Camel Safaris in Rajasthan - Riding Golden Sands to Rustic Pleasures

Riding on camel's back or being a part of more elaborate camel caravan tours across Thar Desert, offers you an ultimate soft adventure experience that takes you to the heart of rustic Rajasthan with all its lively and vibrant colors, hearty acrobatic dance performances, haunting music, traditional lures and struggles of getting on with daily chores within little means. The outstanding desert scenery and golden sands provide an overwhelming expiring that allow you to observe the desert people, admire the ongoing sculptures created by winds and undulating waves of sands, and explore the forts, palaces, temples and other architectural monuments strewn all over the region.

Most camel safaris start from Jaisalmer. Other important destinations that you will come across during your camel safaris are Bikaner, Osian, Khimsar and Mandawa, which lies at the heart of the Shekhawati region famous for its typical paintings. The best season for camel safaris is from November to Match as desert sun is especially scorching during summers. Desert climate is extreme in most case. While you will need sunglasses, head covers and suntan lotion during daytime, you will need blankets and woolens in the evenings to keep yourself warm. However, do not let the warnings deter you from one of the most memorable traveling pleasures you will ever come across.

Camel safaris at Rajasthan are usually organized in a planned manner and tour operators offer you everything that you will need or desire during the trip. They can be a week long or may stretch up to nearly a month and allow you perfect opportunities to get in touch with the local people and participate in their unique traditions. The region is full of rich historical legends and folklore that form basis for many artworks here including visual arts, handicrafts, and performing arts such as dance, music, plays and puppet shows. Western visitors love to see how women and men of the region wear bright vibrant colors that provide interesting contrast to the barren stark desert landscape.

The turbans, mustaches and beards of men are as striking as flared ghaghras or skirts and heavy tinkling jewellery of women, who keep their faces veiled and can balance several pots of water on their head at once, with using their hands. Harsh conditions in which these desert people survive do not at all dampen their spirits to enjoy lives and everything from their clothes to wall paintings to fairs and festivals to their pastimes speak volumes of their lively spirit. Some of the camel safari destinations such as Osian is an oasis in the vast desert region while Jaisalmer Fort with its golden hue looks like a mirage rising from the very golden sands on which it stands.

The camping sites during camel safaris are purposely chosen to provide you glimpses of actual desert lifestyles. Campfire delights often include interesting legends of local heroes and deities by guides who speak fluent English combined with performances that bring the mood of the story to life. Camels are usually bedecked with comfortable saddles and pace is kept leisurely so that tourists can enjoy views well. Camel Safari tours are also the best options, if you want to witness local traditions most prominent at religious places and fairs and festivals of Rajasthan.

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