Dog Sledding Holidays - 5 Wonders in the White

Many people picture their annual holiday with white sandy beaches rather than white snow, comfortable beds rather than carriages urged across ice, and the relaxing sound of waves or a summer breeze rather than canine howls. But many are missing out!

Why not add a little adventure to your life and feel the thrill of being driven across the ice by noble beasts with four paws? Here are five wonderful reasons you should brave the experience of dog sledding holidays.

The canine conveyance

Dog sledding holidays give you the unique opportunity to be transported on an ancient form of human conveyance. From the earliest days of canine domestication, humans have being using 'man's best friend' for travel across the snow, and you can get a taste of this ancient custom. Find out why bonding with a team of Huskies, Malamutes or Mahikans (and trusting them as you gently wind or wildly careen over the ice) is a once in a lifetime experience.

The scenery

All snow is not alike. Dog sledding holidays give you the chance to get up close and personal with places of aching beauty which most travellers cannot access.

The sombre and brooding peaks of the Swedish Lapland, peeking through a haze of glacial mist, the snow topped firs and pines of Ontario, the chill silver rivers and glistening frosted valleys of the Yucan - these winter wonderlands offer a glorious escape from the mundane.

The wildlife

Dog sledding holidays do not only expose you to the company of your gentle canine guide. As you rush through the snow you will have the chance to witness some of the rarely seen wildlife in Alaska, Canada and Northern Europe that most people simply do not see because road access to these places is often limited in winter. As your animals catch their cloudy breath, pause and gaze at the cautious lynx, the secretive fox, the indomitable wolf, the winter bears and the last remaining birds to resist the migration to warmer lands.

The lodging

While dog sledding holidays sound rough and gritty, with the help of experienced guides you can take short or long trips and truly relish your varied accommodation options. Whether you stay in a camp or a cabin, you will know that you have access to all the necessities while you venture out of your comfort zone and deep into the vast, remote, and incandescently beautiful outskirts of nature. However, you also can rest and relax in luxury hotels at the beginning and end of your journey.

The challenge

Ultimately, the key reason to forgo the more mundane and tame holiday in favour of a trip across the snow is the challenge. Not a challenge that will break you and dampen your spirits, but a challenge where you will have all the support you need to uniquely experience amazing wildlife and wilderness with the special companionship of your canine conveyance. It is a challenge that will leave you feeling truly alive.

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