FAQs on the Delightful Resort of Cala Galdana

People considering Cala Galdana villas on Menorca as their holiday choice for the first time understandably tend to raise a few questions. If you are thinking about giving this delightful location a try, these answers may help you confirm that Cala Galdana villas are, indeed, all they're cracked up to be!

Is Menorca like Mallorca and Ibiza?

No. Apart from the fact they are all part of the same island group, Menorca shares little in common with the two other islands. It is smaller, less developed, and more intimate and has always set out to attract more discerning holidaymakers. That tends to make it popular with younger couples, families and more mature visitors. It is typically regarded as being less popular with groups of young people looking for mass partying and a disco culture.

What is Cala Galdana like?

This is a modestly sized resort by the standards of Mallorca or Ibiza, though most resorts on Menorca could easily make the same claim! There are a few larger hotels, but much accommodation is small in size and set around a horseshoe-shaped, beautifully sandy beach and cliffs. The bathing is normally regarded as being safe due to shallow and sheltered waters, though it is imperative to check local safety information and advice on the day itself.

Cala Galdana villas are popular with people looking for a quiet, relaxing and natural type of holiday. Nightlife in the town is relaxed rather than electric and there are some quality dining establishments and numerous small and intimate bars.

Where is the nearest major shopping and entertainment?

Ciutadella - the ancient capital and a fascinating town of old buildings, shops and a more extensive nightlife if you're seeking it. By road, it's about 30 minutes away.

How far is the resort from the airport?

Transfer times by coach to the Cala Galdana villas are around 30-45 minutes and perhaps a little less by taxi or hire car.

What are the main local activities?

The stunning beach and beautiful sea obviously play a key role providing things such as fishing, swimming, water sports, boating and so on. Locally, horse riding is available and there are numerous ancient villages and towns to explore such as Ciutadella and Mahon (the capital). There are plenty of local shops and markets to try local delicacies, and walking around the coast on a specially prepared trail is also very popular, as it will allow you to find untouched beaches and unspoilt flora and fauna. People rarely, if ever, complain of being bored!

How crowded does it get?

For more than half a century, the island's authorities have strictly controlled and regulated development, and they in fact opted for 'sustainable tourism' long before it became a widely known and fashionable concept elsewhere. As a result, the island always maintains a feeling of space to breathe in, even during the high season, compared to many other Mediterranean destinations.

Of course, inevitably some popular beaches may get busy at peak times during the high season but if you have a hire car or are prepared to walk a little way, you'll typically be able to escape and find some quiet coastal spots. In terms of exploring other parts of the island and entirely undeveloped beaches, Cala Galdana villas are superbly located.

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