Introduction to Handbags

Looking for wholesale handbags? You'll be glad to know that there are many dealers, manufacturers and warehouses that offer them. These goods come from India, China, Italy, France, the Philippines and Thailand, to name just a few countries. And now you can do the shopping from the privacy of your own home, on the Internet. But before doing so, there are a few things about handbags you might want to know. Let's see:

Before purchasing handbags, the buyers should consider their purpose. Based on this, handbags can be differentiated in shopping, promotional, fashion, sport and travel bags, laptop carriers, luxury bags and the list doesn't end here. You certainly wouldn't want to buy a fashion handbag and then use it to go to the gym. So think ahead and decide what are you going to use it for. Today it's extremely easy to find a bag that is versatile and trendy at the same time, and whatever the purpose or function, it is possible to locate a bag that could fit the specific needs of the user.

Handbags can be classified into several main types, based on the function, materials used and by the user gender. They come in a multitude of colors, designs and sizes, meant to satisfy every taste and exigence. The materials that are used to create handbags can range from paper, wicker, straw, silk, fabric, jute, ramie, leatherette, suede, PVC and all the way to nylon. Aside from these materials, more and more inventive materials are also being utilized. The most appreciated bag colors are typically the basic ones. Monotone bags or those made from a combination of standard colors are the fastest to get sold. Yellow, blue, crimson, apricot, and mint seems to garner a special attention and generate more passion in the current trend. But you never know what next spring might bring.

Based on the consumer, are three categories that stand out: men's, women's and kids' handbags. Sure, you might say that most of the handbag outlets cater to women shoppers but make no mistake, there are also bags designed for men and kids. Some men prefer to have their odds and ends carried in a bag instead of filling up their pockets, even though sports bags and laptop carriers are the most popular types of bags that males carry.

Eager to go shopping but don't know how much money you should be spending? The price range of bags can vary from a couple of dollars for a simple garment or duffel bag to several hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the design and brand. If you have a fixed budget, you might want to take a look at the products available in your range, and the choose what's more appealing. If you can afford to spend big, there are many designer brands especially produced to give you that exquisite look for the money you are spending.

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