Why Choose Bath for a Stag or Hen Weekend Location?

An absolute gem of a city in the rolling west country hills you would be missing out if you didn't have a good look at Bath for your Stag or Hen weekend.

A short hop off the M4 and with a central railway station getting there is quick and easy. Whichever way you choose to arrive, the city immediately appears friendly and welcoming. The locals are of a laid back nature, well versed in caring for the needs of tourists and those looking to make the very most of a weekend break.

So now you're interested what is there to do apart from look at the pretty buildings so often used in TV and Films? Being so well located means it's only a short hop to the countryside to take part in the usual activities involving weapons, motors, mud, fields, water and fabulous fresh air!

If that's all a bit too active sounding there are plenty of opportunities to relax and be pampered. Spend a day of sheer indulgence at the luxurious spa, with its roof top pool, or maybe mooch around checking the sights and sounds of the city. There are plenty of opportunities for a bit of celebrity spotting as the area is home to a number of rather well-known actors, musicians and sports stars.

Taking a short bus ride up the hill can see you spend a day at the races. Have a flutter and maybe win a few pounds or sweat off a few as the nag you backed staggers in last, but who cares, it's the atmosphere and the company making it fun!

What of the night-life, isn't this a quiet place? In a word, no. There is a buzzing night scene and best of all, being a small city, it's all within easy reach. You can check out live music, comedy and theatre at a number of venues and then there are the pubs. Oh the pubs! There are plenty to choose from, but why choose when you can do them all before moving on to the clubs? A little ambitious perhaps but then it is all about making the most of the one last hurrah!

Being massively popular with tourists from the UK and overseas, accommodation in the city is easy to find with a huge range of hotels and Bed & Breakfasts. There is a great choice from the compact and cosy to the wallet bashing splendour of The Royal Crescent, where the wealthy and famous stay.

Whatever you choose to do and wherever you stay you can be guaranteed a weekend in Bath you'll cherish.

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