Pennsylvania's Premier Recumbent Bike Rally a Must-Attend for Recumbent Enthusiasts

Recumbent bikes are a growing niche in the sport of cycling. "Bent" bikes and trikes are better for cyclists who want to prevent back, neck, and urological problems because the recumbent designs put the rider in a more ergonomic position. With models engineered for speed and the custom fit for each rider, recumbents are comfortable, fast and, above all, great fun. Riding a recumbent is a new experience for many - one where handling, cornering, and stopping are more stable due to a lower center of gravity. As for visibility: (1) many models are the same height as upright models, (2) All can be equipped with flags and (3) you may as well be driving a Ferrari for all the attention you receive cruising along in your recumbent.

The recumbent bike industry is serviced by specialty cycling shops like RBR, Recumbent Bike Riders, in State College, PA. These shops are not just commercial enterprises; they are often recumbent cyclists themselves who love to promote the unique experience of riding a recumbent bike or tricycle. The 2007 Recumbent Bike and Trike Rally in State College is a great example of the RBR crew's love of the ride. This event is in its fourth year and averages about fifty riders each year. Last year, the event had its highest attendance and this year, RBR is expecting 75-100 riders. If you are a recumbent buff or a cyclist with curiosity, then this event is a must-see.

The recumbent rally starts on June 15th with a Kick Off Get-Together and continues through a morning tour on Sunday the 17th. The main recumbent ride is Saturday the 16th with four different ride distances. Recumbent riders can choose between a 5, 15, 37, or 66 mile ride. The tours will take cyclists on secondary roads with rolling hills through beautiful Amish country and include leaders and sweepers for each length. The State College area and Centre County region include beautiful countryside rides and great small-town charms. If you haven't been to the area, come for the rally - you will love the scenery, the challenging hills, and the friendly, "laid-back" attendees. Sunday's ride is optional, allowing early departure for people traveling distances to work Monday or Fathers' Day events.

After the main ride on Saturday, the rally will highlight an afternoon of recumbent activities at the Boalsburg Museum parking lot. This includes demo rides of the hottest new recumbent models such as the Easy Racer Javelin, the Challenge Concept XT Trike, and the HP Velotechnik Scorpion FX Touring Trike. Eric Roman will offer a tune-up workshop and recumbent-specific tips. Eric races professionally and is a two-time World Champion of fixed gear/single speed racing.

The annual recumbent rally has become a reunion of sorts as recumbent riders attend again and again. Rob and Alycia from RBR said about the event, "We can't wait to see our old friends from the last few rallies. Everyone has a great time meeting new friends that sharing touring, riding and recumbent experiences". The recumbent rally gives cyclists the opportunities to establish shared-interest friendships in a weekend of great leisure activities. Saturday night concludes with a catered picnic supper and entertainment. Richard Sleigh [], a blues harmonica artist who has played with Bo Diddley and Taj Mahal, will be returning again this year because rally riders enjoyed him so much in years passed.

Visit the RBR website for more information about the 2007 Recumbent Bike and Trike Rally. Registration is $55 and includes the rides, maps, Friday and Saturday social events, plus door prizes.

For media inquiries or press-related information, please contact Alycia Gentry at 814-234-4636.

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