10 Reasons Why Your Destination Wedding Should Be In Aruba

Still not sure about the location of your destination wedding? Here are 10 reasons why you should choose for Aruba.

1. Perfect Weather

Sunshine, warm temperatures, cooling trade winds, brilliant sunsets, and a location at southern fringe of the hurricane belt take the worry out of planning your special day.

2. Safety & Security

Aruba is one of the safest destinations in the Caribbean. You are safe and secure at all times.

3. Perfect Natural Settings

Aruba provides couples with many unique and unforgettable wedding venues. While most still opt for a barefoot-on-the-beach ceremony, others prefer diverse landscapes and natural phenomena such as hidden coves, natural bridges, underwater reefs, hilltop panoramas, and unusual rock formations. More creative venues can include the summit of the Hooiberg, a natural bridge and, of course, the Tunnel of Love.

4. Perfect Resort Settings

Resorts offer a wide range of ceremony options from elegant ballroom to sandy beach. Brides can individualize their special day choosing from a wide menu of facilities and amenities at both luxury high-rise resorts and more casual low-rise resorts.

5. Convenient Airlift

With direct air service and hubs at major airports throughout the US, you, your bridal party and guests can easily travel to and from the island. The Queen Beatrix Airport has won international awards for facilities and services and provides pre-clearance of US Immigration and Customs on flights returning to the USA.

6. Conveniences and Comforts

Aruba is a modern island with fabulous shopping, state-of-the-art communications including wireless internet and world-class room accommodations with all the comforts of home.

7. Island Hospitality

Aruba's people are friendly and helpful. Hotel staffs are professional and well-informed. You will be received with warmth and appreciation and handled with care all during your stay.

8. Civil Wedding

It is now also possible to hold your civil weddings in Aruba. This would be held in the Historical City Hall. Couples who wish, may also receive a religious blessing after a civil marriage or simply organize a romantic celebration on the beach.

9. Religious Ceremonies

With the adequate planning and submission of required documentation, religious ceremonies can also be performed on the island.

10. Wedding Planners

You don't have to do it all yourself! Independent and resort wedding planners provide valuable advice about documentation and legal matters as well as coordination on the ceremony day. Every minute detail about the ceremony and reception can be arranged, from officiator, witnesses, flowers, mementos, gifts, and wedding certificates, to limousine service, photography and video, rehearsal dinners, wardrobe, and personal attendants.

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