Are We Turning Our Population Into Chubby Pets?

Boy, as I look out these days I see Americans are gaining weight. Why are Americans getting so chubby? As I travel around the world, I can always tell Americans, they have a few extra pounds on them, their faces are a little more rounded from all those extra fat cells. Their bodies are never what they should be, or what the bodies of our grandparents were like. No, today Americans are plumper, and I'd like to talk to you about that for a moment if I might because I see a number of reasons.

First, our federal government is giving away too much free food. By giving away the free food we are making people weak, and we are giving them a fish rather than teaching them to fish. We are treating our population as if they are human pets, as if we are to take care of them. And realize we are the government and we are voting, and as taxpayers paying for these food subsidies to our people. To make a long story short; we are making them chubby.

Next, it seems as if the problem wasn't just with transfat because we started to get rid of that in all of our foods, that didn't take down the belly size of the average American. It seems people are getting fat from eating corn, wheat, flour, and all the other processed foods. It's as if their bacteria factory has grown, and is providing a really nice little ecosystem for the future of rolly-poly humans. Kind of like those big round characters in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. Or those "Weibel's wobble but they don't fall down," kids toys.

Still, I ask; since when is it the federal government's job to make every individual in our population a chubby pet? Have you ever noticed when someone has a little dog, and it's the fattest little thing that you've ever seen? It's because their owners keep giving them treats, goodies, and things which aren't healthy for pets. Maybe they think they're giving them healthy pet food, but over feeding a pet, and not taking them for dog walks isn't doing them any good.

We've all seen the pictures of those fat cats that people have. The cats obviously spend most of their day sleeping, but these big fat cats waddled through the neighborhood plump as can be. Our federal government is treating people as if they are pets, and over feeding them food stamps. Worse, they are deficit spending in order to do that, and the food stamp program is now over $75 billion per year. That's a lot of food, that's a lot of fat people, and it's not healthy for our government budget, our economy, or their bodies. Please consider all this and think on it.

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