Writing Your Online Dating Profile - The More Detail, the Better!

If you're a member of literally any online dating service, then no doubt you've been asked to create an Online Dating Profile for yourself. Typically, in most dating profiles, you'll be asked about your passions and hobbies, your relationship strengths, the way your friends might describe you - and those qualities you're looking for in a partner.

Having reviewed more than 50,000 Online Dating Profiles from single people worldwide, I've observed certain trends - which I'd like to comment on today.

The most apparent difference between a well thought out profile and a profile that's been written in a hurry, is the amount of detail that's shared. Think of your Dating Profile as an "electronic brochure." It's important to use good grammar and spell everything correctly. But most of all, you should include enough detail to create a vivid image of you as a person. The most interesting profiles sound original, include a wealth of descriptive language, and have some elements of humor added too. If you're given enough room for 500 characters (or about four sentences) per section, my advice is to use nearly all of your available space. Your best prospects will read everything you've written, I promise!

Avoid clich├ęs at all costs, and instead use lots of creative language that will make your points by example, instead of making them merely by declaration. For example, when I was asked "what the most important qualities are that I'm looking for in another person," instead of listing all the standard replies like "good looks, sensuality, and loyalty," I've taken the time to write something interesting instead:

"THE most important quality would be GOOD COMMUNICATION - especially the ability to communicate your feelings! And there's more: I'd like to meet a woman who looks for all the things we can agree on; who can let go of materialism and enjoy the things in life that really matter; who appreciates a man's kindness and understanding; who hasn't lost touch with her gentle sensitivity; who loves to hug and kiss; whose appreciation of the world goes beyond the five senses; and last but not least, who understands that love is as much about giving as it is about receiving."

And when asked "What are the things for which I'm the most thankful?" instead of listing "food, water, and air" (and I've seen this - for real!) or "money, mascara, and chocolate" (hard to believe anyone would write this - but true!) I've not only listed my items of gratitude, but I've described them in some detail as well:

1. My ability to love - my heart is very open

2. My good health - which I encourage by eating healthy meals and taking a variety of food supplements, and

3. My wonderful family - particularly my sister, with whom I have a very loving relationship

In general, the fundamental rules of advertising apply to your Online Dating Profile too - which is to say:

The more you tell, the more you sell!

And don't brag - use examples instead. When asked how I typically spend my leisure time, instead of responding with a short and to-the-point list (e.g., "Pilates, cooking, and going to the movies,") write something colorful and imaginative instead:

"Walking along the beach enjoying the fresh ocean breeze as it gently sweeps through my hair, reading books which help me stay in touch with the things in life that are really important, creative writing, talking to my friends, cooking something delicious in my warm and cozy kitchen, browsing book stores and hunting for book treasures online, world travel, music, and quiet relaxation."

If your entire profile sounds creative, passionate, and interesting - can you imagine who will take the time to communicate with you?

I believe that everyone has within them the makings of an interesting story. If you infuse your Online Dating Profile with colorful, evocative language, your chances of meeting someone exciting will grow. And since all relationships are, on a fundamental level, an extended conversation - with whom would you like to communicate? Someone creative - or someone who's beauty is only skin deep?

Your Online Dating Profile sets the stage for what's to follow - and clearly selects with whom.

So consider that when you sit down to flesh out all the details!

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