooms equipped with air conditioning, Jacuzzi, TV, sound proof double glazing, minibar, safe deposit box and telephone. This hotel is the ultimate destination for leisure as well as business travelers. The food offered here is excellent the staff members are extremely cordial and warm.

4. Caravaggio Hotel
Caravaggio Hotel is located in Cardinale Sisto Riario Sforza Square, the most ancient square in Naples. The hotel was built as a tribute to a painter that is why it possesses the greatest art and craft works that makes this hotel famous world wide. All the rooms are large and spacious and provide you Air conditioning, satellite television, minibar, soundproof rooms and whirlpool showers.

These are some hotels located in Naples. I am very sure that here you would get the best facilities and services to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

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