Popular Options for Wedding Venues

Weddings can take place indoors or outdoors, but the important thing is that the couple feels as though it is an expression of what they'd imagined and the experience that they want to share with their loved ones. The wedding venue that a couple selects is one of the most important places they will ever be together. That day will be emblazoned in their memories and photographs for the rest of their lives. They want and deserve for it to be exactly as they see it and long for it to be.

First, the church of the couple's faith usually makes the short list of places they would like to say I do. Regardless of whether someone has to convert or not or whether both are particularly religious, this is still an option for many couples. The beauty and sanctity of the space is indicative of the vows they are making and the covenant they enter on that special day.

Second, there are still those unconventional couples who still idolize the beach setting, the forest, the barn, and all of the taste-specific locations that allow them to be barefoot, in cowboy boots, or wading in a stream at sunrise or sunset with a small group of onlookers when they finally say I do. Third, there are the destination wedding venues that can be as simple as someone's home out of the country, a rented mansion, castle, museum, or beautiful library that has some significance to the couple.

Fourth, wedding venues will always include the coveted hotel with the grand rooms and outdoor patios made for nuptials. These spaces are so sought after that they are the subjects and settings of movies. And, in reality, they take place every week of the year all around the world. Most of the five and four star popular chains are booked within an inch of their spread sheets and annual calendars with receptions of one kind or another.

And lastly, there are also banquet halls that are built to accommodate large crowds, live music, dancing, dining, and yes, the ceremony itself. A bride and groom can choose to exchange vows and have the reception all in one space or they can have them in separate rooms if they'd like. Just shy of running to Las Vegas or having the nuptials take place at their home, the banquet hall option is one of the most cost-effective options for budget conscious brides and grooms out there.

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