Choosing the Perfect Meeting Venue

What Five Things Should You Contemplate When Searching for a Meeting Venue?

Selecting the perfect meeting venue for your conference, event or convention can be a tricky task. There is a lot to contemplate from general services and facilities, the look and layout of a space and even accommodation opportunities. Here are five top factors to consider when researching possible locations.


Is your meeting venue IT friendly? When looking for the perfect location host a work conference you want to be assured all aspects of your day are set and ready to go, including web access. Delegates and professionals will more than likely own smart phones, having Wi-Fi access for emails, apps, social networking sites and web browsing maybe essential to sections of their day. You will also want to clarify whether the venue has the space, access and facilities for big screens, camera set-ups, audio equipment and any other technology essential to the running of your event, conference, meeting or convention.

Standard of Service

Browsing online reviews of prospective meeting venues to get an idea of past customers satisfaction rates can give you a good insight. A well recommended venue with a top notch standard of service and facilities will be a great asset to you day. Any number of problems could occur during the organising of your event. Having a venue with friendly, helpful staff to help you work on solutions, will take a weight off of your shoulders and help to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible on the day.

Overall Look and Feel

The staging of a meeting venues interior space has a lot to do with the type of event itself. A large conference would benefit from a theatre style set up with vast rows of seats split by aisles. A stage is also useful to ensure speakers can be seen around the room. Smaller more intimate meetings may benefit from a more condensed space with classroom style seating or even a square table arrangement, positioned in the centre of the room.

An Interesting Space

You might one to look for a meeting venue that is a bit different to make a statement for your conference or meeting. Think about using meeting facilities available in hotels, country estates or arenas.


Is your event over the space of a couple of days? Check out meeting venues with their own accommodation facilities for your delegates or professionals. Many large city hotels will have conference rooms for hire. Having attendees stay on location will save on the hassle and extra budget of travel to and from sessions.

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